Ye olde school player

Greetings! I am a very, very, very long in the tooth old timer from the olden days of TSW (think, ARG player pre-launch even) and while trawling through my installed games I saw the TSW launcher. Nostalgia…

I never made the jump from TSW to Legends when it all happened but now I’m looking at getting back in to the game.

I wondered if anyone has any tips for getting started, a handy reading list or anything like that?


Hi and welcome back :slight_smile:
You should get a good start from this guide over at tswdb : The Ultimate Beginner Guide


Perfect! That’s just what I was looking for thank you :slight_smile:
Good to be back!


Welcome back! It’s a good time to return.


Thank you! So, I am slowly wrapping my head around the new systems and changes etc.
I have a couple of questions, I hope someone can help?

  1. Nickname - so I’m guessing we have no way of transferring over our character names from legacy, that it’s just a case of create from scratch?

  2. Legacy vanity - I just clocked we can transfer over our vanity items from legacy so I’ve done that (ahhh nostalgia! My Black Watchmen hoodie!). Are they visible to rest of world or just to self because when I logged out my toon had the non-legacy outfit on?

(also a third question: how active is the playerbase these days? I spotted quite a few people around KM which back in the day was a rare sight since most were on end game - is this a good sign?)

ps. Is anyone else from the Church of Paper around these days or do I sound crazy for asking? :smiley:

Right so: your toon’s name from TSW should still be saved for you. I think. I vaguely remember a wipe of names but that could be my notoriously bad memory acting up.
Your outfits are like every outfit: if you wear it, everyone can wear it. You still need to, you know, wear it. As in, go in the wardrobe and look for it there.
The playerbase is active, and there seems to have been an influx of new players recently, what with the pandemic making people stay at home, and the anniversary.

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Sadly, this isn’t quite right. When the relaunch happened, we had the opportunity to reserve one character’s name for SWL, but if you didn’t do that at the time then there’s no guarantee that someone else won’t have used the name by now.

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OMG nice to see there is activity back in this game, i am also an time player from day one of TSW, tried many years back to log in and was dissapointed sine it was barren lands no one around. I am loading SWL to rekindle my love of the game, .


Yes! This really is a great game! I cane back as well.