Please Improve the Bazaar

… because it still pretty much sucks. Things remain overpriced. The choices are still far too limited. And if you’re going to sell us pets please, for the love of Crom, INCLUDE the option to TAKE OFF the ridiculous “armor” you keep slapping on everything. This isn’t WoW. This isn’t ESO. I’d have bought that dog in an instant had you given me a way to free him of his stupid dress up clothes.

Don’t include clothing with deco. Just don’t. Give me the option to buy it individually.

When it comes to clothing and armor…I’m begging you to hire some artists that actually know how armor and clothing works and how it SHOULD look. Also enough of the silly fantasy armors. Get back to focusing on cultural armors AND CLOTHING. And hire some folks who have enough knowledge of Robert E. Howard to know what it ought to look like. Aquilonians aren’t Pseudo-Romans. Argosseans aren’t Pseudo-Ancient-Greeks. STOP with that nonsense. Hire some people who know how to read…and maybe even who know how to sew. I do both and I’d gladly lend you my knowledge for free.

Seriously, it’s still awful. Fix it.


"I have some feedback I’d like to give on the bazaar. I know you guys work hard to produce quality products, but there seems to be a disconnect with what most players can afford. It would be nice to have additional options in the Bazaar. For example, I like the idea of new pets to buy, but I’d really like some options that didn’t include armor, as some players like to play more lightly armored characters. It actually is a bit of a detractor for me because of my playstyle to buy a pet that is wearing armor. So those kinds of options would be nice.

It might also help some of us who can’t justify the current prices if some of them were split up into individual items, so we could buy the things we want at a price that is more to our liking.

Also when it comes to new armors, it would be good to have some more basic sets that a barbarian or darfari might wear in a hot climate. There are probably a lot of lore friendly outfits that could be made for those of us who like to show a little more skin on our character. I have some suggestions actually that I’ve been waiting for in the game.

Anyway, I appreciate any changes that could be made in the future to the Bazaar so that people like myself have more options."


So what do Argosseans look like?

LOL You’re awesome. And far nicer than me. Granted I probably should have said it like that but damn this company has a knack for disappointing me.


Basically they are traders of the Mediterranean. Here is literally pretty much everything REH had to say about their culture:

Argos: “They were characteristic Argosean Sailors, short and stockily built. …” from Queen of the Black Coast pg. 124

“… He was well aware of the enmity which existed between the pirates and the Zingaran buccaneers. The pirates were mostly Argossean sailors, turned outlaw; to the ancient feud between Argo and Zingara was added, in the case of the freebooters, the rivalry of opposing interests. Both breeds preyed on the shipping and the coastal towns; and they preyed upon one another with equal rapacity.” from The Black Stranger pg. 119
“The barbarians who overthrew Acheron set up new kingdoms,” quoth Orastes. “Where the empire had stretched now rose realms called Aquilonia, and Nemedia, and Argos, from the tribes that founded them. The older kingdoms of Ophir,Corinthia and western Koth, which had been subject to the kings of Acheron, regained their independence with the fall of the empire.” from The Hour of the Dragon pg.88

“Argos was at peace; laden ox-wains rumbled along the road, and men with bare, brown, brawny arms toiled in orchards and fields that smiled away under the branches of the roadside trees. …” from The Hour of the Dragon pg. 183

“From the men that worked the fields, from the garrulous old men in the inns where he slaked his thirst with great leathern jacks of foaming ale, from the sharp-eyed silk-clad merchants he met upon the road, Conan sought for news of Beloso.
Stories were conflicting, but this much Conan learned; that a lean, wiry Zingaran with the dangerous black eyes and mustaches of the western fold was somewhere on the road ahead of him, and apparently making for Messantia. It was a logical destination; all the sea-ports of Argos were cosmopolitan, in strong contrast with the inland provinces, and Messantia was the most polyglot of all. Craft of all the maritime nations rode in its harbor, and refugees and fugitives from many lands gathered there. Laws were lax; for Messantia thrived on the trade of the sea, and her citizens found it profitable to be somewhat blind in their dealings with seamen. It was not only legtimate tradethat flowed into Messantia; smugglers and buccaneers played hteir part. All this Conan knew well, for had he not, in the days of old when he was a Barachan pirate, sailed by night into the harbor of Messiantia to discharge strange cargoes? Most of the pirates of the Barachan Isles- small islands off the southwestern coast of Zingara- were Argossean sailors, and as long as they confined their attentions to the shipping of other nation, the authorities of Argos were not too strict in their interpretation of sea-laws.” from The Hour of the Dragon pgs. 183, 184

“He entered the city unquestioned, merging himself with the throngs that poured continually in and out of this great commercial center. No walls surrounded Messantia. The sea and the ships of the sea guarded the great southern trading city.” from The Hour of the Dragon pg. 184
“Publio sat at a carved teakwood desk writing on rich parchment with a golden quill. He was a short man, with a massive head and quick dark eyes. His blue robe was of the finest watered silk, trimmed with cloth-of-gold, and from his thick white throat hung a heavy chain of gold.” from The Hour of the Dragon pg. 185

“It was long and narrow, a typical trading-ship of the southern coasts, high of poop and stern, with cabins st either extremity. Conan looked down into the open waist, whence wafted that sickening abominable odor. He knew it of old. It was the body-scent of the oarsmen, chained to their benches. They were all negroes, forty men to each side, each confined by a chain locked about his waist, with the other end welded to a heavy ring set deep in the solid runway beam that ran between the benches from stem to stern. The life of a slave aboard an Argossean galley was a hell unfathomable. Most of these were Kushites, but some thirty of the blacks who now rested on their idle oars and stared up at the stranger with dull curiosity were from the far southern isles, the homelands of the corsairs. …” from The Hour of the Dragon pgs. 197, 198

“What ship is this?” Conan demanded.
“The Venturer, out of Messantia, with a cargo of mirrors, scarlet silk cloaks, shields, gilded helmets and swords to trade to the Shemites for copper and gold ore. …” from The Hour of the Dragon pg. 198

“… The Argosseans were strong, sturdy, fearless like all their race, trained in the brutal school of the sea. …” “What ship is this?” Conan demanded.
“The Venturer, out of Messantia, with a cargo of mirrors, scarlet silk cloaks, shields, gilded helmets and swords to trade to the Shemites for copper and gold ore. …” from The Hour of the Dragon pg. 200

Nothing he writes indicates they were Ancient Greeks. Quite the reverse. Their culture is far later technologically. And the Aquilonians aren’t Ancient Romans either. Technologically and culturally they are far more Medieval. But, as usual, FC gets it wrong or deliberately decided to do it differently for reasons that mystify me.

You’re confusing technological development with culture and aesthetics. As I remembered, there’s little in Howard’s writings that actually describes how Argossean clothing or achitecture looks. They were a sea-faring people, that much is certain, but sailors of various cultures and ages have dressed in a wide variety of ways.

Just because Funcom has chosen to draw inspiration to Aquilonian and Argossean aesthetics from ancient real-world cultures does not mean they imagine those cultures were similar. Aquilonian armies, described in Hour of the Dragon and Scarlet Citadel, were mostly drawn from the provinces (Poitain, adequately represented by the DLC, Bossonia and Gunderland). Black Dragons weren’t described in any detail, except a mention that they wore black armor, in Phoenix on the Sword. Howard didn’t really bother going into great lengths describing how things and people looked, except for the major characters.

In other words, Howard’s original sources don’t really provide us with adequately detailed descriptions to say whether Funcom’s imagination of those cultures is accurate or not.

Besides, compared to early to mid Middle Ages, classical era Rome was technologically and culturally more advanced.


I’d say the type of technology described is pretty much enough to give us a fairly accurate idea of what the people were like. Your mileage may vary.

In this general setting, Howard placed imaginary kingdoms to which he gave names from a varied series of sources. Khitai is his China, far to the East, deriving from an ancient name. Corinthia is his name for a Greek-like civilization, a name slapped together from the name of the city of Corinth and a reminiscence of the Middle Ages province of Carinthia.

Acheron - A fallen kingdom corresponding to the Roman Empire. Its territory covered Aquilonia, Nemedia, and Argos. The name comes from Acheron, a river of the underworld in Greek mythology.

Aquilonia - The Carolingian Empire, medieval France, with occasional hints of England. The name derived from the town of Aquilonia, Avellino, Campania, Southern Italy, although it also resembles Aquitaine, a French region ruled by England for a long portion of the Middle Ages.

Argos - Various seafaring traders of the Mediterranean. The name comes from the Argo, ship of the Argonauts; or perhaps from the city of Argos, Argolis, Peloponnesos, Greece. Also, hints of Italy in regards to the indigenous population’s names and culture. Argos takes on the shape of a “shoe” in it’s border boundaries as compared to Italy appearing as a “boot”.

I do not believe they got it wrong. My opinion is that they based some of their decisions on the lore and information Howard provided in his writngs, in which he takes huge liberties with history but uses a ton of cultural realism.

Here is a good link - Hyborian Age | Conan Wiki | Fandom


If they would be at least quality products…


Not only you




Sorry :smiley:

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Think that latrine will be there… and it’ll be there. Its a mu tha beautiful latrine… and it’s gonna be there.

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Seriously FC, I WANT to buy the Dogs of War pack. But not with the damned “armor” on them. LOVE the undead doggo… no armor! Come on, give me the chance to give you some more money.

it would be nice to buy the dogs without the armour, but just as a fun tidbit, the dogs armour does look quite similar to what the war dogs were wearing in the initial scene of the movie where the ‘Riders of Doom’ storm Conan’s village as a child :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 11.31.27 AM
sorry for the poor quality of the image!


I put five wolves in the pen last night, hoping for some Greaters as I think that Elite Undead dog with the white glowing eyes is going to look incredibly cool!

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Fair enough. But I can take the saddle off my horse and I can take armor off my thralls. So I don’t think it’s too out of line to expect to be able to do the same with my pets. Now… I haven’t bought a pet in order to test this. I’m only going on what I’ve been told by others. So if you CAN take it off… I’d sure appreciate knowing! LOL But I think it’s like the Turan Elephant, you can’t take his gear off either. I just thnk it’s a poor oversight on their part and it’d help their sales overall if they’d fix it.


Yeah I dont think you can take it off. Pretty sure its just like all the other dlc skins to date that you fodder them and apply the skin.


That’s a great find.


just got home and crafted the Elite Gurnhaki Wolf and the Elite Undead Dog, unfortunately the Elite Undead Dog doesn’t have the glowing eye-sockets like it shows in the preview image or like the other Elite dogs/wolves do, has anyone else crafted it and had the same issue?