Baazar price, too expensive for too little

I don’t like the Baazar since Funcom it’s trying to milk this game before it dies (Before it gets killed) but if you’re gonna do this to us at least give us some big quality amount of stuff like Old-DLC’s.

Anyways, this post doesn’t matters…Since nothing will happen as if the devs were disconnected from it’s game.

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There is already a discussion about this at Bazaar prices getting even more ridiculous - #250 by Frillen please read through that.

The DLC prices were actually too low for what they included. Some Bazaar prices are too high I agree. Please address what has been said in the other thread.

Why are you answering me and with a link to one of my posts? Shouldn’t it be directed at OP?

And please for gods sake stop this nonsense talking for everyone, it’s not a fact, it’s your opinion, if you can provide solid information about why they were underpriced then there is something to talk about, otherwise it is just speculation and opinion!

Excuse me? Pretty sure I did reply to OP bud.

That the DLC was underpriced is obviously an opinion and I have explained repeatedly what it is based on. What would make the DLC being underpriced a “fact” to you?

Maybe you did, but it appeared in my inbox as a reply to me + your link is pointed to one of my posts in that thread :wink:

It’s hard to answer that question even if we are only talking about my opinion because it is a feeling when seeing such content, if I really love the content, I may feel that I got a good deal, but others may feel different and say nah not worth the price.
You see people see pricing differently depending on which country they live in, salaries and the amount of money they have left after all expenses are paid can differ quite a lot just within one region, for example in EU pricing on games and content is the same no matter if you are living in the richest or poorest country, so they have quite a different approach to if they feel it is worth spending their money on a dlc or perhaps a game on a good sale.

We can argue about under and over pricing from here on an to eternity, at the end of the day it all comes down to what price Funcom think will sell the most giving them a good profit and keep players buying them and actively playing the game, they have no use for what you, I or any other on the forums are willing to pay, because at the end of the day, it is all about how far they can take their pricing considering their new target(whaling) before it all collapse.

Underpriced? Compared to what is the real question which has many different answers depending on who you ask :wink:

I’m gonna have to convert it to 'merican units, but this solution is the best one I’ve seen.

As far as the bazaar goes it’s definitely not for everyone.

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