Lvling Sets: Luxurious set VS Dust Brigade Technician set

Hi I’m a new player. I just bought the Luxurious set for $9.99 and after the free week I bought the one sub for $95…

So what now? I claimed both sets to fin d Dust Brigade set is mission a back item and that Datapad is useless If your class use’s the right hand for its main weapon (NanoTech CyberDeck . Not sure what the datapad is used for… I also noticed that all the stats on the Dust Brigade Tech set has different amount of stat values then the Lux set… SO witch one do I use for lvling on my lvl 13 Nano-Technician? Please help with this…

Welcome to AO, where the numbers whisper your name at night when you’re trying to sleep!

I have a feeling the Datapad is an old social item (this, I assume). If so, yeah, you can’t use it for anything other than looking awesome, and note that even if you put it in your social tab, you’re going to have to take it off to actually attack.

The Nanotech Cyberdeck is indeed your weapon and nanoskill buffing item, and has to be wielded for NT nanos from the expansions.

Looking at the stats for the armors, looks like DB Tech gives you more nano init and nano energy (at QL 200, 400 Max Nano as opposed to Lux’s 300, offset by 200 Max Health on DB versus Lux’s 300 Max Health), so I’d definitely take the DB Tech.