Any word on new story content?

After Dawn of the Morninglight, are there ANY plans for new content for SWL, or is Funcom purely focused on other games at this point?

They said that New Dawn would receive some new missions to flesh it out. They also said that we’d eventually get the old faction rank missions back, but no time frame on either of those. So… :soon:

Well, there’ll be a technically new to SWL event starting tomorrow. It’ll have to be actually new in how exactly it works, too, unless it comes with a surprise drop of Fusang and a lift of player caps for adventure zone instances.

Of course, whatever extra effort had to go into making the event work in SWL was effort that didn’t go into creating totally new-new content.

Maybe as a back to school special we’ll get the Coming Soon… mission for New Dawn?

There are certainly plans for more content. There is no released schedule for when this new content can be expected though - except for whatever the anniversary content is, which will be released tomorrow.

Yes ! In an interview with Nirvelle, lead designer, on jeux online (published a few days ago) he mentioned that a mission pack will be released after the anniversary event in the near future.
Woot woot !

Interview in English :

Interview in French:


“The pack will include a mission in New Dawn, but that will not be its primary focus. We recently asked the community what thing they wanted most in Secret World Legends, and we shifted the focus of the mission pack to respond to the feedback we received from the community.”

So the mission pack will include…Fusang and the Manufactory?

I kid, I kid.

I wouldn’t be too cynical. During the longest day of summer (I forgot the name of the event) they posted a picture of what looked like Stonehenge and I can’t help but think that was a bit of a tease.

Yep, saw that. And it sure could be…

…but along with not being too cynical, I’m not going to get too hyped either. Just to be safe.

Cautious optimism, then?

That’s uh… interesting that it sounds like there may only be 1 new New Dawn mission this summer.

Makes me think that if they release it along with, say, returned Faction Missions (and/or things like returned dungeons, PvP), it slows down the as-necessary requirements for new-new content production. Stretch it out - the Funcom way.

If it returns things, then… fine? I guess? Not enthused. I was personally hoping that summer would all but wrap up all or almost all missions in New Dawn, but now I have to expect this to last until at least Fall. As well, little optimism for Congo releasing this year (I had minimum optimism before so whatever), but really Funcom… 2019 has to be it. Game will get another ‘dead’ reputation if not. Its just understandable to wrap up the demanded other content (some new, much old) before that.

‘(tell the story through) events’? Uh oh. If this means they’ve redoubled efforts to restore old event story, then cool. If it means some new story in existing events, then maybe cool? But if this means temporary events that yank plot-focused story away from us after, then a big boo.

‘expands (…) scenarios and dungeons’? Could this mean Tokyo scenario? More objectives? Them realizing the demand for dungeons so the last ones return this year? idk. Whatever it is, it sounds like Congo isn’t this year and New Dawn will be stretched out longer than I thought - for possible better(?) or worse(!).

New missions have already “accidentally” appeared in the achievement lists. Redeemer of the dawn achievement (asking for spoiler)

It’s been confirmed that they are coming soon™ and slipped through during the patch even though the mission is not in game yet.

That a mission has accidentally appeared on the list would seem to be a good indication that it’ll be added soon, IMO.

This game already got a dead reputation, from Funcom themselves none the less. Switching the focus of their NC branch to the unnamed f2p cooperative fps kinda speaks for itself.

This games got potential I feel. Its got a kick ■■■ story line for those of us that are into shows like supernatural and buffy the vampire slayer as well as those into the supernatural and conspiracys.

It just needs a few fresh ideas. Like what blizard are doing for warcraft at the moment. Microo holidays as well as try and set up more events through out the year and focus on more than just the major holidays and the like.

For instance a twisted version of valentines day when theres a demon going around poseing as cupid and twisting the hearts and thoughts of all those affected by his power and its up to the agents to stop him. Things like that

none. just bags and bears.

Nope. First One was the Christmas Conspiracy, which was during, well…

Second one was The Seven Silences, a tie-in with The Park and was there during Halloween.

I’m sorry to say but we had no Valentine’s Day Quests, just lucky bags.

Edit: My apologies for not using spoilers, for some reason the code for that doesn’t work for me any more.
Edit #2: That does it! Thanks Shelley!

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yes, because “The Seven Silences” was a Halloween mission and is tied to The Park, which was released just prior to Halloween 2015.

You probably just ran afoul of the fact that the spoiler tag is broken in that it can’t deal with paragraphs.

Single line works fine.

[spoiler]One paragraph.

And another, breaks the tag.[/spoiler]

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There was a love tester machine in the Horned God for Valentine’s Day in 2013 but it never reappeared after that. Probably because it was completely pointless and I’m not sure it even worked properly anyway.

Funcom has never been short on ideas. What they are short on is resorces to turn those ideas into actual content.