[MP] Meta-physicist guide


Here is couple tips for MP. In this guide could be some mistakes.

Meta-physicist is a pet profession.


  2. BREED
  3. PETS
  4. NANO
  5. QUEST


Where to level:

These are just examples what you can do.

In RK (Classic AO)
1-6 lvl at Arete
6-24 lvl at Subway ICC
30-50 lvl at Step of Madness
24-60 lvl at ToTW, entrance at ICC
60-125 Some Camps / Missions /
90-200 The Reck
125-200 lvl at IS
150-200 lvl at Mort/ PW Borgs

In SL (Expansion)
1-6 lvl at Arete
6-24 lvl at Nascence
60-80 at Nasc Hecks
80-160 at Ely Hecks
160-180 at Ado Hecks
180-220 at Inf mishes (new or old)

Where to get money at start:

  • Do missions from Mission Centrals. (There are some guides what you should loot from Missions.)
  • Quests give also some money.
  • Loots from mobs you kill. Dungeon mobs give some money and items what you can sell in shops.
  • Ask from old players (they got alot money)

Armour, items and buffs tips:

Make sure you have NCU, so you can buff your MC and TS:

  • DECK - Belt Component Platform 300X
  • DECK 1-3 - 16 - 31 NCU Memory

Do missions from Mission Centrals, so you get more tokens:

  • NECK - Token Board (Give CL, HP, Nano, …)

Keep implants high which give MC and TS, so you can cast higher pets:

  • IMPLANTS - Eye Implant: Tutoring, Shiny
  • IMPLANTS - Head Implant: Matter Crea, Shiny
  • IMPLANTS - Right-Hand Implant: Time & Space, Bright

Buy armor what give NCU:

  • Newcomer’s Body Armor set
  • Carbonum Plate Arms set


I would say that Nanomage is the best choice for MP.
You will need alot MC and TS all time 1-220. Nanomage have most Int and Psy, Int alibity will boost your nano skills most.

At end game there will be hard to self cast 225 attack pet and all extra points on MC and TS will help you to success.


MP have 3 different type pets (Attack pet, Heal pet, Support pet).

MP pets have 3 lvls on every nano. In picture there is Rihwe 3 lvls requirements to cast different lvls.
lvl 1 - pet ql 220 - MC 2045 and TS 2040
lvl 2 - pet ql 223 - MC 2545 and TS 2540
lvl 3 - pet ql 225 - MC 3045 and TS 3040

Attack pet

Attack pets are damage dealers and MP should allways have the best pet nano available.

Attack staff (Aggressive Staff of Julian Redfire), that can be obtained from quest will also boost your attack pet.

On Target:
Modify Add All Off. 300

Healing pet

Healing pets can heal yourself, teammates and your other pets.

Soothing Spirit Perk (expansion SL) boost your healpet and it will also change your pets outlook.

Healing staff (Healing Staff of Alcofribas Nasier), that can be obtained from quest will also boost your heal pet.

On Target:
Healing Efficiency 12%

Mezz pet

Mezz pets can “mezz” your opponent. So it cant move or attack.

Mezz staff (Mesmerizing Staff of Francois), that can be obtained from quest will also boost your mezz pet.

On Target:
Modify Psycho Modi 80
Modify Sensory Impr 80


With pet info you can control your pets and you can see what buffs is on your pets.


You can also control your pets with macros.

/macro TER /pet terminate (this will create icon, by pressing this icon u can terminate your all pets)
/macro Heal /pet heal (all pets will heal, but only heal pet can heal)
/macro Follow /pet follow (all pets will follow you)
/macro Attack /pet attack (all pets will attack your target)


Rollable nanos

Here is list for nano’s what you can roll from Mission centrals.

List of nanos what you should roll:

  • Calling of Belamorte
  • Chant of Effortless Strikes
  • Creation: Solar Guard
  • Curse of Chronos
  • Dominate: Biomet
  • Dominate: MatCrea
  • Dominate: MatMet
  • Dominate: Psymod
  • Dominate: SenseImp
  • Dominate: SpaceTime
  • Glacial Lance
  • High Chant of Effortless Strikes
  • Mind Quake
  • Mocham’s Gift: Biomet
  • Mocham’s Gift: Matcrea
  • Mocham’s Gift: MatMet
  • Mocham’s Gift: PsyMod
  • Mocham’s Gift: SenseImp
  • Mocham’s Gift: SpaceTime
  • Mocham’s Neural Interface-Web
  • One Mind, One Purpose
  • Wrath Abatement

Shop nanos

Nano shops can be found from ICC FT (Fair Trade)


List of nanos what you should buy:

  • Advanced Symbol Manipulation
  • BioMet Mastery
  • MatCrea Mastery
  • MatMet Mastery
  • PsyMod Mastery
  • Sense Imp Mastery
  • SpaceTime Mastery
  • Teachings of Biological Metamorphose
  • Teachings of Material Creation
  • Teachings of Material Metamorphose
  • Teachings of Psychological Modification
  • Teachings of Sensory Improvement
  • Teachings of Time and Space
  • Channel Notum Vein: Adonis (if you got expansion SL)
  • Channel Notum Vein: Elysium (if you got expansion SL)
  • Channel Notum Vein: Scheol (if you got expansion SL)
  • Pistol Mastery
  • Quantum Wings (flying in RK)

Normally if i level MP i buy all shop nanos and roll all nanos what is up there. Rolling will take some time.

MP should always have the best pet nano available.

MP should try to get alot Material Creation (MC) and Time and Space (TS).


Here is some quest what MP should do in RK and SL:

Ofcourse MP should also do Garden and Sanctuary key quests in SL. MP have warp nano to those gardens.

Some of those nanos can be bought from NPC Greedy Shade in Pande Garden. You need all keys to have access to Greedy.


MP can use many weapons.

Here is list what weapon skills are ok to use:

  • Melee Weapons - 1h Blunt
  • Melee Weapons - 2h Blunt
  • Ranged Weapons - Pistol
  • Ranged Weapons - Bow

If your weapon can be dual wield. You should also add Multi Melee or Multi Ranged. Also init skills should be added Melee. Init. or Ranged. Init.

Here is some weapons you could use:

1h Blunt

With 1h Blunt weapons you can dual wield those. You can use shield and attack weapon combination.

2h Blunt




Here is list of skills you should rise.


  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Sense
  • Agility
  • Intelligence
  • Psychic

Body & Defense

  • Body Dev.
  • Nano Pool
  • Evade-ClsC
  • Duck-Exp
  • Dodge-Rng
  • Nano Resist

Weapon skills if up to “fighting style”.

Melee Weapons

  • 1h Blunt
  • 2h Blunt
  • Melee. Init.
  • Multi Melee

Nanos & Casting

  • Matt.Metam
  • Psycho Mod
  • Time&Space
  • Bio Metamor
  • Sensory Impr
  • Matter Crea
  • NanoC. Init


  • Run Speed

Combat & Healing

  • First Aid
  • Treatment

Trade & Repair

  • Comp. Liter

More will be coming. And will change some mistakes when notice.

220/30/80 MP

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