New Halloween Phats?

Will there be new halloween boss that I can monopolize? Or new items from instance?

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I sure do hope so, for your sake.


Heard that there is some new stuff

180830 New items in a script format, copy, save in to a file, put file in to your scripts folder … or download from link … spam inside AO
( org chats / private channels of bots, script is too big for public channels … ooc … .etc, if you want to spam those, split it in to a 2 pieces(Advanced comp … confuser voodoo magic is required to make 1 script in to a 2 - ( 2048 bytes MAX!/piece/script , what ever )

180830 new items script

<a href="text://<a href='itemref://304007/304007/1'>Loud Noises</a><img src=rdb://130858></a><br><a href='itemref://304030/304030/1'>Metamorphogenetic Facemask - Black</a><img src=rdb://304068></a><br><a href='itemref://304031/304031/1'>Metamorphogenetic Sleeve - Black</a><img src=rdb://304064></a><br><a href='itemref://304032/304032/1'>Metamorphogenetic Body Armor - Black</a><img src=rdb://304065></a><br><a href='itemref://304033/304033/1'>Metamorphogenetic Legwear - Black</a><img src=rdb://304069></a><br><a href='itemref://304034/304034/1'>Metamorphogenetic Gloves - Black</a><img src=rdb://304067></a><br><a href='itemref://304035/304035/1'>Metamorphogenetic Boots - Black</a><img src=rdb://304066></a><br><a href='itemref://304036/304036/1'>Metamorphogenetic Facemask - Green</a><img src=rdb://304074></a><br><a href='itemref://304037/304037/1'>Metamorphogenetic Sleeve - Green</a><img src=rdb://304070></a><br><a href='itemref://304038/304038/1'>Metamorphogenetic Body Armor - Green</a><img src=rdb://304071></a><br><a href='itemref://304039/304039/1'>Metamorphogenetic Legwear - Green</a><img src=rdb://304075></a><br><a href='itemref://304040/304040/1'>Metamorphogenetic Gloves - Green</a><img src=rdb://304073></a><br><a href='itemref://304041/304041/1'>Metamorphogenetic Boots - Green</a><img src=rdb://304072></a><br><a href='itemref://304042/304042/1'>Metamorphogenetic Facemask - Pink</a><img src=rdb://304080></a><br><a href='itemref://304043/304043/1'>Metamorphogenetic Sleeve - Pink</a><img src=rdb://304076></a><br><a href='itemref://304044/304044/1'>Metamorphogenetic Body Armor - Pink</a><img src=rdb://304077></a><br><a href='itemref://304045/304045/1'>Metamorphogenetic Legwear - Pink</a><img src=rdb://304081></a><br><a href='itemref://304046/304046/1'>Metamorphogenetic Gloves - Pink</a><img src=rdb://304079></a><br><a href='itemref://304047/304047/1'>Metamorphogenetic Boots - Pink</a><img src=rdb://304078></a><br><a href='itemref://304049/304049/1'>Cast Aside</a><img src=rdb://130858></a><br><a href='itemref://304053/304053/1'>Nano Cube (Pumpking)</a><img src=rdb://302888></a><br><a href='itemref://304054/304054/1'>Nano Cube (Pumpprince)</a><img src=rdb://302888></a><br><a href='itemref://304059/304059/1'>Gift of the Hollow Reaper</a><img src=rdb://227904></a><br><a href='itemref://304060/304060/1'>Gift of the Hollow Reaper</a><img src=rdb://205832></a><br><a href='itemref://304063/304063/1'>Gift of the Hollow Reaper</a><img src=rdb://227904></a><br><a href='itemref://304086/304086/1'>Box with a Zombie Face</a><img src=rdb://304089></a><br><a href='itemref://304087/304087/1'>Box with a Skull Face</a><img src=rdb://304088></a><br><a href='itemref://304128/304128/200'>The Reapers Robes</a><img src=rdb://304093></a><br><a href='itemref://304129/304129/200'>The Reapers Legwear</a><img src=rdb://304094></a><br><a href='itemref://304130/304130/200'>The Reapers Cloak</a><img src=rdb://304095></a><br><a href='itemref://304134/304134/1'>The Darktooth Grin Boxer Shorts</a><img src=rdb://304092></a><br><a href='itemref://304135/304135/1'>The Darktooth Grin Bikini Bottom</a><img src=rdb://304091></a><br><a href='itemref://304136/304136/1'>The Darktooth Grin Bikini Top</a><img src=rdb://304090></a><br><a href='itemref://304143/304143/1'>Michizures Plaything 2</a><img src=rdb://156598></a><br><a href='itemref://304144/304144/1'>Doot Doot Stick</a><img src=rdb://264812></a><br><a href='itemref://304145/304145/1'>Ears of the Cerulean Figure</a><img src=rdb://304096></a><br><a href='itemref://304148/304148/1'>Ears of the Emerald Beast</a><img src=rdb://304097></a><br><a href='itemref://304157/304157/1'>Ornamental Support Beam</a><img src=rdb://304098></a><br><a href='itemref://304158/304158/1'>Ornamental Hunting Rifle</a><img src=rdb://304100></a><br><a href='itemref://304159/304159/1'>Ornamental Blade</a><img src=rdb://304101></a><br><a href='itemref://304160/304160/1'>Ornamental Pistol</a><img src=rdb://304099></a>">180830 New Items</a>

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Very nice, thanks for the script. The Reapers armour looks great and judging from the icons the ornamental weapons too :blush:
Also ears :ear::smiley:

What do I use to open the file after I’ve saved it?

If you saved it as myscript.txt, you can type in game:


Open it with AO? Cool thanx.

nvm dates are in launch screen

Why No XP in the underground missions? Last year it was a great way to get levels from killing the end boss.

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Anyone know what the Reaper’s respawn rate is or what makes him spawn?

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I just came to ask that same question.

I think the Reapers respawn is 8-10 hours or so Ive been told.

Anyone found the black morph suit yet? I have the pink and green and everything else but the Reaper stuff… bot no sign of the black “metamorphogenetic” suit.

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Individual pieces come in the gifts that you get by walking through the grave stone that spawns after the Hollow Reaper is killed. I’m not sure if he drops any pieces too maybe. Either way it seems like it will require a lot of luck to get a set.

So far I’ve seen from these gifts:

  • Ql250 Lya pieces
  • Ql250 Miy pieces
  • Ql250 Nano Targeting Helper
  • Reaper’s body and legs
  • Black Metamoblablabla pieces :wink:

So it’s going to be nearly impossible to get that on a frozen alt when I can’t count on having those specific moments free, least of all without knowing when they’ll be. Guess I’ll have to settle for green and pink.

I’m saving my pieces just in case FC decides to make them yesdrop later on :blush: I hope they will, similar to Orchid Plasteel which is equally rare social.

Black Morph does drop from the reaper.

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Does anyone know if the cloak can drop from the Gifts?

Everything the Reaper drops can be obtained from the gifts