(guide) Froob Runspeed Twinking

Froob Runspeed twinking guide.

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@@@@ Buffs @@@@

Generic nano

  • How to get: Just buy it from Fair Trade in Borealis/ICC.
  • Requirements: Sensory Impr 61, Psycho Modi 61
  • Buffs: 30 runspeed
  • Cost: almost nothing


  • How to get: A crat with a Miyashiro Superior Enhanced Coffee Machine can just make them out of thin air.
  • Requirements: lvl 25
  • Buffs: 24 runspeed
  • Cost: creds / a hug

Nodrop permanently missable dungeon loot. Once you are over level 25 you can no longer get this item. You don’t even have to wear them, just right click them in your inventory and you will get a runspeed buff in your ncu.

  • Where to get: strike foreman in subway
  • Requirement: 4 free ncu
  • Buffs: 65 runspeed
  • Cost: _+30 min time

You don’t even have to wear this item as armor to get the runspeed boost. Just buy it, hack it then right click it for a runspeed buff. It’s effect last a bit shorter than its cooldown, so you won’t always have it active.

  • How to get: Smuggler’s Den merchant 49x182 coords inside, his stock changes everytime he respawns.
  • Requirements: 237 BM, 212 MM, 212 SI
  • Buffs: 100 Runspeed
  • Cost: 1 million credits

A buff that you can get from a mid to high lvl fixer, it lasts for 4 hours so it is worth getting. Even though it requires 48 free ncu, a fixer can also give any lvl 25+ character a max ncu buff making it very easy to recieve this buff.

  • How to get: Find a fixer, they tend to use smg’s and they tend to be blue
  • Requirement: 48 free ncu (ask for ncu buff first)
  • Buffs: 720 Runspeed
  • Cost: sometimes costs more time than it saves

A buff that you can get from a mid to high lvl shade, buffs less than GSF but this also works in SL.

  • How to get: Find a shade, they tend to use 2 stabbing weapons
  • Requirement: 39 free ncu
  • Buffs: 250 Runspeed
  • Cost: sometimes costs more time than it saves

@@@@ Vehicles @@@@

Quest reward Nano program that boosts runspeed by alot but does not let you fly. It is permanently missable, if you don’t get it from Arete , you can never get it again, but don’t worry, later vehicles are better in all ways compared to this.

Nodrop item. Boosts runspeed (not as much as kodaik), and even the lowest ql costs ±5 million credits. on the other hand it does enable flight. You don’t actually have to raise your vehicle air skill. At low levels i use vehicle air ear implant, and keep the eye implant rifle to equip tsaka twink rifles. But at high levels i instead use a nanocost cluster in ear imp, and vehicle air cluster in the eye imp.

  • Where to get: Can buy from Enterprice (no its not a typo) store in ICC, Rome Blue, Borealis, Old Athens.
  • Requirements: 80 vehicle air, and 5 million creds.
  • Buffs: 300+ runspeed (more if you decide to raise your VA skill)
  • Cost: 5 million creds

Boosts runspeed as much or more than Kodaik and also enables flight like Yalmaha XL - 29478 However even the lowest version costs ±50 million credits. I usually only get this when a character is high lvl and use eye implant for VA boost, since at that level i no longer need rifle eye to equip tsaka rifles, instead i do like the % nanocost ear implant. With the eye implant I use around a ±235 vehicle air Poniard when im fully buffed, and save the low ql Yalmaha XL - 29478 for right after i die, when my skills arent high enough yet to equip The Poniard.

  • Where to get: Can buy from Enterprice (no its not a typo) store in ICC, Rome Blue, Borealis, Old Athens. Shops are not omni/clan locked, so omnis can check old athen shop, and clans can check rome blue shop, until you find one that matches your vehicle air skill.
  • Requirements: 80 vehicle air.
  • Buffs: 500+ runspeed (more if you decide to raise your VA skill)
  • Cost: ± 50 million creds

This is a tradeskilled yalm, the Rolls-Royce of personal flying machines. it boosts a bit more runspeed than The Poniard. However it takes 36 cold stones ql 144+, and ALOT of credits to buy the Yalmaha 29500 - Stiletto Building Kit from Fair Trade ever since the shops were changed

@@@@ Token Boards @@@

Boosts alot of usefull stats alongside runspeed, great item low levels because of the ncu buff in particular. With alot of twinking you can get it on at lvl 15, a bit later if you don’t feel like twinking. MC Mocham, 131 Wrangle, and BM implants, make this item surprisingly easy to equip.

  • How to get: Very common tradeable item from Crypt of Home, just ask org or OOC chat.
  • Requirements: 470 Biological Metamorposis
  • Buffs 30 runspeed
  • Cost: almost nothing,

Nodrop item that take a bit of twinking to get on at it’s minimum level, but once you have it equiped, you probably wont have to take it off anymore since it also doubles as a twink item.

  • How to get: Entvined General 1520x794 in The Reck ,the other entvined mobs may also have a chance to drop it im not sure.
  • Requirements: lvl 100 ,450 intelligence
  • Buffs: 150 Runspeed
  • Cost: Time from a decently strong character



Adds alot of runspeed, however it does require you farm mission completes for side tokens . The amount of side tokens you get per mission depends on your level. Roughly every 25 level ups, will give you 1 more side token / mission complete. Most dailies give at least 2 mission completes. You can get tokens from normal daily missions, Elite daily missions, Bar daily missions, ICC daily missions, Reck daily missions. PvP Quest, and normal rolled missions. There is also an upgraded version of this item from the pvp quest, but it doesnt add more runspeed.

  • How to get: Farm 1000 token points
  • Requirements: lvl 100
  • Buffs: 210 Runspeed
  • Cost: Alot of time

A nodrop item that has a low drop rate from cyborgs, but cyborgs are often used for powerleveling so there will be plenty of corpses for you to explore. If you somehow manage to level to 190 before you collect 1000 tokens, this baby can make you run faster, so you can run away from your dignity, you powerleveled noob :stuck_out_tongue:

  • How to get: Nodrop item, drops from Cyborgs in Mort and Perpetual Wastelands
  • Requirements: lvl 190, 500 sense
  • Buffs: 200 Runspeed
  • Cost: time, depends on luck

Adds the most ammount of runspeed but its neutral only and very hard to get, as it is a nodrop item from Hollow Island Weed, the main boss from one of the hardest froob raids, the Hollow Island raid. You need to farm Scorpiod Droppings from scorpions in the same zone to start the raid.

  • How to get: farm Scorpiod Droppings, then do Hollow Island raid.
  • Requirements: neutral, lvl 150, 500 Intelligence
  • Buffs: 250 Runspeed
  • Cost: 3 hours and alot of damage and heals

@@@@ Other Items @@@

Runspeed Implants

The runspeed clusters dont conflict with any important clusters except for pistol/ranged inits. Just make sure you don’t use Fair trade advanced/superior shops to buy clusters, those are overpriced.

  • How to get: Buy at omni-trade/romeblue/romegreen/old-athens/west-athens advanced/superior shops
  • Requirements: Treatment+agility
  • Buffs: 10-210 Runspeed
  • Cost: bit of credits


  • How to get: Made in the starting area of the game Arete , by using Antonio’s Adaptation Factory (from antonio) on Rollerrat Intestines (from a rollerrat), and then using that on a leather hide from a Minibull
  • Requirements: 30 agility 30 strength
  • Buffs: 20 Runpeed, 40 hp , 10 first aid
  • Cost: almost nothing


  • Where to get: Zoftig Blimp in Hope
  • Requirements: lvl 20, 80 agility
  • Buffs: 20 Runspeed
  • Cost: 400k


  • Where to get: Abandoned Hope coords 2009x182
  • Requirements: lvl 150 , 700 Perception
  • Buffs: 50 runspeed
  • Cost: 2 good froobs

A tradeable pair of boots that buffs evade close combat alongside runspeed.

  • Where to get: dyna boss loot
  • Requirements: agility
  • Buffs: depends on ql
  • Cost: cheap / bit of time

Nodrop item that buffs alot of runspeed.

  • How to get: entwined mobs over lvl 70, Medusa territory that is in the east part of Deep artery valley has some.
  • Requirements: level 61+
  • Buffs: 100 Runspeed
  • Cost: time, depends on luck

Nodrop item from Wave 5 and 6 minibosses from the Hollow Island raid

  • How to get: farm Scorpiod Droppings, then do Hollow Island raid till wave 5-6.
  • Requirements: 450 Strength
  • Buffs: 104 Runspeed
  • Cost: 2 hours and considerable damage and heals


  • Where to get: Professor Van Horn, Newland desert, coords 2865x1580
  • Requirements: 250-301 intelligence
  • Buffs: 13-15 runspeed each wrist
  • Cost: a doc and some damage to outDD his healing


  • Where to get: make from Piece of Living Dragon Wing that drops from Tara
  • Requirements: lvl 100, stamina 300, MA 320
  • Buffs: 25 runspeed each sleeve
  • Cost: doing a few Tara raids or buy from GMI


  • Where to get: drop from Lord of Sand in The Reck 2267x2905
  • Requirements: lvl 100, agility 300, psychic 300
  • Buffs: 10 runspeed each shoulder
  • Cost: medium strong character or buy from GMI

Cloak of the reanimated gladiator/jester/ranger/summoner

An item that has to be tradeskilled in 2 parts, first drom tradeable items and then by adding nodrop loot from high level prisoners. One of the best back items for a froob, the illusionist and healer variants buff less ruspeed than the gladiator/jester/ranger/summoner ones.


  • Where to get: make from Deformed Mantidae Wing from mantisses in Smuggler’s Den or buy from GMI.
  • Requirements: 526 agil, 476 strength (for ql200 version)
  • Buffs: upto 60 runspeed
  • Cost: ± 12mill, or time

Quick list

(*) = best version
Composite Martial   30  *
Coffee              24  *
Boots infinite buff 65  
Graft: Playful Cub  100 *
Gridspace Freedom   720 *
Faster than shadow  250 

Kodaik Velocity     500 
Yalmaha XL          300
The Poniard         500
The Stiletto        600 *

Collar Casero	    30  
Stripped Board      150 
1k board            210
Experimental Cyborg 200 
Profiteer's Helper  250 *

Runspeed Implants   210 *
Leather Vest        20  *
Rhysen's Cap        20  
Vision of Hope      50  *
Dancing king        75  *
Ring of haste       100 *
Ring of the Endless 104 *
Durable Boost       15x2*
Dragonwing Arms     25x2*
Gem of the sands    10x2*
Cloak of the rean   150 *
Mantis Gloves       60  *
Total of best(*)=   2593 total 

Ring of Haste may be found in the Mort Sentinels static mission building EASY side. It drops about 90% of the time off the Entvined humanoids. Enter the static mission and stay along the right hand wall and turn at right-hand doors and and you’ll find them. Easy peasy. For some odd reason the Entvined human paired with the rhinoman in the large room almost never drops the ring ( and it’s on the left hand wall and thus a left-hand wall door).

Where exactly are the static mission building entrances? Mort Sentinels outpost right next to the grid entry/exit terminal post. Of the three buildings the EASY door is on the right side. Once inside you’ll know you’re in the correct building by peeking into the first room - if you see a Rhinoman and a Medusa you are good to go. Medusa are Matronistic chauvinists and never attack female player characters - including RK missions. For froob characters I purposefully roll female because I know at some point I’ll be farming soul fragments to make VTE’s and it makes running around DAV looking for Elder Medusa a much easier task.

Static missions will reset if no one is inside or has entered the building on a 10 minute timer. Best check and confirm that roll-over timer because at one time it recycled on a 6 minute clock. There are no chests to be found.

By the way, the level 90+ rhinomen in the easy static mission drop Rhinoman Armor QL90 - QL129 pieces frequently. The Medusa never drop MIY armor in the static building. NEVER. So don’t waste time hoping that I’m wrong. More. If you enter the middle static building to the left of the easy static you’ll find Aquaans. The Aquaans drop MIY melee and ranged about 50% of the time.

The hard side static mission building Borg do drop MIY gear, though infrequently at best.