180842 New Items

Some new stuff!

180842 new item scripts in a zip!

Lorens on a trox! … don’t even bother to ask how it looks on opifex … those skinny butt elf’s ain’t supported! ( i don’t own that armor set, so don’t ask me how to get one. Picture was received by editing characterviewer.xml )



And now again! u have to pay for 12 months to get the whole set only 109 € pay off

lol and I just renewed for a year about a week ago. sigh…

This 2 scripts doesnt work for me, i have split it in 3 parts with 9 items each

Thanks @DrUrban <3

I added this script on AOvault ! :slight_smile:

Seriously, can we get this new stuff to be made yesdrop? (I’m assuming this is anniversary loot, and not some paid armor set?).

There is a serious dearth of useful/rare/interesting stuff to buy on GMI. Almost everything powerful in the last 10 years has been made nodrop, and everything rare in-game has just become a curiosity. Which is basically a garbage way of doing things. And this armor, like the Reaper stuff, creates a serious gap between people who were subscribers and got lucky at the point it dropped and people who show up later (not to mention the fact that if its anything like Reaper, you can show up to a dozen spawns and still not get the armor you want on the character you wanted it on).

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