Advice for more events/cosmetic things

When I see ppl in a ragged robe o with a skull with burning Green fire I am so jealous lol
We new players missed all those goody events
I think many old players want some new events too
Events are,relatively,very efficiency on how resouce and Manpower need to make it/How much ppl Will ba atracted&how much income could generate
And cosmetics for male characters are so limited,in some sorte just disapointing,for example. Guardia of Nile,I expect a Majestic nehekhara sacerdotal style outfic and resulted in…well,not a impressive form,mean while the female contrapart are much more good look imo…Its time to bring more good cosmetics
And I willing to pay for them,I think there are others want so.We always try to support the game,just,give us more chance…
And those great outfits that only available for old tsw players like warachitect uniform…we new players also hope there would be a way to get them,maybe can make a big Price like ´´let it rain´´ emote,9999 aurum,o put them in some event sale…I dont care how expensive they Will be—and they should be,otherwise tsw players wont happy----just give us a chance to get them.
Thx in advance and keep the good work,make SWL great again(yeah,I am happy with that because GMs reponded my petition very fast I am satisfied)
PS:consider that cosmetics are few thing that have minimal impact to game mechanic and generate great income…I think its a good idead…

That’s The Ghost Runner sprint skin, 1,000 aurum in the store, it’s not linked to any event.

The Warchitect outfit was one of the harder achievements to get in TSW, it involved completing all of the nightmare dungeons without changing your build during the dungeon. It’d be a real shame to have something which was an achievement to get and just sell it. They could do a recolour and sell that, but the original should be added back in linked to an achievement, much like the Flynn’s gambit hoverboard was.

Cosmetics can be time consuming to create, and normally come with lots of bugs that need to be ironed out, (often regarding how they interact with other cosmetics). It would be really nice to see new outfits though. It’s nice that we get some of the more unusual outfits from events, but there’s also still plenty of more basic stuff that many people would like to see.

Yes it took a dedicated group and lots of planning/comunication to do it. We spent long time in our cabal voice chat discussing tactics and roles. Too bad the outfit looks really silly and I never used it after …

No not the runner sprint skin,its a Green burning skull helmet,named spooky skull from Samhaim I think.Its 450 aurum but not available without into the event time.
Yeah,they could do some recolour and sale it…the warchitect have great model…
And its a shame we dont get any special outfit when we complete all e10 dungeons even overkilled it…and I never changed build/neither used op weapon,blood/ele all the way…Funcom should just make more cosmetic/achievement into completions like in old tsw,that cost Little and Will atract more ppl doing grinding stuff…
Cosmetic maybe time consuming,but compare to storyline that nobody would pay a dime and ppl complete all misiones in 1 day,it at least can bring decent income to compensate.And they may just bring back some old cosmetic as you said recolour them to SWL,I think it wont be a big issue technicaly would it?Well,I know Little about those technology things D.

As the one that helped with the pumpkin hunt event:
Events outside the regular ones are mainly community organised and maybe funcom helped but it’s an uphill battle all the way to see it through.
It is understandable on funcoms side as they need to divert time and resources so they don’t want to do much but they still are open to help out with prizes and such (I think recently a player I know had luck in getting Boone at the Cabal Pride)

If you guys think something should come back as cosmetic for events just say the name and I note it down. Will that bring something? Eeeeh, but if I get the chance I will mention it.


I did not know it was you, that was really a lot of fun, thank you !

Thx. There were a couple of other people doing a lot of work.
A special thanks to @Spynosaur_Nicole <3 and all the other people that did work to see it come together.
I mostly looked through all the maps to find spots. I also may have put forward the idea to have a few fakes in. I hope we get a return of it this year.


In my opinion, SWL generally suffers from a lack of fluff / cosmetic / non power enhancing rewards to aim for - that are not bought at least. Being the guy who couldn’t care less if he hits for 30 instead of 31, but could grind for days to have a green hat instead of a blue one, SLW simply doesn’t offer enough to that regard. The SA vendor and the kyats were a step in the right direction, but not enough to make me stay. Returning some items, perhaps with some activity attached instead of just store bought, would be a big plus.


I think whoever designed most of the cosmetic items from TSW left Funcom, or at least moved on to other projects, along with all the good writers. Selling cosmetics to whales is probably the most efficient way to make money, so it’s a little telling that they don’t seem to be that interested in doing so.

Personally, I’d prefer if there were more cosmetic rewards linked to in-game achievements. Achievement points themselves are pretty worthless so there’s a lot I just haven’t bothered with in SWL because there’s really no point. Master Planner runs were fun and challenging. While most of the cosmetics for them were pretty meh, it was still nice to be able to wear them to show off the accomplishment. Same with Uta’s head and the Flappy helmet (if I remember right and it was the helmet that came from the achievement).

Events are trickier since they’re so limited in scope in SWL. Just adding a new Megaboss for everyone to fight in Agartha doesn’t sound that exciting. I don’t think the current staff has the resources or desire to make something like the last Samhain event in TSW. And now I just learned that the best new event (the pumpkin quest) was organized by the community and not something the devs came up with.

Speaking of, thanks @Leogrim and anyone else who worked on that. It was a fairly simple concept that turned out to be a lot of fun. In fact, that was probably the most fun I’ve had in SWL. I hope we get some fun little events during the upcoming Megaversary, assuming it actually happens this year.


Well,I am thinking about some recoloured old tsw outfits o/and some good looking cosmetics for caster style…