Going back in TSW for outfit


I am doing some achievement + run in TSW since today, specialy to get the Templar special outfit in SWL.
I would like to know if there is any player who want to follow me in this adventure or if any player willing to help me.

Templar Player.

I hope one day they will put all the faction outfit in SWL so we don’t have to go redl TSW and redl SWL to have this outfit.

PS: when I get all the outfit I want I wil go back to SWL.

It might be pretty hard and long journey, if you want to have PvP suits also.

I know it will be long, and yeah I want the Paladin outfit + the one with the white mask

Paladin just need some Sword and Pistol skills and if you can settle for “Basic” PvP suits, they just cost few BB’s. White Mask one is “High Powered Weaponary” PvP Suit.

You can find good info about clothing from here https://sephorassecretcloset.wordpress.com/

So lemme get this right, my old TSW templar deck outfits have all rolled over to SWL? The ones with seperate accessories (glasses) did they roll over as 1 piece or do they cool, cool, glasses come seperate?

Any deck outfit you have on your entire TSW account was transfered accidentally to SWL previously, but until this patch, could not be accessed without mods, though as the months went by, certain peices were added to the SWL wardrobe (ninja mask, executioner glasses, etc…) Now your correct faction deck outfits can be accessed in your SWL wardrobe without a mod, and on top of it, you can no longer wear the wrong faction deck uniforms while using a mod. So no more Templars in Dragon PVP suits.

I haven’t checked if the Templar Exorcist deck uniform is visible now, though.

Quick test shows I am lacking the extra bits that came with uniforms (No exorcist hat, no crusader or puritan shades), I am slightly let down by this.

My Exorcist hat is in the SWL wardrobe, but my Puritan shades are only accessible via mod. Poke someone about it, get 'em to add it!

What mod just out of curiosity?

Old TSW mod, called Elga.

Hello there!
I might sound really unaware now but as an old casual player of TSW I was looking forward to unlock the archetype deck uniform of each factions because they looked really nice.
Now that I have log on SWL, I found some of the uniforms I already had in TSW, but is it still possible to unlock the others since the archetype specific to the three factions are gone?
By checkin’ on various website, it seems that only a third of the whole previous uniform content is obtainable in SWL… :s

Several of the old faction deck uniforms from TSW are either unobtainable in SWL, or only obtainable in a modified form.
People who have done the cosmetic transfer from TSW will have access to the faction deck uniforms that were transferred.