Exquisite silk armor boost

Can we please have this legendary armor found in the Unnamed City and cannot be repaired have some armor value that is of value? It has no bonus outside additional armor but that armor value is only 135 for the two. SL Light with a shieldwright provides 211 and it has bonuses on top of that. Could we please have these pieces each hold 400 armor so a set is 800 but keep the no bonuses? It’s legendary gear that will eventually break but it’s claim is that it has higher armor. This is no longer the case.


In this instance I think it should be the other way around.

Currently light armor has way too much armor value still, you can get 40% damage reduction from simple crafted light armor with a shieldwright and some kits without any grit whatsoever. I don’t think that’s very balanced, especially considering how the curve follows from there on :man_shrugging:

That being said, these specific legendaries could have a few dozen more I guess, but I’m just saying the reason shouldn’t be because regular light armor already has too much so this needs more :stuck_out_tongue:

True but at the moment, light doesn’t have the advantages it used to over the others.

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No more nerf suggestions please. @erjoh is correct, they forget to adjust these pieces correctly. Why we all should suffer a light armor nerf? A big no on nerfs, enough already!
These pieces need attention, and to this attention we must focus.
@erjoh did you happen to see what’s going on with the boots and pants from the bat boss. It’s been some time i haven’t get them.

Still light with slightly higher armor values. However still 120 HP bonus and 12%AD bonus and 1800 durability.

Best agility light build boots and pants IMHO. And can get the master reinforcement kit to double durability. However it’s a legendary so RNG and unnamed city loot % so you are looking at significant grind time of the albino bat.

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Amazing! Even if i farm them i wont use them :rofl::rofl::rofl:, but it’s good to know. Thanks a million @erjoh :metal:.


Not how that works :stuck_out_tongue: It’s math @stelagel … I know you don’t like numbers, but there’s only so far “positivity” goes in this case… It gets transformed into a curve of percentages with diminishing returns… In this case buffing takes away from the game rather than adding to it to the point that light armor class is almost entirely eliminated :man_shrugging: So you cannot suggest buffing everything else just to avoid changing numbers downwards… since this is a unique case where it won’t do anything.

In any case I was talking about light armor in general like I said, not these legendaries specifically.

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Do not nerf enemies sure, but go ahead and nerf players.
We are too powerful… I recently started a new game, leveled up full agility, killed a boss for a legendary → Ended up with Baal-Pteor’s Lodestone, a strength weapon.

Still demolishing absolutely everything when I’m walking around naked with a strength weapon and agility stats only…

Either nerf players, or buff NPCs… But the latter requires a whole AI revamp, because tweaking numbers just creates damage sponges that can potentially one shot you, but that will never hit you because they’re too dumb.

Remember when the Katana Special Dash was OP?
Yeah it sure felt good to absolutely melt everything with it, could take kill Rotbranch in 2-3 combos (and that’s when bosses had HP), but after the fix/nerf, I’m glad it’s like that.

We’re only attached to OP things while we have them; when they go, we adapt.
Nerfing is not problematic, as long as it’s fair. Power-creep is much more problematic.

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So it’s another case of “make the Legendaries truly legendary” but with armors instead of weapons?

→ This is the main reason we have a terrible mess with absolutely overpowered Legendary weapons that are extremely easy to acquire, while high-end crafted weapons are utter garbage.

↳ Now let’s do that with armor too!!! We’ve invalidated Blacksmiths because Legendaries. We’ve invalidated Taskmasters because near-instant thralls. We’re also going to invalidate Armorers because of Legendary armors now?

Soon, very soon, the meta will be to never craft anything else that stone daggers, and only loot your gear :theworst:

Numbers are just a calculating method, they can do literally nothing to someone so he won’t like them. What they count is what can make someone don’t like them, for example i don’t want to tell you how many trees, houses, etc was burned in the last week fire in my island, this number hurts!
But generally in my gaming time i play with what i like and the style i like, so no matter if something can be more effective, i really don’t care, i prefer what pleases me and i don’t see numbers. For example, of course there are way better armors than light dragon bone, i don’t care i like this one! Surely there are better weapons than act of violence, again i don’t care i like this one.
If with this armor and this weapon i can solo literally everything in the map, why should i care for more?
That’s why i don’t want to see changes in light armors, i played so much in heavy and executioners hood i am full of it for now. I enjoy the freedom of light armor, shoot me :wink:.
Plus i have created an allergy in the word nerf, sorry my friend :heart:

It’s a three year fight in this forum that this statement is against, did you know that?

The game started with a very vulnerable toon. You cannot imagine how vulnerable our toon was, you could die so easily and in so many ways you cannot even imagine.
Then devs started to buff thralls not our toons and they took the buff so high that they created god thralls. Especially in pvp you could be one shoted even with heavy armor from a god thrall with SoC. Then mounts arrived and after awhile of balancing they fixed the mounts but they became pvp horror again because you couldn’t be easily one shoted again :confused:.
This game does not serve pve only you know, serves pvp too. And no matter if my friend @Barnes told me in the past not to look pvp when a game is designed, i am no dev and i cannot do this :man_shrugging:. I am a player who likes fair and this i’ll always be. So i find it fair our toons to be the damn heroes of this game and all the rest can stay low.
We fought 3 years to be this strong, i won’t turn my back to my own wishes, it’s wrong. I love the strength my toon has, i am pleased now.
And for the record… I never needed to become this strong :wink:. If i want extra difficulty i have good imagination and people in here helped me a lot too, that’s why i love the members of this forum so much, they help me to have really good time, even my friend @sestus2009 calls me mazochist :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Sorry for the big post gentlemen, it’s always a pleasure to speak with you :metal:


Yet some people choose to not “believe” in them and rather cling to baseless anecdotal incidents :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that. Hope you’re all good.

With this you’re sort of opting yourself out of any sensible discussion about the subject though :smiley: And before you misunderstand, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t participate like some people say that so often on these forums… I am merely pointing out that by not caring and basically ignoring this aspect of the game, I’m not sure you’re the right person to ask about this aspect :slight_smile: but only because your own approach towards it.

Well, maybe that’s part of the problem, now isn’t it? (but a smaller part of a much larger one) :slight_smile: But essentially if we look at this through your approach… does it really make a difference to you whether light armor protects 40% or 20%? You said you’re going to pick the same stuff regardless of its efficiency… and you like challenges and will complete the game regardless… In that sense it’s actually a good thing for you… slightly more challenge, you can take 1 less hit in the same set :man_shrugging:

Oh, me too, that’s why I did not use that word… YOU did :slight_smile:
I could propose altering the armor curve to even more extremes and leaving the items themselves alone… however I’m afraid in doing so Funcom will let us down and leave pets hanging even more… who have nothing but their natural armor… so only because of this I would rather see restrictions on the light armor pieces themselves… even if just not allowing armor plating kits on it :man_shrugging:

In any case, this is off-topic and we kinda hijacked @erjoh 's thread about a couple of legendary items, so this is my last post regarding this topic :slight_smile:

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You are right @Xevyr, apologies @erjoh!

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Not sure I understand every single part of what you’re saying, but basically, nerfing players affects all of PvP equally.
Now you point out thralls and mounted combat, which I consider to be extensions of player power, and I totally agree that players should not be weaker than their extensions, which means thralls should not automatically be the main damage source, and mounted combat should not be too strong either (it should be powerful but with very punishing counterplay IMO)

Again, I agree on this, the power should be in the players’ hands instead of relegated to their extensions automatically, aka. thralls.
I may not play PvP but I always consider it and how it should be, because I play a lot of other PvP games and I just cannot avoid considering it :upside_down_face:

“Fair” does not equate “blatantly overpowered”. What is fair is when you have the tools to deal with everything but your skill determines whether you can put those tools to good use and prevail, or if you cannot and you fail. Enable godmode and be Superman if you want, I rather be a normal but skillful Batman if I have to choose a hero.

Right now, the only skill you need for PvE is to identify attack patterns (very easy, most moves are limited) and have a decent reaction time to dodge properly.

BUT on top of that, you can be absolute dogsh*t and still prevail due to ridiculously forgiving perks like Glutton for Punishment in PvE, and in PvP more generally Last Stand to avoid dying rather than being victorious but still extremely forgiving.

You also have FBEZUIFZEIFNOZE target lock??? This is one of the worst thing ever, never ever play with target lock, it demolishes your skill and prevents you from getting good (I got sidetracked here, but I genuinely hate the idea of target lock).

My point is, giving players the tools to be victorious is totally different from offering them a free win.
The first is a hero, the second is a glorified spectator.

So you’re the reason the game is so ridiculously easy? :notlikethis:
I am not pleased with the current lack of challenges in the game.

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After some K of hours in this game, no matter the condition you have to create your own challenges, that’s what i do years now. But generally i agree with what you say have no doubt about it :wink:.

I don’t recall any of us saying nerf crafted items when making pleas to bring legendary stuff up. That was FC zero-sum wisdom. Legendaries need to be awesome and we shouldn’t tiptoe around it just because FC feels they have to nerf other items as well because… reasons.


I’m usually against nerfing things in general. But if a nerf can happen in one direction so a buff can happen in another. Then I’m all for it.

Ever since epic armor was added to the game, Light Armor has had a distinct advantage over Medium in protection. This is because the damage reduction given by Epic Light isn’t much less than Epic Medium but you got all the perks of Light. Medium was just a pure disadvantage in nearly every case.

Thus it made Epic Light Armor a armor you could tank blows and have a fast enough stamina regen to just DPS stuff down. If it couldn’t tank those blows, especially with the kind of damage coming out on the regular by monsters and NPCs, then it could receive more unique bonuses to compensate.

At the end of the day we want the three armor types to have unique features, not simply do the same thing, with slightly different values. So I would like to see it get its inflated damage reduction qualities get mitigated for bonuses elsewhere.

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I do agree @Taemien , worry not!
All these years i adapt to the new changes easy and even if someone can play and enjoy, the “gaps” these choices create are very visible. Yes things could be better, always.
Yet i am never in position to understand if something is intentionally forgotten, or simply forgotten! Like the case of @erjoh about silk legendary pieces, i have spotted some other legendary pieces as well that their durability is no legendary at all and i cannot understand why?
So what i do as a player, is put them in a chest with a bitterness that i collect them.
It’s good that we create conversations about how we feel about some things in here.
When they happen to read, they will gain the opinions they need to act as they wish.
And since i replied again in this topic, which is absolutely fine don’t take me wrong, but my posts really derailed this topic i would like to clarify for a last time one thing to my fellow @Xevyr.
I believe in you!
I believe in your math skills and i am great full.
I support you.

I play in a crappy console, i cannot calculate i don’t have the tools for it. The only reason i wanted your help for these anecdotal experiences was to clarify if what i experience from times to times is a hidden mechanic or and anecdotal performance of my console :man_shrugging:.
I haven’t asked just you, i have asked lots and lots of people and i still do. After all these years i am still to zero. So my conclusion is more or less what you say. But it’s very often for ps4 users to accept a crucial hit on back and loose irregular amount of hp, not always but enough times to make you wonder about this anecdote.
It’s simply observation through gaming experience, nothing else. I am not “creating” things neither the ones who complain on my vocal groups and accept these amounts of damage “creating” anything. All you’ll listen is a screaming “how” in the vocal “wtf”.
Yet NOT ALWAYS. It’s not something that happens all the time. So i cannot ever gather the info i need to report it as a bug. But it’s not illusion, yet it is anecdotal i agree 100%.
Thank you for your help :+1:t6:

Crafted weapons haven’t exactly been “nerfed”.
Enemy HP has been cut down super hard, so it makes sense for crafted weapons to be tuned down accordingly → Crafted weapons have been rebalanced.

Now the issue is, Funcom did :poop: with their rebalancing, good example there:

• The issue is not with the overall power level of crafted weapons, but the balance in-between them, because high-end crafted weapons are weaker than basic ones.
• The next issue comes from accessibility vs. power level; legendary weapons are easy to acquire, obsidian or black ice are (relatively) much more difficult to acquire, but in comparison they are plain garbage.

→ Legendary weapons should be difficult enough to acquire for crafted weapons to be your general go-to option, because again, crafted weapons aren’t bad as an absolute, but simply due to context.
Still, I’m pretty sure if Funcom implemented something that required effort (real effort, not tedious RNG) to get Legendaries, people would scream because they don’t like nerfs even if what they have is totally overpowered and imbalanced.

The math is overall quite simple:
DamageReduction = ArmorValue ÷ (ArmorValue+500)

That’s understandable :notlikethis:


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