[MP] endgame setups #1


Here is some pictures from setups i use with my MP.

220/80/30 Everqu.

10/2021: What is the best setup? Couple an ideas here:

  • Duels - Bow or 2x shield (I use 2x shield)
  • Mas PVP - 2x shield (I use 2x shield)
  • DD PVM - Bow or staff (I use staff)
  • Solo PVM - 2x shield (I use 2x shield)

I like to use a full set of awakened set. On my both DD- and DEF-setups.
From a full awakened set you can get CH. With that CH you can heal yourself, other and your pet.

Fountain of Life (from full awakened set):

On both setups you can use next items and nanos:
Sacrificial Shielding - 100% dmg to pets - 20 s
Dreadloch Endurance Booster - Nanomage Edition - 5000 absorb - 30 s
Corrupted Flesh - 500 absorb - 30 s
Hacked Boosted-Graft: Blood Circle - HD 4 - 10 min
Hacked Boosted-Graft: Hasty Augmentation Cloud - 10 all dmg - 40 min
Hacked Boosted-Graft: Lesser Deflection Shield (Extended) - Reflect 13 - 1 h
Hacked Boosted-Graft: Glowing Retribution - Max health 99 + shield 8 - 25 min
Hacked Boosted-Graft: Feet of Stone - Root - 27 s
Hacked Boosted-Graft: Lesser Paralyze with Indecision - Root - 51 s
Steaming Hot Cup of Enhanced Coffee - crit +1 - 10 min

You could get more effective setups if you don’t use fully awakened set.
DD-setup: Crit and nano.
DEF-setup: Evad and ADD.

DD-setup (Aggressive Staff of Julian Redfire):

DD-setup items:

dd%20weap dd%20cloth impl

How to use DD-setup:
Could be much better if u get more crit items on setup and crit buffs (MOP from MA)

Staff and bow hit same level crits 4000-5000 dmg. Bow have also AS and fling shot good for PVP, but bow-setup will chance little items and perks.

You can also use pistols, but those crits are not so high, but you can get more attack skills (AS, burst, fling shot).

Here is some examples what weapons you can use:




DEF-AGG to full AGG (max speed)(Hope you have good tank on team or raid)

Mentaing’s Improved Mind Quake + Metaing’s Improved Glacial Lance x 4-6 times and again Mind Quake

Mind Quake:
On Target:
Damage 1095-2254(1467-3020)
Cast Metaing’s Improved Mind Quake
Taunt 1491

Glacial Lance:
On Target:
Damage 898-1848(1203-2476) if
On Self:
Not affected by: Metaphysicist Mind Damage Nano Debuffs
Damage 1533-2725(2054-3651) if
On Self:
Affected by: Metaphysicist Mind Damage Nano Debuffs

With full agg your staff or bow will hit between nano attacks. So you are doing all time dmg by yourself. + perks. I have put all my attack perks behind “e” hotkey so can cast all perks at ones.

Procs on DD-setup:
Super-Ego Strike + Nanobot Contingent Arrest

Super-Ego Strike (Extra hits on target when u hit with staff or bow.)
On Fighting Target:
Damage 1500-3000(2010-4020)

Might of the Revenant - to cast Force of the Despoiler - 15s dmg boost

DEF-setup (2x Shield of Zset):

DEF-setup items:

wear cloth impl

How to use DEF-setup:

DEF-AGG to full DEF.

Wrath Abatement + Desecration of Will + Desecration of Resolve (many times)

And more debuffs what you can use. Agains players you can use different tactics with debuffs.

DEF-setup weapon:

Dual wield Zset.

Procs on DEF-setup:
Anticipated Evasion (Evasions +250) + Suppress Fury

DEF-setups stats:

On this picture i have buff “Charged by the Machine” it gives 75 def.

Evade-ClsC 1918 + Added to all Defencive Rolls (AAD) 2915 + proc evasions 250 = 5083
Nano Resist (NR) 3223 + AAD 2915 = 6138 (not sure will AAD help here)

Setup to cast 225 attack pet (Pensive Spirit Phulakterion 286 + Watchful Spirit Phulakterion 245):

225-setup items:

225%20weap 225%20cloth impl

ALL-setup PERK-lines:
Ancient Knowledge 10
Channel Rage 10
Soothing Spirits 10
Nano Doctorate 10
Starfall 10
Champion of Nano Combat 10
Nanobreed Primary Genome 10

Also you can use next items to boost your MC and TS:

Ring: MC 10 TS 15

NCU: MC 5 TS 5 x 6 = MC 30 TS 30

CLOTH shoulder: MC 10 TS 10

CLOTH back: MC 11 TS 11 (more on my setup that i use)
Remove Awakened Burden of Competence and add Collatz back

WEAP deck: MC 7 TS 7 (more on my setup that i use)
Remove Xan’s Viral Belt Component Platform and add Xan’s Blue Belt of Triple Prudence

WEAP HUD1: MC 7 TS 7 (more on my setup that i use)
Remove Stellar Meta-Physicist Nanodeck and add Alien Augment

BUFF trader: MC 131 TS 131 (or 153)

BUFF trader: MC 153 TS 153 (or 131)

TOWER: MC 50 TS 50

MISC: MC 0.4 TS 0.4

PERK: MC 8.2 TS 8.2
Remove perk line Nanobreed Primary Genome and add Nanomorph

And after calculating my current 225 setup and those items up:
MC 3053+10+30+10+11+7+7+153+50+0.4+8.2= 3339.6
TS 3052+15+30+10+11+7+7+153+50+0.4+8.2= 3343.6


Target your pet. And write next /pet…

/pet rename Everqu (This will chance your pets name to Everqu. You can add also colors to your pets name.)

TIP: When you give same name as your char is. In DD-meter there is only one name (Everqu). Not two names like Everqu (me) and Rihwe (pet).

Write on “chat” next macros and get those on hotbars, so you can just press button and pets follow your commands:

/macro attack /pet Everqu attack\n /pointfor (Here your named attack pet “Everqu” attacks and you will make “gesture” pointforward.)

/macro follow /pet follow (Here your ALL pets will follow you. As pet class you should use this all time when you zone in new instance)

/macro heal /pet Hael heal (Here my pet “Hael” will start healing my pointed target when i press button)

Pet info:

Summon The Rihwen - lvl 220, 223, 225

Nano boost 1 for attack pets:
Aggressive Construct Empowerment (This buff is from staff below)

On Self:
Cast Aggressive Construct Empowerment
On Target:
Modify Add All Off. 300

Nano boost 2 for attack pet:
Masters Bidding (This buff is from BS hub) (Doesnt stack with Induced Apathy)

On Fighting Target:
Damage 3335(4468) if
On Target:
On Self:
Must be a player character

Nano boost 3 for attack pet
Induced Apathy (This buff is from BS hub) (Doesnt stack with Masters Bidding)

On Target:
Modify Run Speed -1800

PERK boost 1 for attack pet:
Ken Fi (Ancient Knowledge 10)

On Self:
Healing Efficiency 20%
Modify Add All Off. 250

PERK boost 2 for attack pet:
Channel Rage (Channel Rage 10)

On Target:
Cast Affected by Channel Rage
Modify Add All Off. 30
Modify Add. Melee Dam. 300
Modify Add. Energy Dam. 300
Modify Add. Proj. Dam. 300
Modify Add. Fire Dam. 300
Modify Add. Cold Dam. 300
Modify Add. Chem. Dam. 300
Modify Add. Poison Dam. 300
Modify Add. Rad. Dam. 300

Calling of Mortificant the Eternal - lvl 215

Nano boost for healing pets:
Construct Empowerment (This buff is from staff below)

On Self:
Cast Construct Empowerment
On Target:
Healing Efficiency 12%

PERK boost for heal pet:
Ken Fi (Ancient Knowledge 10)

On Self:
Healing Efficiency 20%
Modify Add All Off. 250

Summoning of Yidira - lvl 210

Nano boost for mezz pets:
Mesmerizing Construct Empowerment (This buff is from staff below)

On Self:
Cast Mesmerizing Construct Empowerment
On Target:
Modify Psycho Modi 80
Modify Sensory Impr 80

Casting and using staff buffs:

  • MP can use all three buffs at same time. (Attack buff, Healing buff, Mezz buff)
  • While casting buffs you need to have space in NCU.
  • MP can cast all those buffs while wearing next weapons. (All casted shields and all quest staffs and all MP creation items)
  • MP cant cast those buffs while wearing. (Bow, pistol, 1hb, 2hb, …)
  • Also, if MP cast those buffs with staff and change to bow, buff will disappear.


For symbs you should look in future what setup you want to “support”. On my symbs there is some symbs i should change to make it more better.

MP is good because it can use Control, Extermination and Support symbs.

EYES: Xan Ocular Symbiant, Extermination Unit Alpha

HEAD: Xan Brain Symbiant, Extermination Unit Alpha

EARS: Xan Ear Symbiant, Control Unit Alpha

RA: Xan Right Arm Symbiant, Control Unit Alpha

CHEST: Xan Chest Symbiant, Extermination Unit Alpha

LA: Xan Left Arm Symbiant, Extermination Unit Alpha

RW: Xan Right Wrist Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha

WAIST: Xan Waist Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha

LW: Xan Left Wrist Symbiant, Control Unit Alpha

RH: Xan Right Hand Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha

LEGS: Xan Thigh Symbiant, Control Unit Alpha

LH: Xan Left Hand Symbiant, Extermination Unit Alpha

FEET: Xan Feet Symbiant, Control Unit Alpha

Changes after Patch 18.8.50 - 7/2020:

New ToTW, did give some new changes:


(Implant - Brain) (Xan Brain Symbiant, Extermination Unit Alpha has better benefits, so using Extermination)

Changes after Patch 18.8.54 - 10/2020:

Subway did give some new items:

Reinforced Bau Cyber Armor set is nice buffing set. It gives also CL.

DEF-setup after Subway 201+ (11/2020):


Easy DD-setup after Subway 201+ (11/2020):


Crit DD-setup after Subway 201+ (10/2021):


Pro tip 10/2021: Healing pet can heal itself!!

Have fun!

  • Everqu

Thank you so much.
Very good to see MP sharing this.

Did you got any osb from trader? At least I dont see NCU with that.

Another thing, its possible,you, to kill Left hand or LotV?

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Dont need any trader buffs. Dont have any towers. Tryed to gather items in away that no need to chance any NCU.

I will post soon also setup to show how to max MC and TS on MP.

I can solo:

  • Mitaar, LOTV, Vortex (start), DB3 2nd floor (fire room)
  • Maybe: DB1, DB2, 12man left hand

Have fun!

  • Everqu

There you go. Edited original post. Added couple things.

Have fun!

  • Everqu

Very nice post man!

Would be nice a vid of soloing DB3 sounds pretty hard job as MP :grinning:

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Thank you

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Incredible post Everqu. Thank you for sharing your setups and explanations on items/buffing. I could see this being a major resource for MPs as you contine to add on to this.

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Can you make video doing Mitaar,plz?

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There you go. :slight_smile:

Small changes at ending. New ToTW items. 7/2020.

  • Everqu

Aoitems items now linked and DEF-setup added after new totw.

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full awak set is not deff setup :slight_smile: but i see thatu have it also in DD setup …

Yeah, I use fully awak on DD and DEF.

Dont like when 225 Rihwe dies. And no need to change stuffs during fight, when trying to save 225 Rihwe. If it die it will effect on tanking and DD.

Fully awak CH also have saved my life many times.

There is some MP powah. :slight_smile:

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You can swap awakened otherwise at least i do this on bow mp but im in pvp setup (swap css and ofab mostly)

Yea you can, but I am just too lazy for swapping. :slight_smile:

@Everqu May I kindly ask, how you switched the font in your GUI and how you got the little “skills” window? Customized UI pack? Also the HP bars seems to have a custom width?


Font: You can change when you start AO, there is “play and Settings” -> Settings -> GUI -> Font -> There u can change font and size and style.

Skills windows: Open “skills windows”, from left up corner press “i” and select "minimized view.

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Small changes at the end. New Subway items. 11/2020.

  • Everqu