Question about Anniversary armor

I can’t locate where we can find out what the DB technician armor buffs or what the elite desert nomad armor does. Does anyone have this information?

AO scripts to use IG
180827 New Items 1/2
180827 New Items 2/2

Save both files in to a AO’s scripts folder ( Launcher -> Settings -> GUI -> hit the open button on scripts path :stuck_out_tongue: ) after that, you can just spam your org chat with the new items by /180827_1 and /180827_2

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I’m currently at work, can you post a screenshot of what the scripts say?

Why screenshot when you can text?

One variant per race/■■■ “gender” combination.why is this a banned word?

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where does rusted carb drop? do ts it?

I would like to know as well :thinking:

Drops in new Desert Rider mission but character must be lvl 200 or less

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Where do you get the full “Vacuum Packed Elite Desert Nomad Armor” from?

Is it still possible to get a full vacuum packed set of normal Nomad Armor from the gift? So far i’ve only had Yalms and social stuff from those.

You can still get a full vacuum packed set of normal Nomad Armor from the gift like 1 in 6 chances, as for “Vacuum Packed Elite Desert Nomad Armor” only from Desert Rider drop 2 or 3.

You could also hand in 250 items to the tinker, IIRC you get a vac pac nomad set for that.

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But that’s the normal set, right? Not the Elite set?

Yep,just the normal set,the Elite armour can only be gotten from the instance and I’ve never had any ql 300 drop yet and I’ve been in on two of my 220’s.

Hi, and where to find this Instace ?

There will be a beacon near the Tinker when Desert Rider dies. The beacon will remain for 10 minutes after Desert Rider is defeated and you can log out near the entrance of the instance without getting thrown out. If you run deeper inside the instance and logout, you’ll be kicked out when you log back in.

So it’s possible to run several alts inside the place during that 10 minutes and clear the place afterwards.