No battlepass? No money from me

The battlepass was the product I wanted. I bought every pass that was active at the time that I was playing, and spent all the free coins I was given. (I never recycled those into the next pass. I wanted to pay to support the content I wanted.)

I’m not buying anything in the bazaar because the prices listed are misleading. Aquilonian Elevators, for example, are listed at 1270 coins at full price when they come into rotation – appearing to be just over $10.

However, if this is a purchase made by someone with less than 70 crom coins in an existing balance, this purchase becomes $19.99 as it would require buying the coin pack at that price.

I will not support the bazaar as long as that pricing policy remains in effect, on even so much as a single item. I want a fair deal and a fair price.

If you cannot offer that to me, there are other game companies who can and will and want to. Conan Exiles is not a requirement in my life.

Gotta say, not anywhere near as confident in Dune as I was yesterday. Maybe stop listening to Shawn Layden so much.


Yeah I have to admit I was doing the same. Congratulations Funcom, you just proved your more interested in the money than you are in player satisfaction. As much as I love the game the more monetization is pushed the less I want to play the game. I have been a Funcom fan for awhile because I thought they were different. I was wrong and I’m not a fan anymore.


Sorry but you could very well be the minority, I don’t know, but I only bought the first one, they were self perpetuating from there. And since they ended it with croms in my account it was a free ride.

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Maybe thats the plan…

to many users running on 1st purchase… gotta get them to spend what they got, and bring pass back later.


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funcom : FOMOCom , and now sneaky lol… no previous anoucement.


i do appreciate the new improved content, what i do NOT appreiciate is the lack of communication (AGAIN)
you left a lot of people with fangs, because you failed to announce the end of the hunt event,

you should leave the NPC that gives the rewards, at conan’s bar in sepermeru, and in the NPC merchant island in siptah.


well they could have removed the 1200 CC, but i guess they dont want to give 48+ items for 10 USD, it was competing with their STORE ?

the rest is just a marketing spin, to tell people they will add those resources to add stuff for free (thats BS, and if you want to believe it , do so, you are the one being naive)

botton line :

  1. the system was done
  2. the only time they needed to use was to make the new items and change the background of each page. (it was just the creation of the assets, and tu just replace the old ones)
  3. try not to believe in fairy tales, we are all old enough to know better.

they were giving those for free once you bought the first one, and that was not good for their store.

expect higher prices coming!


And here we go. I bought $10 worth of croms, I got the pass, I used the croms from the pass to get the next, I still have the croms I bought. So all that content was no cash cost. I figure the value of the enjoyment of playing easily covers the cost of electricity, and my time.

Then quit trying to tell them to me. Your description of the battle pass sounds like some one trying to describe the monster they heard in the woods.

I doubt the inflated prices can go any higher, too high and the pod will take their $$$ elsewhere.

in your case, yes, in others, like me i have bought BP, then saw a shjining on the store, bought it with the coins, next bp came , bought again crom coins, and so on.

fairy tale is to believe they are doing it for the game and the people, they are doing it for their own revenue. the reason they are brining it down is for money reasons, they were not making enough , and if removed, and leaving it without letting people get their crom coins back will sadly compete with the store…

i am with codemage , the BP was encouraging people to come and play…

i am sure they are not telling the whole story. :slight_smile:

I also see a lot of new items locked behind insane grinds now…and not account wide.
Fangs and Obulus are just the beginning. Not all bad though, if the grind content was interesting past the second time you do it.
I honestly also preferred the battle pass, but I’m open to change. But I don’t see myself grinding boring mobs for hours on hours.

Uff… This is the reason I never completed the hunt. I think by WAK’s math you had to do the hunt 20-30 times to get all the rewards. That’s mind-numbing and I only have so much game time. I just checked the caravans and it looks about the same, 2000 obulus for one of the more expensive items. IDK how much more I’m going to keep logging in. Since I’m still falling through the floors of my base when I check in to refresh. I was hoping this could be the update/age to turn it back around. If they want high amount of player time spent in game, then they need the grind to be a randomized nemesis system like Shadows of Mordor or AC Odyssey.

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They are counter productive right now because of the foundation bug.

They want players, yet when players log in on any server it causes current players to fall through the structure that they are standing on.

All that they proved today was that they don’t give a F*CK about us.

They all should be fired. Don’t know how Andy and Dennis can sit their on a Dev stream and be the face of this garbage.

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Whatever happened to the tavern system being the hub of a new fleshed out questing system?

If you were rolling Battlepasses, then they already got the money from you they were going to get.

Well they did say this isn’t maintenance mode.
Not sure what happens next, maybe ask one of the 5 funcom reps logged in to the Dune discord right now. I’ve had way off topic conversations with most of them at one time or another.

Lies that’s what

wow… the battle pass was the LAST thing people wanted to remove from the store. the insane-priced Bazaar is what needed a change.

If they ACTUALLY put that effort into the chapter content & rewards it will be good, but I don’t think I can trust that to happen.

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and you believe what they say? literally?

nope that wont happen, they will only remove the one thing that was OK and fair in their microtransaction model, i mean i could understand if they remove the Crom coins rewards and have people pay every 3 months 10 bucks, for 60 items… but no. in their mind it was a lot better to keep 6 items for 21!. botton line fans that loves this game just got screwed again!

i can bet that some of the assets that were planned for this battlepass, will be presented at the bazaar at insane prices.

SO, thank you funcom for ■■■■■■■■ your loyal fan base AGAIN!.

you are a wise person!, the quality never got better with the new model even when they were getting a LOT more money, it wont get better with what they say they try to do… i can bet real money on that.

i am almost confident that all of that money that came into funcom bank account, was not entirely invested in conan, otherwise this game will be in a very different situation, they are probably using part of that income for dune or other projects.

I think it is a good thing they removed the battle pass. I was never fond of the idea to grind just to receive items I already paid for. The battle pass model in which they take your money but deliver the items with condition (grinding + minding their dead line as you do) and delay (can’t get everything upon payment), is so bland. So I am actually relieved they chose to remove the battle pass model. I would rather receive the items I paid for at once through equivalent packs in their bazaar or as DLCs again. And if they don’t? Well, they don’t. I will just wait for prices to lower or not buy, simple as that.

If I must “play”, I will play for the game contents.
If I just just “grind the battle pass” in admin mode and leave the game without getting to know its events and new content, without building or exploring its old content, then I hardly see how it is considered playing at all: no feedback from me, no gaming for hours, no participation to an official/private server, no advertisement of fun experiences in solo mode.
In short: the battle pass is not what makes one truly “play” if you consider that the game itself is not worth your time on the moment, and just log in to not miss out.

This message is just an expression of what I think though. I read what was written, and hear that some of you guys can consider the grinding part as playing.

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well you will at a great 21 dollars for about 6 items, :slight_smile:

instead of 60 for 10, grinding? well in single player was really easy with admin powers. and can be done in not too much time.

i mean not a big deal the grinding part,

Which means it is not the “equivalent” pack I am speaking of.
Which means:

No need to try to convince me with the number of items showcased for $10, I would much rather have an equivalent pack or a DLCs. Oh, wait… it feels like a déjà vu déjà said.

If your argument is that the battle pass model is acceptable in that it is easy to do in admin mode, then I invite you to read my post again:

In admin mode, I still do not back up the battle pass model and its grinding. I should not have to grind at all when my money is taken, full stop. It feels like paying for a menu in a restaurant, and being asked to cook myself so the waiter could deliver the meal to my table.
But again, it is just my opinion. If you like battle passes, good for you.

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