[NANOTECHNICIAN] Cyberdeck questions


I used to have a paid account 10 years ago.
At this time, the cyberdeck prevented the NT to “attack” it’s target. And it was not doing any damage.

What my surprise when I created a new NT and discovered now the cyberdeck acts like a pistol !

But now I have many questions:

  • Right now I’m level 20 and the cyberdeck does more damages per second than my best nano.
  • Casting nano while using the cyberdeck slows the cyberdeck, so my dps is decreased.
    => What’s the point with attck nanos ? Is there now any use of them ?

I see the cyberdeck is right arm, and dual wieldable (multiple ranged = 5 limitation) .
I tried to equip a Old School pistol in the left hand to get a INT bonus… But I get the message “it can’t be dual wield with this weapon”.
I also tried to get a shiled to get some CC Armor and Nano Pool. Same message.
I tried also using a crystal to get some nanos bonsues… Same message.
=> Ok, cyberdeck is dual wieldable… but with what ?

And at last, the beginner cyberdeck does damages now, and makes the nanos attack < lvl 50 useless. Is that the same for augmented cyberdecks ? Betters nano attacks ?

Right now my NT isn’t at all what I expected to get.


The nano deck has a negative effect on regular weapon skills and multi/ranged/melee once equipped, put it on last to use buff pistols etc.
It’s own dmg is very low compared to the nanos an NT can use SL/LE ones especially have a synergy effect one increasing the damage from another etc.
A lot has changed in 10 years.

Here’s a complete playthrough from 0-220 for NT ( first four episodes are simply a selection process and can be skipped)