[NT] Deck Equipment for Low- and Midlevel

Hello everyone.

My Character (Marinus) is a level 62 Nanomage NT.

Since i have a 6 Deck Belt equipped for quite some time now, i would like to ask how to set my priorities. There is so much equipment available that fits in the Deck slots.

Atm i use 6 NCU Chips. That is very handy for getting outside Buffs like GSF/HoT etc. But i wonder if it would be much more efficient to equip some of the following stuff i found in the item database.

  • Hardcore CPU Upgrade - lowers the Nano cost when casting spells
  • Nano Formula Recompiler - increases the NanoC Init
  • Computer Deck Range Increaser - increases my casting range
  • NCU Coolant Sink - lowers the chance for others to interrupt me while casting nanos

Is it useful? I see, if i would equip every 4 items, i would have only 2 Deck Slots left for NCU. That wouldnt be a good choice. TBH every NCU is welcome at this moment, so i really don’t know if its worth it to equip those gear. What do you say, do you have any experience with it?

Thanks and good bye :slight_smile:


P.S. i am not a fr00b, since i have SL/AI/LE etc. but atm my access to Alien Equipment is kind of limited, so i only wrote about those Items that are from Rubi-Ka. I am aware of the variants of those stuff that is more efficient. But thats out of reach atm :slight_smile:

The compiler is a must for most professions, it increases your casting speed by a lot and will make it a lot easier to insta cast a lot of your nanos.

It works like this:
For every 200 nano init you reduce the cast time by 1 second (Up to 1200 nano init)
After 1200 you need 600 nano init to reduce the cast time by 1 second.

Since you have the expansions I’d start looking on GMI for a Viral Compiler around 400-500 comp lit requirement, they can be cheap at times and expensive at times.

You’ll be a bit low on NCU if you just use RK memories, but once you get your hands on some SL/AI mems it’ll be a lot better. You can usually start using Viral Memory Storage Unit (usually cheap on GMI) early, they come in QL’s 1-300. There’s also the S7 versions called (XP) and (Damage) these are more expensive, but gives 64 NCU and either xp or damage as a bonus. Only requires 501 CL as well. But yeah… Costly.

I would recommend using at least the Compiler. RK version or AI version. Deck Range increaser is nice as well, but since you already have buffs for it you should be able to manage without those. Range is capped at 40m.

Good luck!

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I got an Compiler that gives 200 NanoC Init and a CPU Upgrade, so i will try playing with them for now.

At least i found a Collar for the Neck slot in my Bank, that gives +30 NCU. That compensates some of the loss.

Thanks for the advise!