I immediately dislike Battle-Pass and miss DLC

I will start by saying that I love games like Conan Exiles, I love exploring and fighting monsters and the addition of sorcery finally getting added made me immediately re-download the game to my ps4 just so I could try it out even though I was immediately reluctant when I found out about the battle-pass getting added.

Now, I’ve bought every DLC that has been released so far because more than anything else I like to relax after work by sitting around building towns and castles in my game and decorating them and filling them up with people that match the theme of the town…

So then this last time I got on and saw that there were alot of really cool decoration items gated behind the battle-pass… which even if it’s a long lasting deal I can’t possibly get through on my schedule without that being the /only/ thing I do when I play every day, which I confirmed for myself by sitting around trying for several days and only gaining a few levels on it.

This isn’t fun at all, it feels to me like turning something really enjoyable into a chore that I can’t complete while it also keeps me from getting furnishings that are actually really nice to look at for my fancier builds.

I’d honestly have just payed more for dlc packs to have the furnishings readily available, it actually led to me deleting the game because devoting 100gb to a game that I’m not enjoying anymore didn’t feel worth it.


You can always activate admin mode and complete the Battle Pass really fast, @Amavari . It won’t be a lot of fun, but you can get the rewards. Just spawn and teleport.


I tried, but yeah after several… hours… of sitting in admin force spawning things and teleporting to places i hadn’t gotten to legitimately explore yet just to get through it I kind of just lost my motivation because my playtime always comes just before or after work and all i really wanted was to sit and decorate and build up a nice looking sorcerer themed castle.

I’ve never really had anxiety about playing games before, but then I usually don’t play things with this sort of system in it, it’s the same way I felt when I saw that legitimate bookcases were released that are unavailable unless you did something outside of the game.

I just want to /play my game/


I simpathize with you, @Amavari . Not everyone likes this system, but this is what allows Funcom to carry on. The dlcs weren’t financially sustainable. So, with a little effort we do our part to make sure new content keeps rolling out. They need to improve on the performance of the game, but there’s hope they manage. I hope you reconsider. You still have time. It’s a drag, I know, but the content is worth it. Whatever you decide to do, keep that spirit up, playing this or another game. Good luck!


I’d be satisfied if the battle pass rewarded you for just playing the game, then it would just be something that I could pay for and then continue on playing the way I normally do and still get the unlocks as I went along without it feeling like I’m being punished for not wanting to dedicate what little time I get to doing things I’m not interested in doing.

Right now I’m just not really gaming at all because it feels way less enjoyable these days than it used to be, maybe I’m getting old lol… :expressionless:


So, you’re telling me you get your enjoyment from building and decorating, correct? Honestly, I do understand what you’re saying. There is now a system that forces you to play in a way you don’t enjoy in order to unlock something you would have gotten before with a onetime DLC pack buy. Maybe later down the line they will offer a Pack that includes everything from Batte pass cosmetic stuff at a high price like as much as it would have cost to level in the battle pass so like $50. This way people have options if they don’t want to do the challenge system. But it really depends on how players as a whole feel about it because I don’t think they will do this unless a good portion of the players are ok with letting someone pay to unlock everything. I for one don’t care it’s another way for them to make money and add to the game so I say go for it. @ MarcosC What are your thoughts about them adding a cosmetic pack bundles for people to buy?

I’m afraid that ship has sailed. I also would have paid more for DLCs, but that’s not how Funcom wanted to do things. Instead, they sent out an icky survey last year that was a subject of much controversy. Then, later, they brought in a monetization expert, unleashed him/her on the results of that survey, and the ultimate result is Battle Pass and Black Lotus Bazaar.

And no matter how much we bitch about that, those two monetization schemes are here to stay. The best we can hope for is for Funcom to listen to feedback and throw us plebs a bone or two while they’re milking the whales :wink:

Unfortunately, you jumped back into the game near the end of a chapter, and you’re feeling the pressure of finishing the BP. It sucks. :frowning:

FWIW, you mostly don’t have to teleport around, you just need to know what to spawn. The only times I had to teleport was when trying to complete the challenges that depend on visiting a specific spot on the map, and when doing the “complete 3 events” challenge. Unless I’m forgetting something right now, everything else was doable by just spawning the right thing to kill. For example, you don’t really need to go to the Well of Skelos and finish it, you just need to admin-spawn The Degenerate and then admin-kill it.

Also, they’ve raised the XP rewards for the challenges. I imagine it’s still a boring slog to admin your progress through all 60 levels, but I also imagine it’s at least 5x easier than back when I did it :slight_smile:

Good luck!


I really don’t mind. A pack with all the stuff from the BP would be fine by me. Usually I don’t really worry with what other people do. I think you should even have a deluxe BP that skipped the whole thing and gave all the rewards for people who prefer. I would do the BP anyway. But the more ways available for people of different likes to enjoy the content available, the better. If some people prefer to pay instead of grind, fine by me.

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I don’t remember having to do the skelos challenge.
I wonder if the challenges deppend on our level. I was starting a new playthrough. All the challenges were incredibly easy.

Yes they do. But even on lvl 60 you can get some low-level tasks.

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I did that and it is still very tedious and time consuming. I would not mind seeing a straight out - BUY NOW - option for those that would rather just pay for the items while still allowing other players to get them through the BattePass.

EDIT: I do not mean just BUY levels in BattlePass. I mean a BUY NOW for all content and bypassing BattlePass all together.


I feel like players keep forgetting why we have battle passes now and focus way too much on it
DLC’s weren’t enough for the upkeep and further development of Conan.

After all… its just a small part of the rest of the game, you get more frequent updates and some free content you haven’t got to pay a single penny.

However… the chapters should have a little more free to play content (dungeons, new lands, new maps, new spells, new knowledge), I can only find excitement in latest stream update with the new things sold in the bazaar…

But for new content, I feel like its a bit lacking, I’m not convinced the skull event is something I can enjoy…

For example… chapter 1 had this (free):

  • Sorcery
  • New building system
  • Event system
  • Total revamp attributes
  • Illusion system

Chapter 2 (free):

  • New events, x2?

No it is everything. You can’t even build without that stupid hammer. The battle pass is just another way of getting money from you. Now we all have to pay for this stupid sh…


I Understand that and they should keep the battle pass I would still buy it because I feel the challenge system adds stuff to do into the game. But what about people who don’t like being forced into doing stuff they don’t enjoy just to get the cosmetics that normally would have gotten if they bought a DLC then they jump in and just build. They can no longer get the nice stuff it’s locked behind a system they don’t enjoy content they don’t always feel like doing. Like I said they should have pack bundles that cost a lot of money for people that want to just buy it. Old DLC pack was pretty cheap new cometic packs should be $60 As much money as it would have cost buying their way to level 60. How are they losing money this way. If I buy 3 or 4 level boosts to get to level 60 it’s the same amount of money.

I don’t think we’re “forgetting” it. I think most of us are saying that we would have paid more for DLCs instead of having BP and BLB. It’s not only the price tag, it’s the nature of this monetization.

The DLCs never caused someone to say they can’t enjoy playing the game because they have to spam-grind something before some arbitrary real-life deadline that would prevent them from claiming the DLC content. That’s the “FOMO tactics” a lot of us have been complaining about. Our complaints have mostly been met with ridicule from the rest of the players, and I doubt that even this thread will change that. After all, it’s just a complaint from a returning player, and compared to what the whales are prepared to spend, that’s just the negligible tail-end of the curve. :man_shrugging:

At any rate, belaboring yet again why the monetization scheme has changed isn’t really going to help change any minds, either. The new monetization isn’t going away.


I guess I am a whale, because I just pay for everything I want. Amusing little names gamers come up with.
Some fun facts:
Funcom IS making a killing with the new system, so do not expect it to change because you do not like or cannot afford it. They are STILL a business.
The DLCs were basically a giveaway, and that has caused the “entitlement” crowd a lot of salt.
None of the items are necessary to play the game, so you can just ignore BP and Bazaar and go on your little way.
If you have FOMO issues, consult your local psychiatrist or find another hobby.
Have a peachy day!

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Not gamers, business people. It comes from sales & marketing people, and entered the gamer parlance when mobile game devs started discussing their playerbase in those terms. :man_shrugging:

As for whether you’re a whale or not, I don’t know, and I don’t care. “Whale” is not a pejorative, and I’m not attacking anyone personally here, unlike you:

These aren’t “issues”, and people saying “hey, I’ve paid the bucks for the BP and I want the rewards, but the game is making me grind for those rewards” aren’t mentally ill.

Yes, that’s why we’re saying we would have paid a lot more for those DLCs. :roll_eyes:

You do realize that you can be in favor of a change without being insulting and demeaning to the people who don’t, right?

I don’t. I literally wrote that I don’t expect it to change.


You realize you do not have to sound condescending to make your points, correct?

Which of those three quotes you included did you find so condescending? Is it the one where I say that people who aggressively ridicule these complaints aren’t likely to be swayed by yet another thread? Is it the one where I say explain that the thread author is part of the playerbase that doesn’t spend enough for Funcom to care? Or is it the one where I said that you don’t really need to crap all over people you disagree with?

Not that I really care at this point, to be honest. I generally respect your opinions, but I’m slowly learning to disengage when you start the personal attacks.

In your own words, have a peachy day. And the last word, too.


DLCs giveaway? eeerm in what world, people spend 100 bucks on them (maybe more)… you can buy 10 AAA games on steam sale… cmon

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