180850 New Items

18.08.50 New Items as a script pack (zip) - I don’t know how or where to get these items … so … Don’t ask!

18.08.50 New Items Script Zip


Has anyone checked out the MP pet yet? Wondering what its like

I love that there is NEW content. Really. However, such dungeon is aimed (sigh) again for 201+. While it would be useful for 190+ to revive various BS ranges and twinking possibilities. I hope it will be changed along with reqs on some items.

Completely agree with you. It’s nice that there is new content but the thing that needs revitalisation the most is the mid game.

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People are already twinking on some insane stuff at low levels. No need for more twinking ability imo.

to onest those items would be good only if they were lvl 150+ but on thal lvl they would be super op. lvl 175-200 are total unreadable.

There is new symbz/spirit from daily reward for level 200 (FC forgot to add spirit brain CL for shade it seems)