We need better microtransactions

I’m really enjoying the reboot. I had a lifetime patron sub in the original game, and I’m glad a lot of those perks have carried over.

I’d like to continue to support the game with a few $$ here and there, but I’m not finding a lot of opportunity to do so. Most of the good clothing items are either locked behind achievements, or within lockboxes, which I will not purchase on general principal.

I have a few suggestions:

  1. Funcom, you need to start creating cool clothing options again. I remember back in the old days when each new outfit was crazier than the last, but most options are so… vanilla. I like the stuff in the Infernal and Haunted caches, but again, lockboxes are total BS. Create cool stuff and give us the ability to purchase what we want, directly!
  2. Not just clothes - allow us to buy new skins, pets, and sprints. Don’t lock them behind a gambling wall - let us pay for what we like!
  3. You need a storefront. I like burying purchase options in the dressing room, but you also need a big shiny store where players can check out the newest clothing, pets, skins, etc.
  4. We need more spooky clothing options! Again, the amount of normal / vanilla clothes is out of balance with weirder options. I don’t want to dress as a cow girl, let me outfit myself as a bloody creepy freaky witch! Every day should be Halloween in SWL.

Thanks for listening.

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A 3-step solution exists:

  1. Buy Aurum from Funcom
  2. Convert Aurum to Marks of Favour using the Exchange
  3. Purchase the items others have opened from Loot Lanterns using the Auction House

Generally it’s better to buy cache items from the auction house, the main selling point for caches are the destillates easing the grind for those willing to pay.
As such patron combining the keys and AP/SP bonus make endgame progression a nice way faster.
And at least from my pov for a decent prize. (differs between countries but generally it’s a nice to have)

Don’t really think the devs can help making the vanilla feel go away if people even can’t define it. But hey…they can work of things like “I wanna be a witch, will you guys ever provide witch cosmetics.” or “I wanna have a Kawaii Cache.”

For the storefront I am not sure SWL pumps out cosmetics enought to justify a full storefront on top of already existing item shop and newspage.

Even without being able to define it, there’s also the point is that for some people the ‘Vanilla’ clothes are a feature, not a bug. (I personally like the more ‘normal’ clothing options.) and it’s probably best for business to cater to both.

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I don’t know about there not being enough demand for a store front. I’ve heard a lot of folks say they miss the old TSW store, myself included.

Can I leave here some wishes for clothes too then? Can we have more goth and hipsters fashion please? I’d really also want to say ‘and have less weird stuff’ but I guess people don’t talk much about this because they like that weird stuff so let it be. I just want nice things for me too. :bowing_woman:

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