(guide) Missable items

For my fellow OCD perfectionist not-wanting-to-permanently-miss-anything people.
For each dungeon the most important items are on top of the list.
Most items have better versions of it at higher levels. However the items labeled “(important)” have no better version, and can only be gotten in that dungeon (or could be gotten elsewhere, but would be a very difficult).


Wrong account

Be careful on what account you make your character, because you cannot buff your alt, if the “buffer” and the “buffee” are on the same account, or kill a boss for your alt etc.

Wrong Breed

Most professions work well with a variety of breeds, However for certain specific builds, one particular breed is simply the best meta. It can be because of breed-specific items. Those few points of a certain skill that a very powerful item/nano requires. Higher abilities for certain imps. Having enough max nano, so the boss/mobs die just before you run out of nano. Having enough health to survive a big hit/series of hits. Being female so medusas won’t attack you on sight, which helps if you farm alot near medusas.

Wrong side

If your character build requires neutral-only items, and you already went clan/omni then tough luck. You can buy use a premium application form, but those are very expensive, so keep that in mind. Agents are an exception, they can use an “Undercover kit” item to switch sides, clan/omni and even to neutral, without losing side tokens. See ((guide)(froob) Mission sliders guide -in progress-) on how to roll one.

---- Arete ----

Kodaik Velocity IV

---- Subway ----

Boots of Infinite Speed (important for non-advie/non-fixers)

  • Benefit: 65 runspeed buff in your ncu when you click it, you don’t have to actually have it equipped to recieve the buff.
  • Source: “Strike foreman” on the bridge above the railtracks.

Living Cyber Armor Helmet/Pants/Sleevesx2

---- Temple of the Three Winds ----

Ring of Memory Loss (important)

  • Benefit: Wipes the hatelist of any mob/boss lvl 124 or lower, which enables some unique gameplay options.
  • Source: A rare drop from “Lien the Memorystalker” (west side)

Skull of the Ancient (important)

  • Benefit: Buffs other nanoskills and abilities, aside from Matter Creation, good for twinking and head imp-hotswapping with a portable surgery clinic.
  • Source: A rare drop from “Nematet the Custodian of Time” (north side), and from “Aztur the Immortal” (east side).

Ape Fist of Khalum (important for MA’s only)

  • Benefit: The best MA stun attack, shorter cooldown than karmic fist, however it is usable only by the “martial artist” profession.
  • Source: ([MA] (guide) Ape fist / Tree of Enlightenment locations) for the locations of all the different parts, then combine them into 1 and
    turn it into the “Hermit” at coords “827, 2301” in “Greater Tir County”.

Rockcrusher Gauntlets

  • Benefit: Buffs 9+ damage which is alot for its requirements, and buffs Strength. This makes it great for fighting and twinking strength.
  • Source: 100% drop from “The Curator” (north side), and an uncommon drop from “Gartua the Doorkeeper” (east side)

Barrow Strength

  • Benefit: Buffs 15 damage, 1% root/stun/snare resist, and 3 strength. And it also has a special buff on activation which temporarily boosts your damage and gives you root/snare/stun immunity. Usefull item for fighting and twinking strength.
  • Source: Uklesh the Frozen (east side), Windcaller Yatila(west side), The Reanimator(west side)

Touch of the Gripper

  • Benefit: 15 damage and alot of strength for its requirements, good for twinking strength or damage.
  • Source: 100% drop from “The Curator” and “Nematet the Custodian of Time” (north side)

Notum Splice (important for NT’s)

  • Benefit: Buffs 1 to every nanoskill, and increases max nano by 195, which is unique for a left wrist implant. NT’s can use the special ability by right clicking it , regaining some nanopoints.
  • Source: 100% drop from “Defender of the Three” (right at the 3 way split),

Tree of Enlightenment (MA only)

  • Benefit: A free 290 team heal every 39 seconds.
  • Source: ([MA] (guide) Ape fist / Tree of Enlightenment locations) for the locations of all the different parts, then combine them into 1 and
    turn it into the “Hermit” at coords “827, 2301” in “Greater Tir County”.

Holy Book of the Immortal (doc only)

  • Benefit: 560 emergency heal every 5 min, can be used even when in nano recharge.
  • Source: rare drop from “Aztur the Immortal” (east side)

Withered Flesh

  • Benefit: 100 max hp boost, and a special 500 point absorb every 20 minutes.
  • Source: Windcaller Yatila. The Reanimator (west side, good drop rate), Uklesh the Frozen (east side)

Ring of Eternal Night

  • Benefit: a -30 AAO debuff on the enemy, for 13 seconds, every 3 min.
  • Source: Gartua the Doorkeeper, Exarch Gevarain, Guardian of Tomorrow, Khalum, Lien the Memorystalker, Nematet the Custodian of Time, Exarch Truan, Exarch Li-Po, Aztur the Immortal.

Bloodleech Ring

  • Benefit: a 75 point heal every 60 seconds
  • Source: The Curator, Exarch Li-Po, Guardian of Tomorrow, Gartua the Doorkeeper, Khalum, Windcaller Yatila, Exarch Gevarain, Exarch Ecclese , Windcaller Yatila

Ring of Tattered Flame

  • Benefit: an unavoidable 300 point nuke, every 3 min.
  • Source: Aztur the Immortal, Exarch Ecclese, Exarch Li-Po, Exarch Pilvar, The Reanimator, Exarch Truan, Guardian of Tommorow, Uklesh.

Ring of Weeping Flesh

  • Benefit: an unavoidable dot that does 583 damage in total.
  • Source: Defender of the Three, Exarch Ecclese, Guardian of Tommorow, The Reanimator, Exarch Truan, Windcaller Yatila, Exarch Li-Po, Exarch Gevarain, Gartua the Doorkeeper, Nematet the Custodian of Time.

Frozen Tear of Uklesh

  • Benefit: A high damage 1he weapon. however it requires alot of ip points, multi melee, melee inits, fast attack, 1he.
  • Source: uncommon drop from “Uklesh”(east side)

Skull of Lamentation

  • Benefit: a decent and superfast 1hb weapon with low multi melee requirements / overall ip requirements.
  • Source: Lien the Memorystalker, The Re-Animator. (west side)

Skull of Woe

  • Benefit: a decent and superfast 1hb weapon with low multi melee requirements / overall ip requirements.
  • Source: Lien the Memorystalker, The Re-Animator. (west side)

Stygian Desolator

  • Benefit: a high damage 2he weapon
  • Source: Aztur the Immortal. (east side)

Keeper’s Vitality

  • Benefit: buffs strength and ACs, which is unique for a waist implant, also boosts alot of stamina for its requirements.
  • Source: rare drop from Gartua the Doorkeeper (east side)

Memory Loop

  • Benefit: Buffs alot of NCU for its requirements
  • Source: Uncommon drop from “Lien the Memory Stalker” (west side)


Collar of Amplification (important)

HUD Upgrade: Enhanced Target Acquisition (important)

  • Benefit: Buffs a massive 180 ranged inits, which is very usefull for any ranged character, for attacking faster or for going more def slider, or to counter init debuffs.
  • Source: 100% drop from T.I.M. inside foremans, also drops outside foremans from General Kronillis, but that boss is WAY harder to kill.

Assault-class Tank Armor (important)(enfo only)

  • Benefit: a special 2000 point absorb every 40 minutes. You don’t have to actually wear it to use the special.
  • Source: Uncommon drop from Bodyguards, and 100% drop from Rik-Rak(need 2 attackers to kill him) , also drops outside foremans from Ljotur the Lunatic but he is much harder to kill.

HUD Upgrade: Personal S.T.M

  • Benefit: buffs 35 Elec engie and Mech engie.
  • Source: 100% drop from T.I.M. inside foremans

Combat Medic’s Light Tank Armor (doc only)

  • Benefit: 7 points of treatment, for very low requirements. However it’s for doctors only.
  • Source: uncommon drop from “Neutralizers”, and from “Transgenic Experiment” (the green apes that spawn when giving power core to white robot near the director)

Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000

  • Benefit: A decent pistol that is fast and has fling and burst, however it does have a level requirement of 42.
  • Source: 50% drop rate from “The Lab Director”.

Gamma Ejector

  • Benefit: alot of damage for its SMG requirements, but very high multi ranged reqs, you could couple it with a Sleekmaster Classic ql 93.
  • Source: common drop from Bodyguards

Recapture Beacon

  • Benefit: Lets you instantly warp from borealis to the outside of foremans’ entrance.
  • Source: give “SD Power Core” (drops from most robots inside) to the “Containment Unit System Droid” then kill the scorpid type mobs that eventually spawn.


Orphan nanos

These nanos are no longer obtainable, so if an old character has it uploaded, deleting that character will make sure you will no longer be able get that back, either access to a certain buff, or the ability for the twink to cast it in battle.
Nano Programming Expertise (stacks with composite)
Psychology Expertise (stacks with composite)
Composite Tradeskill Special Expertise (has psychology + tutoring + nano programming + comp lit)
LR Energy Weapon Expertise (stacks with composite)
Healing (only important for twinks)
Grenade Expertise (only important for twinks)
Heavy Weapons Expertise )only important for thinking)
Weapon Enhancement (only important for twinks)
Improve Health (not important, and only for twinks)

Full ip Reset

Event only items, (Nomad / Lya armor etc)

  • Benefit: Gives nice buffs for twinking, that no other froob armor can give.
  • Source: They only drop during halloween / anniversary

Life (important)

If you play too many hours you will have missed out on this item.

  • Benefit: Being able to die without regrets.
  • Source: Usually found away from the computer.

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