Disabling the Battle Pass Completely

This is only a matter of opinion but ever since the new Age of Sorcery update, I literally uninstalled the battle pass because it is unnecessary for a survival game. Like come on, seriously? This game was above Ark: Survival Evolved in my top tier but just went down because of it. No offense or anything but the pass is stupid. I really don’t want to play a game that has you spend so much money already on dlc’s let alone buy a battle pass. I can’t even play the game passively without the progression bar for challenges popping up because I did something.

Enough about my rant! Literally above everything else, please add the ability to disable the battle pass. It’s literally the better option to separate the player base on those who want to focus on the survivability rather than concentrating on a pass with cosmetics. I hope I’m not the only one that thinks this way since you don’t really need it in this kind of game.

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You can just ignore the tab…

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I am 100% sure this will never happen. You can of course ignore it except for the occasional pop up about randomly progressing this or that ‘challenge’.

And I quite agree that it’s hardly inspiring or immersive, it belongs in F2P games not premium titles (which I can only assume CE is no longer considered, despite its 100$ price tag ).


It’s not that they can’t do it, it’s that they (quite naturally, given they added it to begin with) won’t want to.

I’m sorry I don’t agree.
A Battle Pass isn’t only tied to a F2P system. It suits a live service quite well…

I think the IoS map should be made a part of the main game though in the future.

Yeah. Disabling the pop-ups would be welcome. I already completed the Pass for this season so I don’t need a reminder every time I kill a Black Hand pirate or harvest stone.

The option to disable the Battle Pass altogether does not sound realistic at this point.

It’s pretty simple, if nobody bought the battle pass they would stop trying to re-monetize you as a player and focus on providing actual value adds like DLC or expansions.

Just don’t buy it. If enough stupid whales do, then they’ll keep focusing on this kind of exploitative content instead of actually working on the game or bringing anything new.


Uh… it literally gives you the coins back. You don’t have to “whale” to buy it. You buy it once and contain yourself to not spend the coins you get back. You continue to pay for each one using the same coins from the first purchase, if you so choose to do so. You must not understand what a “whale” actually is. :roll_eyes:

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Return to before dlcs with some price adjustments and fixing of the top ten exploits every few months along with more effective content added to this supposed “live” service game is the only thing that will save this game. The battle pass angered and turned away more players than it gained back.

Do people really believe this would happen? :rofl:

Here’s what happens if Conan Exiles stops making enough money to justify keeping the lights on: it goes into “maintenance mode”, i.e. they shut down the official servers and stop working on it.

“Save” it from what? Why do people keep thinking that a company like Funcent gives a shіt about how we feel about the game, or even about the number of people playing it? If it makes them money, it’s okay; if it doesn’t, it dies.

Note that I’m not talking about the individuals on the dev team. Those might care, or not, but they’re not the ones calling the shots about monetization.


Just how do you do that?

A few some what prominent players are asking for something like this. I don’t have an issue with it till it’s done. I mean I got the memory of head of lettuce so a little pop up reminder I have things to get done on it is fine.
I also have the attention span of a house cat and the pop ups are real distracting, so get annoying when I’m done.

I play a variety of games top 3, survival sandbox, Battle royal, racer. This monetary system might be new to Conan but is certainly not new. It’s also not just for free to play. It is quite common in games own by a certain company that sounds like a dime.

I got no issue with it. I do have issue with constantly being reminded of it.

I bought it once and since I wont even spend funcom’s croms in the bazaar I always have croms for the next pass. Before you think they are doing something wrong with that, that is how most every {insert name} pass works. It’s about keeping player count up. They are literally bribing you to play.


Don’t think it’s funcom either.

Want to get rid of battle passes or any other “macro” transactions? Stop bying them. I bet my life on that if none, not a single person buys battle passes or any “macro” transactions. We will never see them in any video games. Ever. This will never happen of course but its a beautiful dream.

PS. Also claim that shops and “macro” transactions keep game alive is bullshit. Even if devs would stop, community would continue. There are better mods on Skyrim than Bethesda ever was able to make and they are FREE long after devs stopped supporting game.

That really depends on what you mean by “alive”. If “alive” means “there are people playing it”, you’re totally right. Then again, Manic Miner is still “alive” by that definition, so you’re not exactly setting a high bar. :man_shrugging:

On the other hand, if “alive” means “actively supported and developed”, then this crappy monetization we all hate really is what’s keeping the game alive.

In the end, it all boils down to whether you care for future development or not. I used to, until AoW chapter 1. If they intend to go on like this, they might as well pull the plug.

Sucks if you have the game on console, though :wink:


This seems to be the bottom-barrel line that is being followed. Trickled down droplets of content used as shield and curtain to cover for the lack of meaningful updates to the game in the form of expansion dlcs (full).

Players have offered already to purchase new map expansions as long as they are not sub par as Siptah was on first release and fleshed out fully before release. This doesn’t seem unfortunately to the business model preferred if the last few updates are any indication(s).

Depth doesn’t seem to be a priority either as the mechanics look to being simplified at every turn.


Meh, new content aside, I would still play around with the game.

Cuts have to be made for other stuff being added in. Since I’m not seeing a PS5 optimized edition, I believe they are not investing in that and so we are limited to what the PS4 can handle.

Now to the OP. You want the ability to turn off the revenue component of the game because it annoys you? I want to watch free TV without commercials too. But we, both, are going to be disappointed .

Ummm I am actually liking it more than not because I know if it was going to go back to dlc content, it would have to be at the unrealistic $40 to 60 range to make the margins sustainable which wouldn’t be cool with me. Nickel and dime the stuff I want and I can walk away from the stuff I don’t. It’s like I get catered to in this sense.

However age of war started out as lack luster. I’m weary of how this is going to go since ages should be starting off big like AoS. Not so much this turn and I hope they can turn it around.

I’ve made my peace with the pricing of the BLB offerings. Most of them are not worth it to me, so I don’t buy them, and I’m fine with that.

The problem I have with the monetization – apart from the FOMO bullshіt they insist on – is that the quality of the monetized content is much worse than the DLCs. Pieces that don’t have the appropriate attachment points, or that are agonizingly difficult to place, or that simply don’t fit together. Items that are missing or don’t work. Stuff that’s increasingly more and more P2W.

Not to mention the infamous Arcane Bookshelf, left with 200 slots for months on end while the word of mouth works in Funcom’s favor, just to end up being nerfed, in a move that anyone whose nose isn’t brown would call “bait and switch”.

There’s plenty to hate about Conan Exiles monetization.


I am not a fan of the battlepass however I have had zero issues with it.

for 1200 crom coins (and they sell you exactly 1200 unlike some stores selling you 1100 or 1500) you get to buy the battle pass, now you can do it over a week for 5 minutes a day in admin mode in single player and get all your unlocks with enough coins for the next battle pass.

Why is this pretty good? Low payment gate, value for money and drives player engagement for those not admin moding it at least they are out doing bosses, going places they otherwise wouldn’t etc

so whats bad about it? why am I not buying the battlepass each chapter? well I am on break from conan after my last run and I figured it would be a short one, so I never bought the battlepass, if there was a cosmetic I “had to have” in it, I would grind it out, however the cosmetics of this chapter are not top tier for me personally and if I start the battlepass I need to finish it to get the next one.

I also notice the battlepass has dropped in quality, I think the idea was to drive more store visibility with the battlepass but it never materialized now they want you to do an impulse buy on some fomo gear, however everything in the store doesn’t seem remotely like value for money for me so I haven’t bought a single thing.

if they had released 2 dlcs in this time, probably containing less man hours than the battlepass and store content to produce with the price of 2 battlepasses (I have bought one battlepass with rl cash) I would have likely bought both of these fictitious DLCs given I own all the DLCs.

I wouldn’t say the quality is much worse, I recall missing removed pieces from DLC’s, anti climb fences not working, doors not aligning and there are still some building “exploits” related to dlc buildsets…

So yeah we should be careful with examining the “it was better in the past” route, but it does “feel” more rushed for whatever that is worth.

The battlepass contains only cosmetic items. I fail to see your logic. Having more cosmetics available is never bad.

In my opinion its fine for as long as its price and crom coin rewards remain the way they are.

If you are one of those people who thinks that if you can’t have something, nobody should; then we have nothing to discuss.

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So I find your statement just a bit ignorant.
You don’t always have to buy the BP new.
For example, I bought the BP once and always earn it again with every chapter.
So just a one-time payment.
Therefore, with players like me, who have understood the system, there is no more money to be made.
And there are some of us who play just like that and manage our money properly.
Since FC makes more loss than profit.
My tip for the future: get the right information first, then let your frustration out when it’s appropriate.