Disabling the Battle Pass Completely

This is only a matter of opinion but ever since the new Age of Sorcery update, I literally uninstalled the battle pass because it is unnecessary for a survival game. Like come on, seriously? This game was above Ark: Survival Evolved in my top tier but just went down because of it. No offense or anything but the pass is stupid. I really don’t want to play a game that has you spend so much money already on dlc’s let alone buy a battle pass. I can’t even play the game passively without the progression bar for challenges popping up because I did something.

Enough about my rant! Literally above everything else, please add the ability to disable the battle pass. It’s literally the better option to separate the player base on those who want to focus on the survivability rather than concentrating on a pass with cosmetics. I hope I’m not the only one that thinks this way since you don’t really need it in this kind of game.

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You can just ignore the tab…

I am 100% sure this will never happen. You can of course ignore it except for the occasional pop up about randomly progressing this or that ‘challenge’.

And I quite agree that it’s hardly inspiring or immersive, it belongs in F2P games not premium titles (which I can only assume CE is no longer considered, despite its 100$ price tag ).


It shouldn’t to rocket appliances for the CE team to implement a checkbox under settings “hide challenge popups”. Then it can be effectively ignored by those who wish to ignore it.

I agree a battle pass has no place in a game like this but that’s a different discussion. Hiding the popups seems reasonable to keep the HUD minimal and aligned with Funcom’s vision of a minimalistic HUD.

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It’s not that they can’t do it, it’s that they (quite naturally, given they added it to begin with) won’t want to.

and people still think they did this battlepass system for the health of the game…they want to take the max money possible for the idiots how defend this system, and they use the excuse “the money will be invested in the game” for players who have 0 brains to defend this system for them…they money will go to the shareholders and that is it…this game will not get a faster update or more update because of it, people are so naive…the state of the game industry is to trash right now its almost amazing…not only you have to grind this shit system out, you have to buy also with is more expensinve than the DLC. congratulations to destroy complete my will to play this game funcom.


I don’t think it would be absurd for them to implent to option to disable the popups, just like journey steps can be disabled. Dennis has openly spoken and expressed the design and desire for a minimalistic HUD in CE in the past.

I’m sorry I don’t agree.
A Battle Pass isn’t only tied to a F2P system. It suits a live service quite well…

I think the IoS map should be made a part of the main game though in the future.

Yeah. Disabling the pop-ups would be welcome. I already completed the Pass for this season so I don’t need a reminder every time I kill a Black Hand pirate or harvest stone.

The option to disable the Battle Pass altogether does not sound realistic at this point.