Looking for old deck outfits

Hello there,
I am returning player and gonna start playing later today.
Since I want to get my old Witch Hunter deck outfit, I would like to ask if it’s still possible by collecting all the required skills.
I don’t want to spend so many points just for that one cool outfit and then figure out that the deck outifts are not even in the game now.

I tried to search the answer by myself, but everything I found about these outfits was from old TSW.

Thank you for any reply.


A lot of the old deck outfits are no longer obtainable in SWL. I heard if you transferred you may still be able to access them with some mods.
The obtainable outfits are listed in the achievements under Combat (hover over the box on the individual achievement). If there was an outfit called Witch Hunter it does not appear to be obtainable now.

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If I’m not wrong, you can create an account for Legends from your old TSW account, and then link it internally. I did it last year (I wanted the Ninja scarf), though I don’t remember the exact details. It worked, but you can’t link your old TSW account to a new Legends account, or to a Steam account.
You’ll have to use the Funcom page, and probably have to download and use the Funcom client.

good luck!

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Thank you guys, you helped me a lot!

I’ve transfered my old TSW account with all cosmetics years ago to a character I don’t play anymore. I need to double check if I can do the same for other characters on the account, but I am afraid it was obtainable just for the first one.
Never mind, the most important information for me is I don’t need to bother investing my AP just for reaching the outfits anymore…

BTW I am pleasantly surprised how many other players I’ve met in-game during my short playing session yesterday! Not so empty as I was afraid at all!