Battle pass feedback

Every Age has Quests. There are 5 Quests in all, which, when completed, grants a prize and then
unlocks access to the Entire Age! All the new DLC is now available in the Bazaar, no timer, that is until the Age ends.

Quest 1: Mine not yours
Mine all the mineral materials in the Exiled Lands. Once you’ve completed this, you get a special Horned Miner’s Helmet, a belt torch and various advanced mats for next Quest.

Quest 2: If you can’t earn friends, recruit them
Recruit 5 thralls, from different factions, including one Named. You win a special golden Truncheon, special customizable glowing bindings, and more mats to prepare you for next Quest.

Quest 3: Urge to Purge
Build your shack into a mighty fortress, or at least big enough to earn a Purge. Survive a T3 or higher Purge and earn Random Named Purge Thrall, 15 ammonia eggs and 12 top healing pots.

Quest 4: Blast the masters
Kill 5 World Bosses using only Magic, with cooldown. Redeem this for 5 random magic globes, 10 magic sacks and a wizard cap helm.

Quest 5: Crafty Little Sorcery Desk
Build your wondrous Sorcery Launch Pad, using T3 mats, and many Sorcery Sacks. It completes over a number of real-world days, and can be interrupted and looted! When completed, you will get back T3 mats, 5 magic globes, Wizard’s Hoodie Cloak, Wizard’s Wand, 15 Charisma Potions and 15 Hearty Meals.

Age Completion:
Receive an ultra-rare Sorcery Bench that allows you to change thrall appearance. Requires Sorcery Desk. Some assembly required.


That’s the problem. I NEVER have stored modifiers. I use them up each day then go to logoff but then get suckered into easy crap.

TY. I thought my computer was full of sheet telling me it was the right way but I trusted it. Stupid computer.

Hi all,

my problem with the battlepass is, u have once a day on 5 challanges the x10 point modifiers. after
that its a heavy grind that makes no fun. i feel forced to play at the reset of challenges wich is at 3 pm.
then i get admin, teleport to the location and im done in 5 minutes.

but i want to play the battlepass when i want. it should be a motivation to play, at the moment i dont feel so. i suggest remove the x10 modifiers and give x5 more points as standard, always.
than can i play my battlepass when i want to. not only 5 minutes a day at 3 pm…

And i have paid for the battlepass, but i think i dont buy the next one when its the same system.

best regards.


Thats pretty good feedback IMO.

To me, it looks pretty easy to deal with the BP. Pay $10 once, and then either figure out the system and play a little every day, or if you can’t be bothered, pay a bit more to get the stuff you want and/or the next BP.

It’s not too hard to figure out how to use the rerolls with multipliers to maximize the BP XP you get from the challenges. I can usually get one legendary challenge a day, which already gives me 150x10=1500 XP, and that’s a level and a half. I try to get 700 or 400 for each of the remaining challenges, and do the 300 ones only if I’ve used all my rerolls for the day. All in all, I expect to be done with the BP in less than two months, comfortably.

The one thing that could put a wrench in that plan is if I skip one or more days. The multipliers accumulate for up to 5 days, but the rerolls don’t, so it’s much better to play a bit every single day than it is to let the multipliers pile up.

It would be nice if Funcom gave us a way to do something in-game to earn additional multipliers and/or rerolls. It could be something non-trivial, but it might be worth it.

I mean…willpower? :3
I only ever bother with the 70s and 150s. Only time I clear a 30 with modifier anymore is if it’ll combine with a 700 to level me and I can’t reroll any more for the day.


I parked a toon on a server specifically for the purpose of gathering vulture feathers…

I’ve always found it funny that people buy a game, and then pay extra for the privilege of not having to play the game.

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or add actual questline with current age theme. Help Mek-Kamoses restore his sorcerous powers, battle Mummy of the Ring, Thoth Amon minions.


I’d actually love something like this and/or what Barnes suggested. One can hope, no?

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When is the daily reset?

I’ve now run into the issue, as I’ve read many people have as well - that the xp multiplier is not adding up/not rolling over/not adding more multipliers.

And with that issue, I’ve not read here when it will be addressed, if it will or not. So that 30 xp a challenge is a real pain to get the required amount to finish

Really? That’s weird. Mine always have.

Every morning I log in around 9 or 10 and it says 22 hours or so until the reset at the top left of Challenges. And mine are always renewed then.

So it’s like 7 or 8 am EST.

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So it’s the same as the roll reset I’m assuming in terms of of the timer. But yes, the multiplier didn’t get added. Didn’t reset, or what have you. I’ve read on here quite a few people have experienced it, just using the search function - though I may have missed it but I don’t know if funcom is aware or is addressing the issue.

But some people aren’t getting the xp challenge multiplier daily.

So it is probably player specific.

Like I’m just clearing the Rare and Legendary stuff, and common/uncommon I’m leaving until the next day. So it goes to my modifiers and all of them start out with an x10 on it.

Might be a mod or something breaking it. I am doing solo offline play, using the admin panel for teleports and spawns to clear stuff, as well.

I understand the business needs to increase revenue, and tencent has been doing this with their other games and are probably calling the shots, and Funcom might not have a lot of choice in the matter. But the prices in the Bazaar and Battlepass are ridiculously high for what they are offering. I can understand increasing the price of things a bit relative to the old DLCs. Maybe even doubling. But the average price for what are mostly just cosmetics is absolutely not worth it, for anyone- they are banking on newer players not realizing how useless all the stuff is that they’re offering and wasting tons of money for things that used to cost ten times less in the DLCs. At the rates they are charging, I don’t expect I will bother even looking at the bazaar, unless prices for things go down by at least a factor of four or five.

Battlepass challenges don’t give enough points, and the items offered don’t even come close to measuring up to what we got in the old DLCs. The grinding for it actively takes you away from the things you’d normally be doing during play most of the time- it should be keyed to more general activities rather than specific ones, except for specific dungeon delves and events that should give more points than they do now. I’m curious how many hours of play it is going to take people to complete the pass, as it is now. I stopped trying after a few days, since it became annoying to keep chasing the specific challenges that occupy too much of my limited game time. If getting enough coins for a free battlepass is only achievable by grinding at pointless activities for hours every day for the entire month - that’s not really a viable option. If I’m paying money for it, I should get something more without so much grinding. Or, rather, the grinding that I’m already doing by playing normally, for an hour or two a day, should be adequate to consistently earn points, rather than making me harvest and craft and hunt stuff I don’t need all day long.

Subjectively, I don’t like the look of the new sorcerous armor sets and other stuff on offer, anyway. I wouldn’t have bought it even if it was a normally priced DLC, so I’m not super motivated- but if it was something that actually looked cool, I’d be disappointed at how pricey everything has become and still not buy it. I might buy a $20 DLC instead of $10, since I get that they need to fund the game and make money and I like the game enough. But I’m not spending $100 for the same amount of content, even if it’s the coolest looking stuff they’ve ever produced.


I would actually play it. Right now, I’m getting back into Yahtzee.


Im on ps4, so no mods.

Probably a PS4 thing then. I’m on PC.

Guys just hiting 40 lvl… so BP not that grindy at all, just collect modifiers, and complete only 700xp\1500xp
if you stuck with challenge - reroll
i always stack to 13 modifiers (3 from last day, 400xp\300xp which i always ignore, 5x2 from next two days)
900xp (middle of 700\1500) x 13 = 11700 xp, 11,7 lvls for 1 evening