Old player returning for nostalgia - could use some help re:build, gear etc please

Hey folks.

I was a long time TSW player, loved it to bits. As many others, transitioned to SWL once it came out - played it for a while, and eventually quit. I think last time i played was when there was some winter event in agartha, where i earned my horns costume? Not entirely sure. Definetely havent played Africa, have no idea about those agent things, and cant really recognise anima allocation (though i clearly have it unlocked).

I had a pang of nostalgia, and wanted to come back to experience “the old days” of sorts. Im thinking of maybe doing some quests, maybe hunting some collectibles, filling a few museum pieces, possibly running a couple dungeons. Nothing too hardcore, just some casual fun when im bored.

I wanted to ask for advice in regards to my build. I want a build that can handle soloing elite quests without dying - and preferably uses same weapons to also do dungeons (i assume you would swap passives/actives, but I at least want to keep same weapons). Before i quit, it seems i was pistol/blade - my pistols are Red quality, and i remember i got them from one of the early agartha lockboxes. They were pretty good when i got them, no clue if they are good or bad now. My blade im not attached to whatsoever though.

Im attaching a screenshot of stuff I have - money, gear, etc. It seems i have a shitloads of distillates in my bank, and some glyphs, though i lack space. Im trying to sell some costumes etc on auctioneer but ive only managed to sell like 1 item so far in past few days.

imgur com /a/ WbvtYOM

(sorry, doesnt let me insert the imgur link properly)

Any suggestions in regards to the build please? Also wtf are these agents (i have some dossier in my bag, that opens a big agent window, but i cant “accept” it for some reason), and what do i do with anima allocation? Is my gear fine for my purposes, or do i need to swap something?

Im a lifetime patron (old TSW grandmaster) so i do get a key for free every day - though i missed past few years, so i only have a couple keys atm. I have a bunch of old lockboxes, though i doubt they are worth much these days.

But yeah, any tips? Suggestions? Advice?


Any weapon combo works for doing missions solo. Really, you shouldn’t be in danger of dying at all. At least, not due to your weapon choices. For doing low level dungeons the same should apply for the most part. Unless you plan to grind it out until you’re doing e10 or higher, then I wouldn’t concern yourself with it. Just use what’s fun to you. If you plan to hang around long term, others could give build advice.

Agents are a long investment, low payoff minigame. Send virtual pets to complete tasks for basically no reward. If an agents gets to level 50 you can get some bonus stats for equipping them. That’s the payoff. It takes quite a while to get an agent to 50 and most of the worthwhile agents are fairly rare and expensive. It’s like your weapon choice. Doesn’t matter unless you plan to be here for a while. And play a lot.

Anima allocation just picks how much of your stats to allocate to tanking/healing/dps. That’s it. For soloing something like 80/20 dps/tanking works until you outgear the mission content.


I remember in the “old days” i was having trouble soloing elite quests. Not the normal ones, but the ones in elite areas etc. I remember people running builds that allowed them to breeze through those with ease. I also remember there being builds that allowed people to solo farm lair mobs (not bosses), but i could be wrong.

Anything of the kind? basically want to try and make it as easy on myself as i can.

Also, where would i find builds for stuff like dungeons etc? I dont mind experimentinmg but i also dont want to drag people down by using some weird low dps build just because im clueless.

Side question: is there any way to adjust price of the item you put on auction without cancelling it (and losing deposit)?

Being over-leveled for content is the only way to breeze through solo.

Player builds online are all from before the balance patch. You really can use any combo of weapons for most content now.

There is no way to change price on Auction House items within the original listing.

The thread Shotgun Tanking Mechanics and Gear Advice Needed seems to have a recent theorycraft spreadsheet if you want to parse things out.

Also: by “elite quests” you mean elite dungeons/scenarios, the NYR raid, lairs, or the three high IP agent missions, correct?

No. By elite quests i mean i remember there being quests in some endgame areas that people would often run for glyph rewards (i think?), and it had some tough enemies. There were also… lair? enemies that i saw people farm solo i think, but only those who had good survivability setup.

I dont consider raids/dungeons “elite quests” as they are group content and intended to be done in a group.

What’s IP?

Item Power is how gear levels are measured in total. Some things look at max IP for character, if you use multiple gear sets it’s good to keep in mind.

Those are lairs and they are not solo content. You can solo lairs at high enough gear, but you aren’t getting glyphs. You still require at least 5 people to summon the bosses. So soloing through lairs is kind of pointless.

There are no solo “elite areas” or “elite missions” in the game. Except maybe if you want to count Dark Agartha. But I wouldn’t consider that because it scales with your item level anyway.

Just an FYI, the spreadsheet and other things linked there are QUITE old and out of date. The spreadsheet got some sprinklings of updates here and there, but never finished after the rebalance. I would not consider anything linked in that thread as being accurate.

Greetings. I am kinda fresh and i just finished South Africa.
There is a few things i would do different while leveling compared to what i did so i will share the information. I also have a very bad habit. I am complicating even simple things in my head. Alot.
So here is the thing.

In-Game Skill and Ability and other Mechanic descriptions are quite accurate and can be tested very easy in different scenarios. The Story especially after Transylvania and Solo Scenarios are also a good introduction to Encounter Mechanics. Detrimental and Crowd Control Effects or weapon Energy Management Mechanics.
I think its also the point where you discover what Synergy between Main Weapon and Off Hand you might prefer but that can change and i personally discovered i missed something at that point.

So what would i do differently if i could travel through time back where i started SWL:

  • I would do a few random characters or use the Web to read some Guides and Equipment Lists and go through the Tutorial part all the way to my Factions HUB to see how each Starting Class Weapon functions.

  • I would choose my Main Hand Weapon and stick with it throughout New England but if i would be sure about my Off Hand then i would do that as well still giving priority to Main Weapon.

  • I would avoid Upgrading Gear with non-identical items. That means i would upgrade Shotgun with Shotgun etc. and this would save me alot of Anima Shards i wasted plus if i had done this i wouldn’t have to bring an AR at full Blue during Savage Coast but ending up dropping it during Egypt. Because i choose Mercenary leveled AP for AR and 2 full Bars for it and dropped it.
    I was also using Shotgun which ended up being my main weapon. But its ok since i Maxed its SP and AP. Wish i had chosen Gunslinger to save some MoF because i also leveled Fists at Epic Tier but dropped for Pistol Off Hand which i managed to bring at Epic Tier in South Africa.
    Glad i didn’t invest much in terms of AP for Fists and almost no SP.

Its not a big problem just takes some time so if i had done it propperly my current Off-Hands SP would be almost as maxed as my Main Hand.

  • I would also keep a look for 3 Dot Extraordinary Talismans at the AH while leveling the Regular ones to full blue. They Max by the time you finish City of the Sun God so by the time you finish Tokyo you will be full Epic Tier Extraordinaries.
    Its very important to determine wether you will Tank mainly or Heal mainly or DPS because its going to define the Rare Talismans you need and your Glyph Setup.
    Then keeping a look for Intricate 3 Dot Glyphs at the AH is also very important and i would give priority to Accurate Glyphs for Hit Rating because they get a bit expensive.
    As for Weapons 2 Dot are fine i think what matters mostly are their special Suffixes.

  • Once at Epic Tier i would level Gear only through Distillates obtained through Scenarios and Dungeons otherwise you run out of Anima Shards.
    For Upgrading Glyphs i prefer Solo Scenarios since they are quick.

  • South Africa repeatable quests are good because the New Dawn Currency can be exchanged for a good amount of Distillates that help alot.

  • Fully Maxed Epic Gear is fine but i suppose after E5 Legendary makes a difference and the only way i would Upgrade to Legendary is buying Epics and throw Distillates or Blues and throw in Distillates. There is no rush so storing things in a Bank account and upgrade from time to time is good.

I think the most important is to decide on main role. Tanking/ Healing/ DPS and also not overcomplicating things but take it slow. Thats what i would do differently.
Of course not rushing the story is also important. I am 1 and Half month here and there is quite a few South Africa and Tokyo Missions i haven’t done yet still then you have some Faction Missions/ Dark Agartha (Maybe i will try later after some Boss fight experience) and Elite Dungeons of course.

I would say the Game is pretty Rich hope there is South Africa Act 2 at some point and maybe more Faction Based content Story/ Side Missions. I think by the time you finish the Story and clear out the first Elites you can reach Fully Leveled Epic Tier Gear with the right planning.
I messed my Gear Upgrade process twice and still have lvl 10 Epic Talismans so its not that bad but its quite important to decide on Role and Gear Setup before upgrading to Epic.

Maybe a Certain Weapon and Certain Talisman combination with the right Main Hand - Off Hand abilities can make a Huge difference and create highly efficient builds.

This is great news!