Battlepass Vs Bazaar

Hi Exiles,

So, I have seen a lot of negative commentary around the Bazaar, here and on a few social media platforms, and I feel there is a misunderstanding of these two reasonably recent additions to the game.

Please be aware that this is only my own impression and understanding, my opinion, and that’s all it is.

The Battlepass is designed and priced in a way that means most people can afford it. Not all, but most. It’s also a one time investment if you complete it and keep the Crom Coins. In my own country it amounts to the approximate price of a takeaway meal, like a combo from a drivethrough for instance. The Bazaar is definitely not designed or priced in the same way as the Battlepass. Most people who read this will think ‘yeah, I know, so what.’

Here is my point: The Battlepass is targeted at spenders and passionate supporters of the game and IP. I have a job, a family, a mortgage, a great love for the IP, and a salary. I spend some of my money (what’s effing left of it) on games for me and my kids to play. If I see something in the Bazaar that appeals, I can buy it. I don’t find much appealing, and have only just finished up obtaining all of the dlc, and so have a lot to currently experiment with, not to mention all the dungeons I have left to do. But I could and would spend money in the Bazaar if I wanted to, and I like having it there to provide me with potential options for making the game even more enjoyable. Not all people can spend money consistently on dlc and cosmetics etc, I get it, and so does Funcom. And so we have the very affordable Battlepass loaded with all sorts of things to have fun with.

TL;DR: Battlepass is for (almost) everyone who wishes to support the ongoing development of the game, Bazaar is for those of means who wish to support the ongoing development of the game.

Why I wrote this: persistent complaining about Bazaar prices being too high. They are simply not geared towards low/no spenders, and so are not for those players. But there is something in the ‘new look’ Conan: Exiles for (almost) everyone.

(The perceived quality and value of the items in the Bazaar is a different discussion, this post is about purpose and intentions).

Finally, I’ve seen a few Battlepasses, as have we all over the last few years, and this one is not the predatory insult it is being perceived as. It’s there to keep the game funded and alive. There are far worse examples out there, and this one is quite good in my experience.

Hope you all have a great day,
TrapKill :slight_smile:

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Yes, comparative pricing of cosmetics is a sore point for many people. It’s a good point to make.

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I’d buy the BP and any number of bazaar items it it unlocked the items on my account permanently. Like fortnite. Spending money for items items on one character on one server is a deal killer for me.

Tired or playing a female character and recreate? Those items are gone.

Server became toxic, time to move, better hope for a character transfer or that stuff is gone.

It’s honestly a marketing fail of epic scale and a change that would impact the company in no discernable way.

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Hmm, I had not realised this. It is a MAJOR fail. I only play a couple of toons, had not even checked to see if it goes from char to char. A very good point.
Battlepass should definitely be account rather than toon.
Thanks for contributing to the discussion.

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Also the stormglass additions cost ¾ of the entire Isle of Siptah DLC. 1200 coins is 7 and a half large double doubles🍁, whereas Siptah is currently worth ten. A supplementary pack costs nearly as much as one portion of a much larger pack. The pieces look great, no argument there; but the price tag by comparison is downright unreasonable.


Agreed, I passed on that Bazaar item, as the price seems really crazy.

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Wait, what? Since when? Aren’t these entitlements supposed to be associated with your Funcom account, rather than a character on a server?


That was my understanding as well. The only toon specific ones were the freebies every so many levels. Mainly one time use items like potions.


Hahaha I still remember your old comment xD

ya, I had to check that, sounded wrong. New character new server got my battle pass poses, so assume I have all by battle pass stuff. Not sure about the rest but since I have all my stuff on 2 servers I’m guessing I do.

I’m going to assume the reason no one has lost their minds about battle pass and bazaar items being character bound is because they aren’t. They are account bound.

Doesn’t make them any less over priced. Stuff I want, if they were reasonably priced I’d have bought. Funcom has priced me out of the bazaar. And yes, I have bought all the DLCs plus Siptah; that I never play.

If the hedge had been blocks, walls, arches, ect, with maze placables, I might have gotten it for that price.

So far I haven’t spent a crom on the bazaar. There are items I want, but not that bad.


I bet if the price is reasonable, more people will show love instead of hate.
And your logic just convinced me, that FC doesn’t want it.


If you try to support it via Battlepass, you do it once. I’ve bought it so I have enough coins to get it over and over. Bazaar could be a constant source of money IF people didn’t mind prices. As for today there are only two products, the prices of which I consider almost fair, two building sets. I’ll buy them as soon as I get some free money (in my country it’s about 2% of median month salary for each, and it’s not cheap for me). All the other things do not cost their price for PC gamer as far as we can get tons of decorations, armor etc. from hundreds of mods for free.

About BP ONCE… i think when the age over (after chapter 3) there will be completely new age and new BP, so we cant use our 1200 coins from previous one. But i am totally ok with the idea of buying BP each year, nothing awful of that (10 usd\year).
But bazaar and crom coins prices are uncanny. Dang, in my opinion people should be able to buy entire bazaar with 20 usd (if they want). But for now, how many? 80-120 usd? You can buy a used ps4 where i live for 150 =D.

People say well 10 usd for building set is ok now. How that?
1 - set are not full
2 - argos dlc steam sale 5 usd. 94 items (armor sets, weapons, skins, decor, building parts)?
I get it, we cant directly compare old dlcs price\item to the single bazaar item, but anyways, there is no logic in that.
So you ask me how much should it cost? i dunno, 5-6 usd max.

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We’ll see if BP from chapter 3 will have coins as reward or not. But if not coins then Funcom has to add much more interesting rewards to this chapter 3 or nobody will spend their “free” coins to buy it. They can’t just take those coins away from our accounts, I think. If they can without previous notice then no one will buy any more coins I think.

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This. Come on, how don’t people know this? Don’t you make new characters?? :laughing:
The ony thing you get once for the character are those potions and those illusion teasers from the blb. They explicitly say these can only be delivered once. All the rest is account bound and can be used by as many characters as you like.


Players still not understand why Funcom has to change their income for more frequent updates blows my mind…

I get it… its very easy to say its not worth it compared to the old prices… however with the old prices we’ve waited over a year for a update…

Keep in mind every else is free… players tend to forget this.

The only thing I want to see removed is the account bound items.

Not very stoked on the free content of chapter 2… just another event (headhunting) doesn’t really cut it for me. But at least it boosts the playerbase up a little.

Don’t forget the new encounters @prologue1337 .
I only found one of them, but it was amazing. Have you visited Sepermeru? Go near Conan’s bar if you haven’t.

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There is also another thing I wanted to point out , in that the game is out for around 5 years , and you can still buy each dlc , at your own pace without the fear of them not being available anymore once " the season ends " now with the Bazar if you see an Item you want ( or think you’ll want in the future ) you have 2 choices , buy it now or buy it later with the “fear” that you may not be able to . ( even if they said bazaar items are going out and back in , they haven’t specified if it was per season ( this would mean that after a season/chapter ends , the stuff won’t be in the bazaar anymore ) or if it was per another time schedule , or if they will stay rotating untill the " ends of time " ( very unlikely since it would clutter the bazaar at some point where the chance to get the item you seek in the rotation would be as high as the percentage of getting a derketo named priest from the pagoda of bounded lust ) :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:

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I’m sorry it just doesn’t feel that much new to me, its similar to what we already had.

But its at least something, I would have loved to see maybe another dungeon, land, spells, ride able mounts, caves, legendary weapon buffs or whatever else actually.

The only real thing that excites me is the stuff in the bazaar and battle pass

But I’m still hopeful :slight_smile: still positive about the game, and minor updates are always better than none or a years wait.

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You don’t need to be sorry dude! :beers:
I just though a surge like event on the Exiled Lands was pretty cool. On Siptah it might feel like a little more of the same. :smile:
But sure, we always want them to do better. I don’t expect anything ground breaking until the next age though. This was just a chapter and it brings some new cool mechanics. To be honest, I was counting with less…