180834 New Items!

18.08.34 had a lot of new stuff. I can post more detail of items here … but be patient, i don’t watch forums 24/7

180834 New Items scripts in a zip file ( 8 scripts )

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Thanks DrUrban :heart:

looks like froobs wil get new weapons what is nice i just dont understand why is there lvl req 220…

Most of these weapons, armours, NCU’s and belts appear to be level-scaling items with very low requirements and mostly intended for powerleveled characters. That makes me think they’ll probably be either subscription rewards or item store purchases.

Edit: I can’t wait to see these armours in game. Based on the icons, they’ll look interesting :blush: Also I approve of the pretty icon for the 45 NCU chip :smiley:

I’m very interested about the Nano Crystals and what they contain. I hope that what is coming up will make life a little easier. Like… an easy way to obtain all Nano Programs (except the very special ones like GA I to IV… and I would wish to have all profs Nano Progs of a similar magnitude, think of it as the icing on the cake) of a profession. For some professions this can be a real grind or damn expensive (or both when you look at the availability of some Nanos in GMI).

I’m with Saavick here, most of these items seem to be leveling, which would also explain the huge number of items added. I really hope it will make life a bit easier and also more fun for all players. Even if it would mean to streamline the game a little bit more.

IMHO making things easier never made a better game. Look at WoW.
For me it would even ruin the game.
But maybe its just me :roll_eyes:

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Looks to be all items for the itemstore. :man_shrugging:

Pure supposition: Unless new items are related to the upcoming special server, whatever it is, and are in the database for the time the new server closes and characters and merged with the normal server. In the case of an AoC-like “Saga” server.

Once again, just some hypothesis.

lol why u want to even play if u want have everithing easy ? that nano packs are total nonsense. u are all whinig like is game broken becouse of credz and now when u got something new u are lazy to grind and get stuf with clasic way

yes all items are pay to win

eh while I like AO’s oddities I can see how many new/modern MMO players would be really confused by the disperal of nano skills having to be hunted down in so many ways: regular shops, jobe shops, pvp shop, some in gardens, some in sanctuaries, some must be clicksaver’d and some are only dyna drops. Youcant argue how confusing that is for ‘modern’ gamers.

not saying I want nanos to be buyable in the cash shop though, I can just see why they would want to do it from a publisher’s standpoint to attract new gamers and/or make money off lazy old gamers who dont want to run all over the place to get all the nanos for their new characters.

Did I write anything about “make everything easy”? No. I would just want a little more direction in what to do in the game. And a little more accessibility for new players. Just think about a completely new player coming from Steam.
At first he sees a game with very outdated graphics. When he decides to keep on playung he first plays through Arete, a very streamlined tutorial zone which even fits modern standards. The he comes to ICC, which also guides the way a fair bit, pointing to the Subway, TotW, SoM, Foremans. And then the new player reaches a dead end. Either a grind fest of doing mission after mission, or, if he decides to pay, a grindfest of killing hecklers. Yes, it got a little more direction with questlines in SL and some dailies in the Reck, but it’s still a grind. And to add to that grind, he also can’t go to thw shopping terminals to get new nano programs, because max level there is 120, which leaves a great number nano programs in another grind fest. For some professions the number of nanos not available in the shopping terminals is more than a hundred. And we’re not talking about very nice to have programs here (like GA, for example), we’re talking about the toolset of a character. And that is something that shouldn’t have been like that even back in 2001. It just drives new players away from the game when you not only have a huge amount of grind to level up, but also to have some more grind to have your profesaion defining toolset.

I DON’T own any of these armors! Pictures was archieved by editing CharacterViewer.xml under prefs folder! … so dont ask me how to get them … because I DON’T own any of them/have access to any of those items.


Ha creative solution :smiley:

Nice looking armour, I like it.

thx for showing us.
but what about female opifex :smiley:

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But … those were Trox armors and woul fall off from skinny Opifexe’s! … and i feel a bit lazy … how lazy you ask


Soo lazy this trox is wearing Sloth x2 !!

It is a lot of trial and error type work. Solitus male& NM male share same body. same with soli&nm female. Trox has its own unique. Opi female has own unique, same with opi male. Unless aoitem updates to the latest patch, there is no easy way for me to figure right textures/meshes for opi’s

ps. Original image took me 2 and half hours of sweat , blood and tears … mostly sweat& tears.


Nice visuals, thanx for screencapz !


Opi Female wearing Trox? helmet & Trox tank! … see … it looks silly!


Looks like a Tank Poncho

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