Redeemer of the dawn achievement (asking for spoiler)

I’m looking for “Public Enemy Number One” mission. A GM told me it is avaiable, but I cannot find it. Someone has found it? I’m going crazy :scream:

Which GM told you?
Personally haven’t heard or seen anything of it so far.

It’s an action or sabotage mission, which means it can’t be found inside another action or sabotage mission. So that really limits the places where it could be found. Which leads me to believe that the GM was misinformed.

This mission is most likely not actually available and is instead intended for the upcoming mission pack.

It seems it was added to the achievement a bit earlier, which has happened in the past.

I would honestly be shocked if it was available and no news was made regarding the addition of another mission.

I don’t think so. I asked him to verify, and then he assured me the mission was available. I think is an investigation… Could be it starts from another zone?

It’s under the South Africa action or sabotage mission achievements, so it’s unlikely to be an investigation mission. But there are only so many zones where it could start.

The only thing I found is a girl with 2 daemons during night, but I can’t interact with her. Speaking with her during day doesn’t unlock anything… it seems.
I feel frustrated :disappointed:

I have to possible suspicions. A. It’s a follow up to the golem fight (already checked that…sadly no) or it’s a fancy name for the mission from Kaidan to SA (the planeflight)
Else I wouldn’t know where to look.

It does seem most likely the mission isn’t actually in the game yet.

I mean, the Anniversary event just dropped.

Not actually releasing extra SA missions until that’s over would be the smart play for Funcom.

Looks like there was some misinformation on the CS side. This mission is not available at this time.

As guessed earlier, it just got an achievement entry a little earlier than the mission itself is being made available. In short, an oversight when managing patch data, but not one that impedes completion (as that achievement was not completable before the patch)

:edit silly phone autocorrect, comfortable and completable are different :edit:


Time to get a comfortable chair:

We’ve got content to wait for.


Ouch, I spoke with a GM and he (or she) told me it was avaiable. LOL I spent all the day running in and out every hut, house, opening each door, reading everything on every PC.

Better so, I’ll stop running, eheheh

The GMs and Devs are likely overworked and it really appears they’re often not all informed as to what is in game/not. This isn’t a first.

It’s frustrating, but part of the fun of SWL. You never know if it’s broke, unavailable or just not there…

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No problem at all, it was fun. I found (again) things I forgot.


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