Battel Pass & Bazaar Separation

If the Battel pass is going to refresh itself if you complete it then just make it refresh itself. Rather then giving you Crom coins just have a discounts on buying the next pass based on your progress. Culminating in a 100%(AKA Free). Example: 25% off if your 1/4 of the way through, 50% if you’re 1/2 way through, 75% 3/4 through, and finally 100% if you finished it.

Can go by quarters, eights, whatever. No accidently spending 1 coin too many in the bazaar or miscalculating how many coins you have or just humans making simple human mistakes as “we” as a race are bound to do.

nope let them choose in how they spend it, if they wanna spend it on the bazaar … let them spend it. Its like paying 10 dollar get 10 dollar back to spend on something else and the bp require that same 10 dollar or pay more to keep bp going … People like options not restricted option.

Given the overwhelmingly negative feed back regarding the battel-pass/bazaar by the community it would seem that change is necessary. This seems like a reasonable change.

It is change, but it doesn’t address the actual points of prickly feedback.
Those primarily being:

  1. FOMO/time limited offerings (not really something that can be delt with based on the model chosen)
  2. The grindy and sometimes obnoxious nature of the Challenges
  3. Filler items at several levels of the Battle Pass
  4. The absurd over pricing of the Bazaar items

If anything, the idea merely devalues one of the Battle Pass rewards by pre spending it on the next grind session, rather than letting one spend their winnings and be done with the whole matter.

While this one appreciates the brainstorming, this one would not consider the suggested implementation an improvement.


Even though I dislike the BLB and will not be buying anything from it unless some changes are made, I still prefer to be able to choose how to spend my Crom Coins, because things can change.

It’s unlikely that the BLB will change in a way that will accommodate my hopes, and it’s unlikely that I will be so disappointed with the BP that I won’t want to purchase the next one, but even though these things are unlikely, they are still possible. Under those circumstances, I would rather spend the coins I earned back through BP on BLB stuff, instead of being forced to spend more money.

You are choosing how to spend your Crom coins. You’re choosing what to spend them on in the Bazaar.
The only difference would be you buy the battel pass once and if you keep up on it you never buy it again. Which is the intended feature of giving the exact amount of coins needed to do so. Separating them in this way is the right call.

With what? I think that’s part of my point that you’re missing right there.

Like I said, if I buy this BP and I decide that I don’t want to buy the next one, I could spend the money I paid for this BP in BLB.

You’re trying to take that decision away, and I’m still not sure what the reason for that is, other than “I don’t want to have to subtract one number from another in my head or with a calculator before I press a button that spends money”.

If there’s some deeper nuance that I missed, I would be happy to hear about it :slight_smile:


I have been logging hours a day since BP released doing virtually nothing but these challenges (and not doing the things I normally do that made this game fun). I am barely halfway through the BP. It is an extreme grind, and I have to run back and forth over the map hunting for things I’d never bother with.
If the pace were much slower, where it did not take an astronomical amount of time and resources to reach lvl 60 before it times out, maybe it would be fun. It seems like it was just designed to encourage you to give up and pay extra to advance the BP level, because otherwise you won’t get all you paid for.

I don’t want to derail this particular discussion, so I’ll just point you in the direction of some tips on how to make that process easier and less grindy:

TL;DR: Don’t bother focusing challenges after you’ve used up your multipliers (unless you enjoy them), and use the reroll to make sure to get the most XP out of your multipliers.

“You” don’t want to get the battel pass again. Think of it like someone who does. It’s built in a way that is self sustaining. So let it be self sustaining. Interconnection between the bazaar and the BP is counter productive and frankly feels like a trap.

Not deeper…just BP is by far a better deal as we all have discussed, ad nauseam . Unless something is really calling you at the end of a season and you got your BP 1200 cc…the BP is the next best value. Bazaar items sell best in the heat of the season…when the consumer isn’t looking at the next BP and got cc burning a hole in their virtual pocket.

Someone who wants to by the next BP with the 1200 CC they got back by doing BP challenges can do that without your change. Someone who wants to spend those 1200 CC in BLB cannot do that if your change is implemented.

I can’t make it clearer than that.

And like I said, it looks like this is all because you don’t want to do math before spending money.

Holy crap, someone pinch me, because I’m starting to understand @auticus :smiley:

Seriously, dude, if you feel like BLB is designed to pull your money away from BP, then that’s the problem with BLB design. This thing you’re proposing is not a solution to that problem.


Why people insist on reading between the lines when nothing exists there to the extent of inventing something is beyond me. I don’t have an aversion to math. The choice you’re so adamantly defending is ripe for human error and overall pointless. Separating the battel pass and the bazaar removes that chance for error. The bazaar itself is over priced and is a discussion for another thread (That is portably already happening).

I’m not saying you have an aversion to math. You read that “between the lines when nothing exists there”.

I said you don’t want to do the math. The only thing you need to avoid “human error” is simple subtraction that we all learn in elementary school. It doesn’t get much easier than that. And you want to force on all of us a removal of a choice that we can make right now, because you can’t be bothered to prevent the human error with simple math.

Whether that’s “aversion” or not is immaterial and irrelevant. But it’s definitely your choice not to do it.

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The only reason it’s self-sustaining in the first place is because they expect a significant amount of us will end up spending the coins in the Bazaar before the next BP rolls around ‘since they’re there’. So there’s no way in hell this is happening. It’s part of the same concept as the company currency and all the other little tricks that make little difference mathematically but psychologically make some people spend more.


Right now in the Bazaar there is a banner worth 500 coins and 3 weapons worth 664 coins. That’s 1164. Or for 1200 coins you can just get the next battle pass which has 60 items(counting armor sets as 1 item). The choice isn’t a choice. It’s a trap disguised as a choice. What you’re defending is a cooperate tactic used to dupe people into spending more money.

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Battlepass, not battelpass, Corporate, not cooperate.
And yes, I agree with you, it is designed to get people to spend money. I purchased the premium BP and all of the levels I could, because…I am too lazy to do the silly little quests, and can afford it.

The fact is, you have a choice, to buy either or, and nobody can take that choice away from you.

Again, it is NOT a trap, it is a choice.

Choose wisely. . . . .

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Dude, I’m not defending the Bazaar at all. Feel free to head over to any of the threads about it and you’ll find me there complaining about the FOMO tactics and the overpriced offerings.

What I’m saying – and what I seem to have to say way too often on this accursed site – is that when there’s a problem with one thing, we should ask Funcom to fix that problem with that thing, and not add some band-aid non-solution to a completely different thing.

The problem is with BLB pricing. The fact that you can use Crom coins you earned back from the BP and spend them on BLB stuff is not going to solve that problem. If they implement your change, BLB will still remain overpriced.

Do you honestly think people would spend less money on BLB if Funcom implemented your change? If you do, I have a bridge to sell you…


I too was lazy… maybe we should rant about floating the challenges to people… nah. Too lazy…


You have lost the plot entirely. This post is about separating the Battel pass from the bazaar not how overpriced the bazaar is. This fix is not a band-aid to an unrelated problem. It’s a solution to the problem presented in the original post. The pass and bazaar shouldn’t be connected as they are. It’s made to be self perpetuating. So let it be self perpetuating.

Spending the coins earned from the battel pass in the bazaar is a trap. The value isn’t there and will never be there even if the prices are made more reasonable. Assuming the pass goes on for say 5 years. The price won’t be the same as it is now. Inflation sucks. Having it refreshed from the first time will always be better then paying for it again.

As a whole I hate battel passes. They wreak of desperation for attention. I would much rather have the DLCs as they where then have to either play it like a job or pay extra. But the pass is here… might as well do it right. I’ve never seen a battel pass that shoots itself in the foot like this one does.