POLL => Fate of the Battle Pass

The announcement that the Battle Pass is being retired has triggered an array of reactions among community members. Let us see some numbers surrounding this decision. My question to the community is this:

Given the choice, would you like to Funcom to continue producing Battle Passes for Conan Exiles?
  • YES keep producing the battle pass
  • NO stop producing the battle pass
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You are all most welcome and encouraged to post discussion below. But please be polite, and respect the views of others members.

As with last time, if any members are dissatisfied with the parameters of the Poll, feel free to start your own.


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In this case i absolutely don’t know to be honest. :man_shrugging:

I played this game since release, a lot of things frustrated me from time to time and i took some breaks here and there.
The longest break i took when AoS hit and screwed my progress.
I completely missed AoS and quite some content.

I said in the past, i‘m against “exclusive content” because it splits the community.

Some say “it’s your fault if you took a break, you are just not a loyal fan”.

I clearly have a different view on this, FC pushed me away with THEIR behavior!
And still returning after so many disappointments gets rewarded with “this content isn’t for you, you should have suffered though all this like a REAL EXILE”… is just… :person_facepalming:

… However… if FC slows down and improves the overall quality, i am absolutely fine with that, because the game is a pain to play sometimes, especially on console.

On the other hand the battle pass might was the only motivation for some people, to log back in on a somewhat regular basis.
And compared to some of the very expensive sets on the BLB it was worth its price.
If it’s only the bazaar left… with those prices… idk.

I didn’t vote @Croms_Faithful because i‘m not sure what to think about this.
Could be the beginning of the end, or the beginning of a “renaissance”.
Who knows, only time will tell i guess.


I’d put it like this:

I paid the 12 bucks or whatever to get the first battle pass and have since completed all battle passes to date.

For that 12 dollars, I have gotten:

A variety of armor skins
A variety of pet skins
Some emotes
A few building parts and decoration
Some cosmetics/paints

When compared to a typical $10 DLC it’s “meh” at best.

However, because I “keep” the money, I could just spend that $12 in Crom coins to buy something else making it quite reasonable assuming you have done all 7 battle passes.

My problem is that, should I decide to buy some building set, I really really don’t want to pay another $12 if they restart the battle pass system.

I’m also not a fan of time-exclusive limited stuff.
They should make a few more battle passes, but then let any player complete them in any order and get all their contents. Maybe make it say 10 total.


Here is my take on it. Day one Playstation player. Have never purchased battle pass but would like to see it available for those who do. Looking like I am over halfway to qualify. But do I want to spend 1200 CC if it’s shutting :thinking::confused:Down



Minecraft Dungeon Route. All Season can be progress when ever. You select which one you want exp go to in a menu. And enjoy free items and neat items related to Season.

Retain battle-pass, progression. Remove spend money feature, keep it as a reward system for players, while cycling stuff thru in-game store. It side something you can do, but not meant to bring up FOMO. Just rewards for playing game.

aka Reward Track like some game have.

Can even rebuild old Passes into Reward Tracks player can cycle thru. So even those who finished before, can go thru again and just get all sorts of items.
And some items can be pulled from old ones as you got it then, and can be placed in store.
(So some items have value to those who spent money, and retain value thru Store)

I’m glad its gone, but mostly also I’m Glad its Gone, cause of how it worked.

Rework it, and it can be a enjoyable thing for everyone, at anytime. It doesn’t need to turn in real money, just give players another reason to play. And not having to need major Dev Time Sink to keep going.
Remove time limits, they can add various versions like Stygian theme, Sorc theme etc.

Player can pick and choice and go about there day with out missing out.

Real Updates and Store Updates keep game going, and “Reward Track” just a nice side piece of stuff.


No vote cast (sorry) - I honestly don’t know on this one. On one level I’m a little disappointed to see it go (getting ‘free’ stuff is generally viewed as a positive), but as I’ve noted elsewhere I never expected the BP to truly last forever. (And, selfishly speaking, I’ve had my value from it, so feel I would have no leg to stand on to complain about it going…).

Under the current circumstances - Bazaar staying, BP going - I would prefer the BP to stay (though can understand several reasons why it might ‘need’ to go from Funcom’s perspective). But as an overall I’m happy to see the BP go, as I would like to also see the Bazaar go and prefer to see a return to DLC based monetisation (I still believe it would make as much money or more, if done properly - player goodwill is a financial factor aside from anything else).

I dislike Battlepasses generally (though as oft noted, this one has been far more reasonable than most), so in that sense am not sad to see it go. But I would prefer to see an admission that maybe this whole monetisation approach has been less successful than hoped…

Either way, this topic has given me a thought about the challenges (new topic to come once I thrash out what I 'm thinking).


Recycle the battle passes, every time there is a “new” pass once it’s completed, relist a few older battle passes. however many necessary to give the Devs time to make another new pass.

Even if it reduces new passes to once a year, it gives new people the chance to acquire older content.

I liked the advance as you play mechanics in the latest pass, it’s the only one I ever bought.
And I intended to keep buying them, because of this method.

I extremely dislike the fact that items from the BP and Bazaar are account bound.
One of the allures of the early game was, you could share with friends and take from enemy’s.

I actually bought many of the DLC’s because other people shared items from them with me, and I liked those items. I own all the DLC’s mainly because of this, if I hadn’t had the opportunity to experience these things first hand, I would probably only own one or two of the DLC’s.


I’m on th fence, tbh.
It looks like it will be a choice between BP/bazaar and bazaar plus “smaller content updates”,

I never minded paying into the BP, the game’s continued development has to be funded somehow and you could always get enough coin out of the BP for the next BP. So, it was worth it.

The bazaar by comparison is not a good value proposition. A full DLC with building blocks, 3 armours and 7 or so weapons was 10( a new island with lots of new items and gear is 15), you are spending a couple dollars on a single weapon on the bazaar. They really need to lower prices or make larger bundles for the same price and if they are going to continue that, they wont lose money as more people will actually buy stuff.

Or just the old fashioned DLCs, I liked those a lot more than anything they put up since(I own all of them, I gifted a couple of them). But I dont expect those to return.

I think right now much depends on what they’re going to do,

What is a “smaller content update”? I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. I dont expect that to last either tbh.


The question is not whether it should be produced, but how it should be produced.
Biggest problem with Battle Pass is that it’s not making money. 10 bucks a lifetime isn’t gonna support them to produce high quality items age after age. They’d rather produce lower quality items at a slower pace for free. That’s the situation.
If you are happy to pay 10 bucks every age you can have them back immediately.
If not, you got no choice but to deal with it.


You know I love goals. The battle pass gave me goals but was poorly constructed, and the battle pass content was to costly to produce to give away.

Now here me out, bring back the old battle pass with a set number of dailies, weeklies, and even monthlies. Now if the purpose of the battle pass is to increase time spent playing, pay us to play. Challenges get you croms not BP points. Take that content to the bazaar; yes and guarantee your content.

Yes your BP would give you enough croms to buy the next BP, but all the BP would give you is the challenges for croms. Say 12 dailies; the typical kill 10 somethings and such. 6 weeklies; kill 3 single skull somethings. 3 monthlies; kill some 3 skull something or finish some mid-high level dungeon.

Ya I know, but that is the way I see it actually working.

I’d say yes, keep it. No need to change it. It was an affordable way to get new stuff outside of the bazaar. It wasn’t difficult to complete and as long as it doesn’t become a grindfest like some other games, then yeah, it’s fine.


It’s clearly a crunch for content that is, to a growing number of the playerbase, ostensibly not compensated. I still haven’t paid for a ton of great content. Only the first set.

I would prefer a hybrid approach of @droch-aon’s idea: shuffle previously-run BP stuff in a few seasons until you (the Devs and/or Collectors) get caught up.

Introduce a price model where we have to spend a few coins to redeem the 61st Prize. NEW feature.

Predicate the BP on the activities of one playthrough and all the things a player must do throughout it. I say this because I kept seeing “Tier Challenges” accomplished during my recent playthrough without trying. If a Dev went on an actual 1 to 60 run and saw what we do, they might craft the BP to naturally unlock throughout it. To me, this works with what the market seems to demand these days: organic-ness or organicity.


I’m glad it’s gone. Not for anything specific to Funcom, Conan, or even the BP itself. I’m just sick to death of battlepasses.

Every freaking game has one, and it’s driving me insane. World of Warships: Legends, any battle royale, Destiny II, Diablo IV… and these are games from vastly different genres all using the same thing. It used to be loot boxes before those became a symbolic evil. So now companies have gone from weaponizing the gambling instinct to weaponizing FOMO. The removal of the BP is a good thing in my opinion.


Forum polls are worthless.

As of this post you only have 17 voters, which provides zero useful information about what the player base at large thinks. The only people who answer forum polls are the minute number of people who are highly motivated enough to have an axe to grind about whether they like/dislike something.

It’s good to have the conversation, some of the comments have been interesting and insightful and reading their full comments can be illuminating, but the “some numbers” means absolutely nothing.

I get the sneaky suspicion that some the the event content will just be slightly tweaked BP items. I mean let’s be honest here, they are claiming smaller updates in-between chapters will help them focus on quality work. This has just released and what small update did we get?

Redo of an old event that contains some new content but has an armor set already designed so the actual new content is minimal and what bugs were fixed in the time they saved? Is your QOL in playing the game improved and worth the 50+ items you got for 10 bucks?


Few of us didn’t vote, Abit of a mixed answer.


Noon on a Sunday, the player base isn’t out of bed yet :rofl:

You mean the majority of the forum?


Pay for every battle pass might work for them. But if they just change it to not give any crom coins back from battle pass, would probably make a lot of players unhappy.

Having battle pass or not, it doesn’t matter to me, as long as the game works good and not changing how it plays all the time.

We got the DBNO system.