About "TSW exclusives" cosmetics

what are your thoughts about it? I used to not really care about them, i got all issues in the original TSW with all the clothes you could get, but i didn’t get the collectors editions for them, which means i never got them here.
do you think there should be a way to get them in SWL? do you think they should remain TSW exclusive?
For now, the only way to get them would be to redownload TSW completely, go get the collector’s editions for the issues i want in order to get the clothes, and then do my second transfer to SWL, but what happens if i discover some more clothes later that i want? am i screwed? I don’t think we should have a limit on transfering cosmetics, and I also it doesn’t make sense to force us to play and buy things for a no longer updated game in order to get things in here neither.

To me TSW exclusive items should have a way to be in SWL too, even if it means paying for what i would have paid in TSW to get them (like a collector’s edition for an issue).

what are your thoughts on this?

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Every time I see the red hand uniforms I am “I want those” but currently they are one of the unavaidable cosmetics.
I know the devs are busy so I don’t bug them about such minor things I, the bad man nr 1, wants to rob them their sleep but I can only agree that it would be nice to have TSW clothing avaidable.
MoFs are pilling up here already since I ran out of most things to buy…

As a veteran I can see the appeal of having personal locked clothing that’s a sort of ‘badge of honor’ one one hand, but on the other hand I would like to see my friends have access to the clothing that I obtained, even if it ends up being purchasable via aurum.

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Plus all y’all need the Arabian Dreams outfit.
More djinn friends.


to clarify, im not enirely against the idea of buying things in TSW to have them in SWL, many games do this. but what irks me is that we can make the transfter only once (or twice) which means it’s entirely possible to screw things up and not being able to get them in SWL anymore, even if we do buy them in TSW

Mixed like @Jingi

I love my exclusives as a badge of honor and way to show my investment into TSW (Like my Lummie dapper buzz, not my Shem tho, the thing i farmed the whole event for, not bitter about that at all funcom )

but on the other hand i want others to be able to get them too (and i want to get some items like the Illuminati Jewellery that i missed too, i’m blue i can’t be too selfless now can i :3 ).

On a related note wouldn’t mind seeing those Loyalty Reward make their way over to SWL tho, waiting until i have $30 to throw at TSW for the unity cores, would be nice to have the option of getting membership to SWL instead.


Couldn’t even get those cool unity cores or that white panopticon that I wanted due to money issues back in the day but yeah I mean, like 100% suggestion here that I would want to see those type exclusives (assets already in game) be made into aurum-purchasable cosmetics for two reasons:

  1. Funcom would profit off of it,
  2. The players would have those cosmetics available again.



I am not a fan of exclusivity, so I am 100% on board with things being made available in SWL.

Have you seen the prices for clothing in SWL? Do you understand that if collector edition clothing becomes available, you will pay several times the TSW price to get that clothing on each character? It is so bad that I’ve decided to delay my second vanity transfer until I’ve bought every last male outfit with my lifetime monthly freebie points.

Not against exclusive items when they are released.

There will always be people that should be rewarded for doing that hard achievement, ordering collector’s editions, etc., and they should be able to show off their clothing, pet, whatever cosmetic.

BUT at some point 2-3-4 years down the road, I really have no problem with everyone being able to buy those same items out of a cash shop. That has worked well in some of the long lived games - EQ2, WoW, etc.


Seeing it in this light, I wouldn’t see a problem with it.

Exclusive items should remain exclusive, in my opinion. What they should be selling is re-colored/re-textured versions of those items (similar to how versions of previous Items of the Month ended up in the Veteran Store after a year or so). That way old and new players alike have something new to buy.

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In general, I think for exclusive items I am fine with them becoming available at a later date. for everyone to buy. It is enough to have exclusive access for a period of time like 6 months, a year, or more.

But I could also support them remaining exclusive as long as alternate re-colored/re-textured versions become available for everyone later.

yeah, them being exclusive for some time, 6 months to 1 year is enough to me too. and we’ve been much more than 1 year after the last issue was released by now.

Well, you got the Jade Mouser handed to you on a platter, so just take it all won’t you!? WON’T YOU!?

Nah, I’m fine with them bringing exclusive items from TSW to SWL. However, I’m also fine with making people pay “lots” of €€€ for it. Especially the long term subscriber rewards.

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I’m a bit split on this too. Just as an example, the Usagi mask in TSW was obtained as a reward for a pretty difficult achievement, while in SWL, it’s quite easy to get. Seeing people with a bunny mask used to mean something. On the other hand, bunny masks are cool and I am sure most people who had no hope of getting it in TSW are happy it’s easy in SWL.

So I can respect the stance of people who want their “I was here in the Fourth Age v 1.0” stuff to keep that meaning. On the other hand, I had no issue whatsoever when the devs decided to make the Unutterable Chibi available to everyone.

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I’m fairly certain a lot of “TSW Exclusive” flagged items have already become available through Holiday Events and such. They used to have that flag but then Halloween/Yule/Valentine came along and everyone could get them.

It’s highly unlikely that they’re release everything, but it would be nice to be able to get some of it. I imagine some of it we’ll see as they re-purpose anniversary events and such.

The fact that they have Steam/Funcom exclusive outfits/bundles shows they’re not against maintaining exclusivity.

I’m more upset about the TSW-only items. The ones that never made the transfer. I paid money to buy FC points to buy some of the Titles that were in the store. Some of them were retired from the store and are no longer obtainable, but I’ve got them. Most of them are not in SWL at all. One or two I’ve seen other people in SWL have (All Out of Gum for instance) that I have no idea how they got it.

I wish the titles had transfered too. So many good ones. I think the shy lady next to Dr. Caligari in Agartha sells All Out of Gum. I know she sells some of the old item store titles, anyway.

ETA: Just double checked, and yes, Jane Dagover sells All Out of Gum.


I mean, there is an easy fix to the badge of honour.

Make one ugly t-shirt with something like “I was there and I got the t-shirt” on it and give it to vets :crazy_face:

No one will wear it but the badge of honour will be tharr…

In brief, if the dev time allows it I’d be all for more outfits being made available in SWL. As a GM and a long time vet from TSW, I do not want anyone to feel the way I felt about the bandage skirt - yes, I missed them back when and was VERY whiney about it for some years.


She doesn’t have “the Seeker of Truth” which is the one I bought FC points to get. What the hell, Funcom?