New Items (Anniversary Patch?)

Item Changes:


Support Beam of Malice

  • +500 HP
  • min damage boost

Obsidian Defiler

  • +100 max damage


Fortified Construction Sleeves

  • +5 to all trade skills
  • -50 AC’s

New Items:


  • Skull of Anguish (1handed blunt weapon for 205+)
  • Overtuned Freedom Arms 3927 Chapman (twink pistols for 201+)
  • Gamma Reaper (1handed SMG weapon for 205+)
  • Boreal Blade of Inobak (1he weapon for 205+)
  • Slayerdroid Notum-Imbued Claw (new 1handed piercing weapon for 205+)
  • Bone of a Champion (martial arts left handed weapon for 210+)


  • Muleta (defensive utils2)
  • Grotesque Butcher Gloves (melee gloves for 205+)
  • The Bull’s Ring of Restoration (+25 treatment / first aid +10 bm / mm ring for 201+)
  • The Bull’s Ring of Literacy (+25 comp literacy / tutoring +10 ts / mc ring for 201+)
  • Preserved Colonist Set (new anniversary reward leveling armour set)

Lots of new social items

I will update the thread as / if more items get added. If you have any suggestions for the new items, please share them!


Many of these weapons are not technically new, but from the RK2019 birthday event. The support Beam of Malice is from the Abmouth Indomitus boss for example, and not the same item as the Vicious Support Beam of Malice from the subway raid.

Bone of a Champion, The Bull’s Ring of Restoration and The Bull’s Ring of Literacy are new items I think. Possibly from a new boss? Or maybe the loot will be made available some other way? Edit: after reading AndyB’s post, I suspect it’s from the Desert Nomad Arena :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Out of nostalgia, I love the old “cow” texture on the SharpShuut’s gloves :blush: :cow2:

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No Soldier love I can see :unamused: or froob love either. I guess the Colonist’s armor bundle will drop from the Drifter. Otherwise it all looks shiny! :partying_face:

why the F you guys only add content for these boring tl7s!!! give some love to lower lvl players!!!

I presume that armor is available only through subscription, not lootable or obtainable in-game.


Anyone know how to find the stats of the Preserved Colonist Life Support System and the other 20 year bday items at varies quality levels?

AndyB why oh why you guys keep adding items to the game that nobody will ever ever use besides random lvling toons??? Some of the utils/weps and TS items may be used but just seems like so much wasted time and energy to introduce all these new items when 90% of them will never get utilized. Please introduce some weapons/tems that end game characters can use to change things up. The new Subway and Totw raids were amazing examples of this. New content is new content though, so I appreciate FC for providing us with that!!

Put the shade CL brain “Rejected Brain Spirit of Computer Skill” to allow 200 shade to equip pande belt!!! please :sob:

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Anyone here who have Preserved Colonist set? I am wondering how to get a helmet!?

Is the Ganimede Jetpack available somewhere during this event? I’m missing it on some toons, and don’t recall whether it was from the Rider event or Xmas…

It should be the 2nd reward in your daily rewards tab. Afaik.

thank you!

As a rule of thumb creating items that could end up being Best in Slot and attaching it to a yearly event that additionally has a massive RNG component is highly, highly problematic.

This event has 3 notable examples of potentially problematic drops as is.

The Mausser Rail Gun (best PvP AS gun for fixers, possibly Soldiers).

The Muleta (potentially best Utils 2 item in extremely evade PvP builds).

The Gamma Reaper (this would need some more testing, which I can’t do as I can’t get the damn thing) that might actually be an upgrade to the Rhat Ata.

So unless these things are made available year round somehow, they all need slight nerfs.

I’m hoping we might actually see that rumored Fireman’s raid, and we could see the Mausser, Muleta and Reaper show up there.