Your bazaar feedback

There is no good answer, each person is entitled to the spending of their own money, and opinions might differ when it is related to purchased goods.

  • I would rather have the items I bought so far in the bazaar (including workbenches, weapons, armors…) lose their stats to become purely cosmetic.
  • I do mind if the items I bought in the bazaar until now lose their stats to become purely cosmetic. Only do it for the items to be released in the future.
  • I do not want a bazaar made only of cosmetics, I am pleased with the current system.

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I have 3 No, where do i vote?
I want a different bazzar, i want to choose when and what piece i am interested to buy and pay ONLY for this piece.
I Don’t want nerfs, either game breaking stats to what i buy., with one sentence, i want balance.
Sometimes the company makes decisions that “hurt” mostly the ones “who pay”, it’s not good.
I do respect the “fair spirit” for free gaming, i pull my hat to such gentle moves, bravo, but it’s not correct to slam doors to the ones that help all the situation after all.


I don’t know what to vote for, honestly. On the one hand, I believe Bazaar shouldn’t have P2W content. On the other hand, I think that the scope of the changes implied by the first option is too broad.

For example, “making workbenches purely cosmetic” means either turning any functional placeable from the Bazaar into decoration, or implementing a (possibly complicated) skinning system for placeables. The former would be massively unfair to people who bought anything functional (e.g. a gibbet), the latter would require Funcom to divert resources from work that I believe should have higher priority.

As for weapons and armor, those can be made “purely cosmetic” by altering the recipes to require non-epic materials and give no bonuses, not even to armor. Then they can be used as skins in the thaumaturgy bench. As far as solutions go, it’s a bit immersion-breaking, but it would work.

My opinion is that Funcom should be more rigorous when creating Bazaar items so that they don’t offer substantial advantages. I also think that they should react quickly to fix the items when a substantial advantage is discovered. But going all the way to make everything “purely cosmetic”? I think that’s way too much effort to devote to the Bazaar when the base game is in dire need of proper attention.


What I want is for the Bazaar prices to be significantly reduced and all previous Bazaar items to be available for sale on their own multi scroll page. Time gating this stuff is lame


It is not purely about ‘stats’, ie- weapon and armor values, with bazaar items being functional. Some are additional storage items or reskinned crafting items such as the gibbett or aesir blacksmith bench. And I personally would not like to see these items lose their inventories or become non-functional. But I would like to see the prices reduced to a sensible level, then I may actually open my wallet for it.


Today i’ve seen again in the bazzar one item that interests me a lot set with an item that i don’t give a dime. No i won’t pay 14 Euro for a table and chairs i don’t like, keep them, i need just some plates with food and the emote “eat” to work on them. Otherwise, why do i even bother to go to the apes to learn an emote that i cannot use?
Then bathtub without bath emote? No!

Like a permanent shop, with individual items in it?

That’s is why I created a choice in which one’s would like the existing items not to be touched, and the future ones only to be thought of in an other way. Though that “other way” was refering to cosmetics only in my sentence, maybe you have other ideas for that “balance”, please share them.

No, I am talking about cosmetics as illusions. So the latest. A skin to put above existing workbenches, which would require to unlock the knowledge for the “real” workbench we would like to use. A bit like they did for the animals (you craft the real pet first, then you apply the cosmetic - the stats belong to the real pet).

I believe this is what they tried to do with the latest Aesir Blacksmith, but it was a flop.
A beautiful piece, but not a cosmetic since it cannot be applied as an illusion and does work on its own with its own characteristics. The characteristics are those of the lowest tiers, as to not be pay to win.
A flop as a long term utilitarian workbench.

I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes, it’s so hard to find the right balance :smiling_face_with_tear:

I love this idea.

I never talked about losing functionality. They would be skins of already functional items. Like they did for the pets. So a skin for the chests, and so on. Exemple: the aesir backsmith is a cosmetic, you can apply it to any tiers of the blacksmith benches you managed to unlock and craft ; its functionality belongs to the workbench you crafted (tier 1, 2, 3…).
I am sorry if my poll is confusing. I used the word “illusions” first in my poll, but changed it to cosmetic.
I meant it as an illusion, not as a purely decorative item of its own (like a statue would be).

I feel that way too about some items.

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I thought the eat emote was for certain pets only?


It is, @everybodyvsME . But we should have one too! :smile:
I wanna gorge on that succulent roasted meat!


This one must caveat their response.
Bazaar items should be cosmetic only.
To implement that requires several overhauls of other systems.
The Bazaar items that do have function should be skins draped over their in game non-premium equivalents.
First tho, we would need a way to add skins to our functional placeables.
Until that system is in place, premium items should only offer functionality equal to existing items. Having similar Hp, Footprint, and Storage Slots/Crafting speeds. No pay to win, no pay to lose, only pay to look different, like all the other snowflakes in the Frost Giant’s front yard.

This one detailed elsewhere a desire for armour crafting modularity, which can be repeated if desired, but until that is implemented, premium armour sets should offer the same Weight, Durability, Temperature tolerance, and Armour value as the existing Base and Epic Base sets.
Stat bonus can be divergent so long as it is not greater than that afforded at base. While this one would prefer that all the premium sets offer either Carry Capacity or Health (in line with easy to obtain items in game while still utile), this one understands the greater diversity.

Until a viable skin system is in place, previous items should not have their functionality mucked with.
Post purchase devaluation of goods is the scummy act of scum sucking scum bags. The fetid feces of flatulent frauds and faux Ferengi, fixated upon fighting fairness and further frustrating former friends.
Buyer Beware is the Battle cry of the Barterer most bereft of benevolence.


I wanted to add a thumb up to the heart, but it wouldn’t let me.

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People who know their way around DevKit can correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know, it’s not that the stats belong to the “real pet”. When you apply the fodder to the original pet, you craft a new pet. In other words, raging abyssal hound is not just a greater hyena with a different skin, it has its own set of stats. Otherwise, bugs like this one wouldn’t exist.

I’m mentioning this because crafting a “skinned” bench from a normal bench is not necessary. You can just craft the skinned bench from scratch. It is necessary for skinned pets, because you don’t craft pets from raw mats, you catch babies in the wild and then raise them. There are no special babies for a Gurnakhi wolf, therefore you need to craft it from a wolf you raised.

If we wanted the process of applying a skin to work the way you think it did, then Funcom would have to make some changes to their system.

Again, that’s because they made that choice, not because of some limitation of the system that needs to be reworked. They could have made the Aesir Blacksmith’s Bench be the equivalent of a T2 or a T3 bench, with the corresponding material requirements to craft it, i.e. 100 brick and 100 iron reinforcements if T2, or 200 hardened brick, 100 insulated wood, 100 steel reinforcement, and 100 hardened steel bar if T3.

My own, personal, highly jaded opinion is that they’re simply doing shoddy work on the Bazaar items.

That’s the thing, it really, really isn’t. It’s really not too hard to look at the freaking list of armors you have in the game and realize that maybe you shouldn’t give your new armor +28 health and +7 stamina per piece when crafted with a named crafter.

In fact, what’s a bit trickier is finding the right “balance” when it comes to the health and the mesh of a building piece or a placeable. There have been cases of placeables and building pieces that have too much health, and at least one case (that I know of) where a building piece offered advantage via its mesh.

The health problem is ridiculously easy to solve: don’t go for parity, but make them subpar. If a normal T3 wall has 70k health, make the Bazaar wall have 40k. Don’t like being unable to use it on an official PVP server? Tough luck, play official PVE or private PVP.

The mesh problems are less common. Nemedian Gate Frame is the only example I personally know of, because it didn’t allow placing bombs, but if that happens, the devs should just fix it and move on.

So no, we don’t need an overhaul of the whole system, we need Funcom to be less sloppy about this shіt. Then again, “we need Funcom to be less sloppy” is pretty much the Conan Exiles theme song by now. :man_shrugging:

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I’m fine with the way it is because when I buy something, I want it to be different than something in game and not just a skin. That is why I don’t mind the price. The two are coupled. If everything was purely cosmetic with just a skin, yeah, the prices would need to come down. If the function were much better than the base game nearest approximation, the cries of pay to win would have merit. The gibbet for example; it is smaller yeah, but functions like a small wheel. So while it does have a small advantage over the regular small wheel, it’s not a game breaking difference. No one can say “if not for the size of gibbet, I would have won that pvp fight”. Just skins is not interesting to me.

And yes, the “reskinned” animals will have their own spawntable entry, which may or may not be the same values in the entry, but will definitely be a separate listing. Anything that looks different than anything else has it’s own blueprint with it’s own spawntable entry.

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Well, at least this discussion helped me settle on a vote. I voted for the last option, even though I’m far from “pleased with the current system”, because that option is the closest to my actual position on this :slight_smile:

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Interesting poll and topic :slightly_smiling_face:
My opinion :

  • Bazaar should allow consumers to continue supporting the game so that developers continue to improve the Conan Exiles experience. However and when there is a PVP mode then it can unfortunately benefit the buyer and even if it is only a visual skin (Colors, Shapes…) then the items purchased from the bazaar should be only allowed on PVE servers to keep it fair (Or PVP which allows, even if the game does not contain competition)
  • The prices are far too expensive and the items should continue to appear in the base game, the bazaar should only offer complementarity :cowboy_hat_face:
  • All content added to the bazaar since its debut should still remain online, with only a price reduction bonus upon release for example, but it’s frustrating for others who couldn’t afford it in the beginning or who find out too late. In addition, it continues to benefit the games economically and always bring variety and analyze the items that sell best for the future.
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Of course, but it also mean you cannot craft a greater new pet without going through the pain of making a greater old pet. The horses for instance, you don’t have skeleton horses roaming through the map, but you can make one.

In a way, it is quite balanced for the animals:

  • you have to visit the map to capture a baby and not just rely on an easier formula from your inventory
  • you don’t get an advantage in the mechanics of creating your pets (you have to wait the same time as any lambda animal to make them grow, and having it “greater” is just based on luck - which can be slighty enhanced by the food you gave-, like for any other animal).
  • for the horses, I could not see a difference in stats between my normal ones and battle pass ones

As for the Gurnakhi, did you compare their stats with the other animals? Is there none on the map, which gives similar stats? If not, I find it truly weird. I think there should be some sort of alternative to make it fair to others.

But unlike darthphysicist, I care about the skin a lot more than the stats, it’s a personal preference:

  1. I just love pretty stuff, being strong comes second, my ego will survive if I die in pretty clothes :sunglasses:
  2. if the best items in the game are the legendaries, what’s the point in buying items for their “unique” stats in the shop, since there’s still better stats out there without paying ? :woozy_face:
    But again, it’s just a personal preference.

Who knows. I remember the first flop of the sandstone items. They had to combine the two sets for a lower price to sell it, because it was pretty but not practical in the long term for players. That Aesir Blacksmith bench reminds me of it. Beautiful, the dream for people like me, but terrible for people who have a more down to earth way of playing the game.

If what they shouldn’t give might look obvious, for the right balance, they still have to find an answer on what they should give. Given the pletora of armors, what stats should they give so they would sell it still? Because if it’s too low, it will be only sold to those interested by the fact it can be used as an illusion. So cosmetic. If it’s too high, people scream. What to do then? We understand it should not put those who do not shop at a disadvantage. Then, what replica of stats should it give? I hope not ones you unlock in dungeons, it would be unfair. Speaking of… what armors are left, not unlocked by doing the dungeons? I use the DLCs, then the armors from dungeons on which I apply an illusion… I can’t remember the basic armors apart from the clothes we craft in our bag in the earliest stage :cold_sweat:

Oh, I agree 100%. I just thought I was missing out on something :joy:


Look where my problem of choice is…
Option 1 No.
The option 2 starts good but…

Option 3 starts promising but…

Which i am not :man_shrugging:.

Thank you, i didn’t knew :blush:. My emotes for animals are restored to my console the last 3 weeks, so i didn’t knew what to do with this knowledge so far.
Thanks a million :+1:t6:.

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Sorry lol.
I tried my best to make that poll (even asked someone to correct my English hue hue).
But it’s still very basic, I understand it does not cover all the subleties in opinions.
It’s nice though, people who do not vote can still express themselves through the posts for more accuracy.

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