Battel Pass & Bazaar Separation

I haven’t lost the plot at all. I’m merely replying to things you bring up.

You’re the one who brought up the Bazaar prices and compared them to Battle Pass price. I’m answering your “arguments”.

The only problem presented in the original post is that you don’t want to check if you’re “spending 1 coin too many in the Bazaar” before you spend them. And that “problem” is solved by elementary school mathematics.

But every time anyone points these things out, you keep bringing up unrelated stuff, and then you complain that they’re unrelated.

At this point, trying to discuss this with you reminds me of this:

I’m gonna take a leaf out of Multigun’s book and mute this thread.

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Ummm where did they say it was made to be that way? It can be used that way and they have said that but it was made to get you to use the CC. It you do not have cc to use you will not be inclined to buy some to use on the bazaar…however if you already have some, then you make a purchase here or there…to get you comfortable in spending in the store and use those cc so you have to put more money into the BP next chapter.

The entire thing is designed to bring revenue…not to maximize your minimal purchases.

This is you reading between the lines when there is nothing there.

This isn’t me not wanting to do math. This is me pointing out that humans make mistakes and separating the Battel pass and Bazzar will remove that possibility. Given that the pass earns enough to refresh itself, it is logical to simply remove the opportunity for error.

I brought up some math. (The thing you think I don’t want to do). To show how spending the coins earned in the pass at the bazaar is a trap. Which is another reason why they should be separated. Even if the bazaar prices where lowered to something more acceptable. It would still be better to just use the coins to buy the next pass.

I like options but I’m not blind. The option to spend the coins you earn in the Battel pass in the bazaar is a trap. I won’t fall for it but that doesn’t mean I should just sit by and let other people fall into it without at least saying something.

True, to a point. But you’re missing the essential point that the BP is not really set up to be self-perpetuating out of altruism. It’s a marketing tactic, a reasonably fair one as these things go but you can be sure that the whole thing is calculated to get people spending in the Bazaar rather than buy the BP exactly once and then never paying another cent.

I believe Funcom has no incentive or interest whatsoever in separating the two. Everything from the timers to the interim currency is designed with one goal in mind: getting people spending. Of course: It’s a store and a business, and they didn’t risk all this goodwill for nothing.

Absolutely. You’re right that the two shouldn’t really be mixed up, though the existence of something like Crom Coins is invented exactly to blur those lines (and to obfuscate the real price of things, and more).

I think you’re coming from a decent place with this really, but also a hopeless one.

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