Battle pass feedback

Ok since it seems people have very strong feelings about battle pass, I figured get it all here so other threads can continue and the PTB can determine if it needs to be acted on.

So me first. I’m not exactly sure where people forgot this but FC is a business and needs to make revenue goals. I fail to see how battle passes and shops are any different than dlcs. Furthermore, this idea that it’s predatory…no one is forcing anyone from buying. Grow up folks. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Really that simple. It’s called willpower. Use it. Lastly…Tencent. stop bringing up Tencent like it’s the bad guy. I bet true money that 3.0 was mostly funded by Tencent surge money. They are not evil boogie men. They are business. pure and simple. Having worked for a giant mega corp government contractor, I can tell you for a fact that these guys don’t want to remotely change a business model that is doing well. If they did get involved it was because revenue wasn’t coming in at the expected rate…meaning people were not buying dlcs and the game. So it goes back to my rant from eons ago. You want a business to succeed, YOU need to get involved and promote it. There that is my rant. Flame away.


I have no problem for paying for cosmetics… especially new emotes, hairstyles, clothing


I have no issues with having a battle pass. So long as it is reasonably priced. And can be progressed in singleplayer mode. And hopefully uses the 343 industries model of allowing us to progress older passes so we can get the most out of our hard earned dollar.


I wish I could post the screenshot, but I have a feeling my post will be removed so I will try to explain the best I can (which is my worst skill).

Okay, in the video I saw 2 different areas;

  1. The BattlePass tab
  2. Black Lotus Bazaar/ store tab

Now on the screen that showed the battlepass, the items were unlocked by completing challenges which give you XP towards leveling up the BP. The challenges are updated every 24hrs. Once you complete a challenge, a new one takes it’s place, which seems to allow you grind out as many in 24hrs as you want. Each level of the BP requires a certain amount of XP to reach, with each of the levels a new item unlocks- free of charge. This is the free content option, from what I understand. You do not have to pay for these items but rather work for them. However…

In the Bazaar/store screenshot you have the option to save time and use Crom Coins to purchase levels on the BattlePass in increments of 1 level, 5 levels and 15 levels. Buying the optional number of level-ups, unlocks the items associated with the level number. In addition to purchasing your way through the battle pass (which could be done for free by playing the challenges), there are different optional items to buy that are not offered on the battle pass. A screenshot showed very different decorations, armor and weapon skins. Now, this is the screenshot that had the timers displayed by the items. This, in my eyes, is where the timed stuff is; in the optional Bazaar/Store.

I did not see timers next to items on the Battle Pass, where the challenges unlock the items. The timers seem to be for the Crom Coins in the store where items are only listed for a limited time and so far, do not seem to be connected to the BattlePass.

I hope I explained that well enough to understand. It would be easier to show you, but I can’t.


Agreed! I want Conan Exiles to be around as long as possible and for that to happen Funcom will need regular money coming through, I know they have the DLC’s (which I’ve already purchased most of them) but once those DLC’s are purchased that’s pretty much it in regards to supporting them and keeping Conan Exiles afloat.

I feel like the Battle Pass and the Bazaar are a great idea, not only do we get additional objectives to complete if we want to take a break from the grind etc but we also get rewarded with awesome cosmetic options (if we want them), if players don’t want to spend money, they don’t have to, nobody is getting a one-up over anyone else, even with the items in the Bazaar being limited time only and FOMO kicks in for some people, well too bad :man_shrugging: but who knows, maybe those limited time only items will cycle back around or you’ll get another chance to get them if you missed them the first time?


I don’t have any issues with it. If it gives us more content and more often then why not!? Bring it on!


Yup, BP looks well thought out and safeguarding against pay-to-win as well as micro-transactions. Of course we’ll know more later but it looks fine to me from here.


Like everyone else, I share the same concern and others. At the same time I do understand the game needs to be funded. Funcom could’ve decided to stop full development on Conan after official release and focused on something else but they didn’t. They chose to push through and fix the game as humanely possible with an engine that is quite hard to work on. My only concern is how this will affect private servers, and if FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out ) will be a thing with these battle passes. No one likes missing out on items or cosmetics, so as long as we can retroactively obtain said items even if we didn’t buy the battle pass on day one, then its fine with me.


I dont have an issue with them. But i reserve the right to change once we see how they are implemented.

Also, as far as P2W, for officials it wont be, because from what i see in the trailer, the entire patch is pve focused. Which means pvp official is an after thought and now just a niche gameplay option.

Private pvp is admin controlled, so p2w is up to the server owner. Meaning they can ban certain items etc that prevent p2w if the server feels something is.


Ya never know, maybe raising the dead will allow a temporary army of the undead and easily commanded to base-raid on mass… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sic’em zombies… Fetch boy…


Still would be offline, so again gameloop doesnt change, just the tools to excute it, hell evm make it easier for all dayers and real life money heavy clans to raid.

Anyone who has any issue with a battle pass should ask themselves:

Would you work 8 hours every day for free to make other people happy?

Would you like Conan Exiles to officially announce that they will stop working on the game completely from here on out?

Would you give them money for nothing so they can continue to give you things later down the road?

If you answered No to any of these questions then that is why they are selling things for money because these developers need to pay bills and food for themselves as well.

I have 0 issues with the battlepass as long as the following are executed:

When Future Battle passes come out there are ways to work / buy the old ones so there is no fear of missing out tactics involved.

Reasonably priced $10-$20 from min to max, preferably $15 at most.

They aren’t tedious to grind making you more likely to buy the levels instead of grinding them out.

Issues I have with the 3.0 announcement:
No talk about missing building pieces of current / old sets. I would like to see those completed please. I’ve made threads on this before.

Item Shop: I don’t see a reason for a battle pass and a item shop. I dont want to be dishing out $5-$20 per item piece, i want to be able to build anything and everything and the price steeps high when trying to obtain every item. Just a battle pass would be fine.

Need more details about corruption mechanics and how they work since right now they lower stamina and health.

Transmog / Glamour / illusion magick: I love this, i absolutely want this but i know there is going to be heavy limitations or something due to the pvp community despising fun, new, and shiny things. Will this be disabled on pvp servers so we can have the maximum fun on pve and pve conflict servers with this feature?

No news of gathering thralls, i did see how ever magick that destroyed all the resource nodes around them which is really cool cause mining / lumbering for hours is long and tideous and a simple cool spell would be amazing.

Will undead creatures count towards the thrall limit? There is no Q&A and i think there should be right after the release of such news.

And the most important feedback about what i dislike about 3.0… Why tease us for weeks about an announcement, for another announcement for a release date thats in Q3 D:? I want it now :frowning:


If the Battle Pass works the way others do, or like “seasons” it will last for a few weeks (my husband just informed me some last a couple months even). Now, as far as “buying the battle pass” from what I saw and heard I did not get the impression the battle pass had to be purchased. a man in the video says “the main reason we’re doing the battle pass is so that we can continue to release free features”.

It’s because the admins are still allowing us to discuss the accidentally leaked trailer yet not share the video or images that’s causing confusion here on what each one does:

the BattlePass -free, but requires completing challenges for XP

the Bazaar/store - using real currency to purchase Crom Coins to buy different items not on the free Battle Pass. This is the one that has the limited timers on them. The same guy in the vid states “We’re also adding an item store to the game and this will allow players to have more of an a la carte option for what they want to buy”.


I don’t mind supporting Conan’s further development but if private servers go I do too and will never buy another game from Funcom.

Where was it suggested that private servers were going? :open_mouth:


If you think that the implementation of sorcery will not effect PvP balance, just wait.

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How will a battle pass be implemented if you can change server settings

We are not sure how the private and single player options will affect the Battle Pass. However, from what I’ve seen the Battle Pass is free as long as you complete the challenges so I’m not sure if someone could admin spawn in 10 goats to kill to complete one challenge or not. Also, I’m not even sure if the Battle Pass XP progress is fixed to one character or to the Player’s own account. So many questions!


Or you can ask why they have stopped putting out culture DLC packs like they had in the past. The things people have been ASKING for. That would A). give people something they want, B). give money to the company to pay their employees and C). pay for further development of the game. You know, they way it HAS been for the last 4 years. No battle pass is needed for the things you listed, they already had a solution they simply opted to abandon it. in order for a cash grab.


Maybe they’ll tell us something soon most of the players are on private servers that’s all I play

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