Poll - Bazzar and my Thoughts

Hi all, a quick poll and my thoughts, please share your thoughts too.

Do you consider baazar pricing fair?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Other, comment
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"I have been playing Conan Exiles since 2019 and have bought all dlc’s released till now. When the battlepass-baazar was anounced was happy due getting new content in shorter time than dlc’s.

And to my bitersweet surprise while the battlepass is nice and fair, Baazar prices are high. Its not just me some Youtubers pointed too, other players said too. If someone is making money out of showcasing a game and states something is expensive even for them, who are the rest of us left.

I wont dable much on the maths but to put it simple, baazar prices are equal to an average steam game, or comparing it with former dlc’s that had, building pieces, armors, weapons and pets/mounts things is as if we were buying all things apart for the same price dlc’s used to cost.

Also although I have lots of hours, usually I play for a time, rest and repeat, for example when Age of sorcery was released I didnt play till near the end of chapter 3 (Age of sorcery) but then what about the content that i missed on those battlepasses, Im not asking it for free, but there should be a way to buy it.

Lastly but not least, the other day that servers failed (along all the troubles many people had with missing pieces, stuff, buildings, years of work). I noticed something also vital, due how baazar/battlepass content is made when servers are out/out of reach, we players cant use content unlocked there".

Many have already asked it, comment it, etcetera. Again change the Baazar, lets see all content and be able to buy it at a reasonable price, link it to steam or whatever plataform so even if we dont have internet or servers are out we can use our things.

If you have read this far thank you, comment bellow your thoughts.

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The Bazaar prices are too high.

I don’t mind that much, because I mostly only buy certain items from there (green stuff/market decor, etc), and most of the things there in general are armors, emblems and stuff, about which I don’t care.

What I dislike is the fact that I am usually able to buy only one thing there, with cost of 1000 Crom coins and higher (the last one was the hanging planters set), and for anything else I don’t have enough funds, usually with only few Crom coins missing. The same as many others I don’t want to spend more money than I “must” in this game, in which I also have all DLC’s.

About this first chapter of Age of War I like probably only the free items in BP, so I have to consider if I want to buy BP this time at all. Idk about Bazaar items, but I doubt there will be more trees or flower decorations, considering the character of this chapter. :smiley:

These polls aren’t really a great indication of what people will be willing to buy. If we took this poll a few years ago about DLC items (which are the gold standard everyone likes to use) then we would have seen people prefer to pay less on those. Does that mean they were too high? Well in hindsight we know that to be untrue.

The way we find out if Bazaar items are too high is simply by the fact by how often they are sold and if target numbers are being reached. If the answer to that is yes, then they are priced at the right amount. If not, then they need to be lowered.

Anyone who is voting no in this poll but has purchased items are not being entirely sincere about their statement. Because we can infer from the facts that they have made any purchases, that the price wasn’t too high for them to make the decision to not purchase. Its cliché, but its true… you literally do vote with your wallet here.

I am making these statements as someone who hasn’t purchased a single Crom Coin, and thus not a single item from the Bazaar. And I will not be voting in the poll because I have already voted in a way that I believe has far more effect. And result in real feedback.

Real action and conviction has more weight than simply ticking a box on a bandwagon issue for the sake of fake internet points. But you all are free to post and vote in a poll for those little ounces of validation if you should prefer.

If you are interested in knowing how to make impact and give true feedback. Its quite simple. Don’t purchase Crom Coins from this point on until the prices come down to an acceptable level. If you’re continuing to purchase, you are telling Funcom that the prices are acceptable. Regardless of what you tell the community here in a poll.

Buying or not buying sends feedback to Funcom.
Voting Yes or No in a poll sends feedback to an echo-chambering community.

Now you have the information needed to make an informed decision to take action or inaction on the subject.

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I voted yes. Because they are posted at a price and dont include ghost fees after purchase. So it is fair practice the way they priced them.

Dont know what u mean with ghost fees, thank you for sharing your thoughts which I dont agree, I always say it depends how u see things and with which you compare them,

The first step in any instance is if you dont agree with something to voice it, I did that and put the poll as a maner of mesure who think alike and who dont. Ideally more people should vote. I agree that if few vote the poll loses its porpouse and that not buying something is the greatest way to show anyone selling something, that their product has something thats putting off people.

However some people maybe oblivious to what their product is lacking making people not buying it, “complaining” if you will is the easiest way for them to know directly.

Thats said I desagree, I bought all dlc’s, bought a season pass and content in the baazar, probably will do so again if I find content that I like, however that doesnt make me unsincere. That something is sold often doenst tell that something is actually “well priced”, overpriced things are a thing that could be argued.

I provided comparison with other things as to mesure from were my reasoning and point of view come from. You can believe what you want however you are contradicting yourself when you claim not to buy it but at the same time demerit a poll that shares the same view you have.

I will not advice anyone what to buy or what not to buy.

I still have crom coins from since they introduced bazar and battle pass.
Obviously they already got my money. But I didn’t get what I would like.
I bought few stuff. But mostly things I see aren’t worth it.
If certain things cost 200cc instead of 1200cc
1 out of 10 players buy for 1200cc
10 out of 10 buy for 200cc
No one complain anymore it was a bad purchase either.
I also get to spend my crom coins faster and I can buy more.

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What is it when someone says something, and does something else?

As I said, you are free to do that if it gives you peace of mind. Just don’t expect Funcom to take it seriously. The question I have (rhetorically) is that do people want results or just peace of mind? So far I believe its more of the latter.

‘Exorbitant’ is the word that comes to mind for me.


We (you and I) didnt bought anything till Chapter 3 (Age of sorcery, when I bought battlepass an other stuff), some others too (Im inclined to believe) did it work as you claim? No, it didnt.

A contradiction or lack of cohesion, as you are doing. People have different incomes due various things, have you not bought something and think its expensive? You probably have. Again you demerit the poll/post and by doing so the reason of it all, while you havent bought anything by the same reason that the poll and post are about.

Both, this post may be ignored, may be not. I did what I could as directly as I could, devs could change or not, i may might buy things or not in the future who knows.

I voted neither yes nor no because “fair” just like “expensive,” is in the eye of the beholder.

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I haven’t bought anything since the Nemedian DLC. I haven’t purchased a single Crom Coin since they were available. So this claim that ‘we’ didn’t buy anything until Age of Sorcery is incorrect. I haven’t bought anything during Age of Sorcery nor Age of War. I assume this is confusion to what I said earlier.

I have been very consistent. I purchase things I believe are not too expensive and I simply do not buy things that I believe are too expensive. I don’t purchase anything that I believe is too expensive whether it be from Funcom or anyone else. Anything I have purchased that is expensive has been done because I believe in the worth and quality of the item I purchased was worth the cost. Would I have rather everything I purchased to be less? Sure, I’d rather everything be free. But that isn’t what the poll is about and that is a fantasy. So instead I buy what I believe is a fair price and don’t buy what I consider to be an unfair price.

Your question in the poll was:

Was this question in error? Did you mean to ask the public if they simply wished the prices were too low?

Sorry if I wasnt clear enough, I meant till the Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 you and me hadnt bought anything, so till that point it hadnt worked (in Age of Sorcery is when I bought battlepass and some items in the baazar, from that point on only you hadnt bought anything). thats what i meant.

Maybe it wasnt “complete” perse, but reading the post I think makes things clear, plus I thing many included you have the same sentiment about it as: “Overpriced” or expensive.

xD, I thing further comments on wont yield more… we agree to desagree in some aspects but we agree in others.

No problem we’re on the same page there.

Pretty much. I do believe that most people will refrain from purchasing things they feel are unfair. Hence why I believe in voting with the wallet if it were.

I’d like to add to this that one of the biggest complaints I’ve seen, not just in the community but also among fellow beta testers from Age of Sorcery is the fact that the store has rotating stock without the ability to have things in a searchable list. Instead having to wait.

They have not been clear about sales either (or rather the lack of them). We still see people get confused about bundle prices and think they are sales. To this date there hasn’t been sales on any individual items.

IMO the rotating storefront should be rotating sales on items and bundles. But you would have the option to search all previously released items at all times outside of that. I don’t remember if it was a conversation I’ve seen or in a devstream, but it was indicated this would happen once there was enough items to warrant it. I think we’re at that point by now.

Sorry for going a bit off topic with this particular quotation, since this is more about pricing than availability. Even if they are a tad bit related.

It’s interesting to see the different opinions and surveys :slight_smile:

And even if I understand that not buying anything is one of the best responses to influence lower prices, so I also think it’s a tricky situation because it’s also about participating in the development of the game that we likes (to help Funcom keep Conan Exiles active for our player sake). It is obvious that the prices of the bazaar are very excessive :disappointed_relieved:

Vote up people, the more the better xD

This wont change anything, this game is not about us. What we want makes 0 difference.

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They are coming down. Yes it’s hefty but if you compare to other micro transactions, it’s on par. Some skins on br games can run you $20. But I have noticed pricing going down and rereleased are significantly discounted.

The thing is that you can’t use the dlc price point as legitimate comparison because that was a price point that wasn’t doing the company any favors in terms of revenue

The answers are bad.
Prices can’t be fair on unfair. The item is worth as much as the customer is willing to pay for it.
It looks like people are paying these prices so Funcom keeps them at this level.
It’s too expensive for you, don’t buy it.

I find these prices high, but not unfair. These prices are just not something I am willing to pay for item made of pixels.

I´d like to think that we could/should be heard in one way or another. You may call my stand as a Positive one and of course you are entitled to desagree (as you have xD).

It is known that if a company wants to make easy money, they go for mobile with micro transactions. For me at least those arent good references, or good points to compare in other to aspire to be.

You can desagree by all meants but nor I nor you can claim something like this to be or not “legitimate”, as I said prior it was meant as a “parameter” if you will to make a comparison or to take as an example.

They can be fair or unfair, its true however it will highly depend on the point of view of the person and its pocket. You are contradicting yourself, you dont consider them unfair but expensive and not worthy due its content, thats unfair. For example:

  • You go to a restaurant that you consider expensive but their food is awesome, so although its expensive the taste makes it worthy (fair).

  • You buy the Aesir blacksmith pack but you find out its equal to t1 blacksmith, so you can consider that expensive and unworthy the money you spend (unfair)

  • You get 1/4 of what you used to with more money than before. Dlc-Bazzar.

I’d like to point out that the main topic are the baazar prices not the wording of the post though xD.