Cosmetic items, decks etc

The last time I played this game, there was a fairly robust cash shop where you could buy pets, sprints, different clothing. What happened to this?

also, are decks still in the game (if thats what i remember them being called)? like the ones you could unlock and receive outfits: Magus, Chaos Theorist, Paladin etc.

fortunately my account has all of the outfits unlocked, but do other players have this that didnt migrate a secret world account over? One of the best things about this game was the social aspect, the horned god, clothing, albion theatre…
so whats the state of any of this? i just ducked back in to this game the other day so Ive not made it around to many merchants, did they move a lot of the cash shop cosmetics into the game somewhere?

Open your Character Sheet and click on the Dressing Room button. Almost all clothing is available there.

right it is, but i wasnt sure if it was because i migrated my account from TSW or if everyone had access to this.

its basically a cash shop so everyone has access to this.

ah, lol ok i see what you’re talking about. thank you

Not in the form of builds suggested by the game. But variations of many of the outfits can be earned in SWL by unlocking weapon combinations (the starter classes) and completing capstones. (Achievements > Combat > Agent Specialties / Weapons). They’re faction-colored and come in separate pieces. Most of the original uniforms are only available if you transferred them from TSW.

There’s no longer a centralized Item Store. Most items are purchased directly from their respective window (Dressing Room, Sprints, Pets, Fusion, etc), but there’s an Instant Purchase window (top left, shopping cart icon) that gives you quick access to certain items. And a number of items that were previously Item Store purchases can now be found on vendors or unlocked through other means (achievements, mission rewards, etc.).

Also you have a news symbol at the upper left buttons to shop some special packages like the SA one and the membership offers.