New Subway TL7 Items (is on LIVE)

(latest item updates are outlined in green, while previous update will be in red)

This most likely isn’t a complete list, stuff like: , might drop.

Please share your opinions about them (changes too)!

UPDATE1: 22/10/2020

New Item:
Mark of the Bloodless

BBI Faithful 1000:

  • -2000 Aimed Shot modifier
  • +30 Evade

Vagabond Cloak:

  • +800 to all AC’s
  • +300 Max Health

Reinforced Bau Cyber Armor:

  • Small boost to AAO/AAD
  • Every piece gives a small boost to evades / nano resist / NCU / computer literacy / nano delta / nano cost % / direct nano damage % / healing efficiency %

UPDATE 2: 23/10/2020

Illegally Modified Shark:

  • Added Fling Shot
  • -10 min dmg and - 5 max dmg

Vicious Support Beam of Malice:

  • Added Sneak Attack
  • Added Fast Attack
  • +30 min damage -15 max damage
  • +250 Max Health

Distraction Rifle:

  • Added Fling Shot

Combat Assist Wen-Wen:

  • Completely Changed

Aspect of Paralyzing Fear:

  • +25 AAD

Symbiotic Nanite Gloves:

  • +4% Heal Efficiency
  • +1% Direct Nano Damage
  • +250 Max Health

Eumenides’s Omni-Pol Forest Body Armor:

  • +2 Crit Increase
  • +250 Max Health
  • +5 Add All Damage

Supreme Officer Worker Suit:

  • +250 Max Health
  • +500 Max Nano
  • +10 Evade / Dodge / Duck
  • +25 AAD
  • +75 Nano Init

Mark of Bloodless:

  • +5% Heal Reactivity

Survivalist Leather Armor Legwear:

  • +500 Max Health
  • +5 AAD
  • +5 Heal Delta

Illegaly Augmented Ofab Mongoose:

  • Added Brawl
  • Added Dimach
  • Slight min damage and crit increase

Perfected Diamondine Kick Pistol:

  • -200 Critical Damage

UPDATE 3: 23/10/2020

Counterfeit fr00b T-Shirt
Gives actual stats now:

  • +2500 AC’s
  • +1500 HP

Illegally-Modified Dreadloch Tigress:

  • Icon change

UPDATE 4: 26/10/2020

Illegally Augmented Ofab Mongoose:

  • Defence skills: Evade ClsC (was Dodge Ranged before)
  • NODROP tag added

Lost Blade of Elder Tsunayoshi:

  • Max Damage increased by 15
  • Crit Damage increased by 100

Illegally Modified Dreadloch Obliterator:

  • Min Damage increased by 35
  • Max Damage increased by 50
  • Crit Damage increased by 50

Fetid Vagabond Cloak:

  • NODROP tag added

Counterfeit fr00b T-shirt:

  • NODROP tag added

Belt of Great Justice:

  • NODROP tag added

smh funcom just teasing crats with that suit, give us some good loot wtf!!!

AR has been creeping up for years yet crats still have the same damn evades, theres no reason for wearing a full def build anymore because people can perk the prof whose only line of defense is their evades, why is that even possible lol

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Illegally-Modified Dreadloch Tigress: Is perfect.

Illegaly Modified Dreadloch Modified Shark (so many “modified” in name): lack min dmg and crit, maybe 350-570(570) give it also fling shot and can works.

Illegaly Modified Dreadloch Remodulator: Kinda nice.

Illegaly Modified Dreadloch Obliterator: burst special is ok, but imo lack min dmg, max dmg, crit, come on its a grenade launcher! put same numbers as Tigress at least if want ppl use it.

Illegaly Modified Dreadloch Panther: Is ok, maybe same debuf as normal one, and set MBS 2750?

Illegaly Modified Dreadloch Thrasher: Well soldiers was waiting for years a Fling shot, burst, FA weapon, and it comes with Ranged Ener instead Assault Rifle? Disapointed on that one. Also lack dmg compared with Achaean Conqueror, not sure if fling can cover that.

Support Beam of Malice & Vicious one: Need Fast attack, and more crit dmg, and as wish Sneak Attack xD

Distraction Rifle: Well we need to know the chance of that stun to know if worth or not, for dmg ofc not.

BBI Faithful 1000: How many bullets can carry? Will advs finally cap 15k FA? I hope so…

Lost Blade of Elder Tsunayoshi: Kinda nice for PVP if u put SA on it (Can we have some day Edge of Tarasque sword look with SA pretty please?).

Illegally Augmented Ofab Mongoose: Lack dmg and MBS

100% agree. Even ofab back is way better than that imo. That Suit have good numbers for tl5

Offtopic: When will crats have nano/toolset to give the pets and the character same dmg type? And maybe bit more AR on both pets (not dmg just AR). On test live last night exploring the new dungeon, seems fairly well balanced.


shhhhh ffs

Survivalist Leather Armor Pants … theres ur +15 evades dude! :stuck_out_tongue:

No really … my crat is still in 2010 evade setup … super useless!

Little update on some of the weapon procs

vagabond cloak has been updated, lookin better for crats but could maybe use a bit more, getting there fc!!

Also another note, if whoever is developing these items is reading:

I really like the idea of armors with debuff resistance, but I’m not sure 10% is enough for ppl to swap from awakened beast. I think 20-30% for each of those pieces of cyber armor would really shake up the current meta in PVP and could be really interesting.


Looking for this… instance? Or it willb open PF w/o raid neede? Also, will this work as Tl7 TOTW with separate zones conected with portals?

Wich back item would gain BRAND new look, like this (for example):

I assume it will be in the same fashion as the totw one :slight_smile:

Also totally agree with Enfohip. Today’s pvp is filled with awakened CH users, makes it really impossible to outvalue it with different setups (AO should be about theory crafting all sorts of setups and making them work!). A lot of tankiness in combination with everyone having a CH made pvp not so fun these days.

id agree with Hip and mali here.

i love the idea to add stuff like these Debuff resist %'s into the armours that will mix up the builds and really make certain builds interesting. but lets take the the Reinforced Bau Cyber Body Armor for example to make someone drop the awake beast chest plate is gonna take a little more % imo. for a trox to drop awake chest they will lose a 700hp 500 nano also will drop chance for complete heal (in my opinion we should be tempting some profs away from the beast ch instead of all profs using)

i feel like if these percentages were a little bit more like hip said 20-30% would entice people but maybe thats to much even 15%/20% on the chest instead of the 10% as an example would people forget more about the big losses they would miss from other items.

first, beast CH should not even exist


but it does exist so now what ? gotta tempt people away from it

tank armor, legwear and gloves looks very good for NT will you sacrifice your CH ?

more options for nano resists on the cyber armor:

NT nukes (not sure how hard that would be to add in, maybe just garuk or something.

trader drains


could replace the DoT and snare resists with some of these, as theres not much value in dot and snares

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Illegally-Modified Dreadloch Tigress needs to get it’s profession requirement removed. Every other weapon has no profession requirement, so why should this one have it? It’d open up for more diversity throughout tl7 pvm/pvp area. At least change it to Martial-artists too, who actually has support for it.


Very big change to some of the items, to keep this thread tidy changed items will have an outline so you know what to look for, I will also keep posting the changes in the main post

EDIT: My opinion about the updates:

  • The Cyber Armor stat increase is nice, but still not powerful enough to make it a viable swap for awakened beast armour (perhaps increasing the resistances of the items from 10% to 20%)
  • All the other armor pieces got a really nice update, I still feel the crat cloak is still not good enough , if we compare it to vagabond fetid cloak, you lose 75 defense and gain 450 health and 1000 max nano ( crat don’t have nano issues?), so the vagabond cloak would still be a better option in my opinion, I would personally increase the evade gain on the Supreme Officer Worker Suit further (perhaps from +50 evades to +150 evades , so it beats the vagabond fetid cloak ever so slightly)
  • Soldiers and Enforcers will surely enjoy their new special attack additions to dshark and the 2hb beam
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Why the nerf to PDKP ? Seem out of place.