That facebook poll... (fresh start server)

And the question of what was behind the poll was finally answered. I personally am excited. :slight_smile:

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Anarchy Online’s 2019 server invites you on a voyage across space…and time! Start fresh with original content from launch, then experience additional expansions and level caps over time. Coming Soon!

So it seems that AO will have its “Saga” temporary server.

Disclaimer: the following is a supposition based on the AoC "Saga BUT it may also be possible that it could be a server lasting longer and going through AO gaming history (?)"

If it’s a “Saga” type, to clarify a bit more for those who didn’t follow AoC, simply put, it’s a new temporary server where the game is installed in its original (more or less) version, without many features added overtime.

So it’s something like “start fresh in AO as it was 15 years ago or so”.

In AoC, you had goals to achieve that granted you rewards for the new character you create on the new server (one character per account), and when the server closes, your character is added to the normal server and some rewards become available for your normal characters (one reward can only go to one normal character).

AoC had a PvM “Saga” followed shortly by a PvP “Saga”. It ended some days ago. I assume the hardware is now available to be used for AO…

The idea in itself is nice. Like many old players I miss the pre-SL time.

Now it can be also a “lasting” server…

The concern in both cases (but MUCH more in the lasting sever case) is: can the current AO population withstand a split over servers. In AoC, for the PvM Saga, the normal server was pretty dead while Saga PvM was running. It’s not good if new players (I know, not many but we get a few every month in Athen Paladins) arrive on an empty planet.

That’s my fear (and seriously in the case the server is not a “Saga-like” one). But I’ll say it again, the idea of going back to the RK of the past is very seducing.

Edit: It could be also (I don’t know how in practice) an “accelerated” version of AO history where leveling is faster, still old-school, and additions are introduced faster.

Oh My God… Ian Warr wiping a 70 persons raidforce… Good old times! And there was a bot JUST to raid Supplymaster Eel… and sharks were swimming in the Stret and eating you slowly if you tried to swim… hence hydro vehicles and swim speed boosts… yeah!.

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From the few responses on social media so far it sounds more like a fresh start server that will stay. But it will start from the beginning without expansions and add them over time. I.e. it sound like a longer and more permanent thing than Saga and more like WoW classic (but different in that it will over time add expansions).

Thats how it reads to me too and I have to say I am kind of worried because of how much trouble/time its taking blizzard for classic servers because they kept reiterating how much work it will be. With WOW they’ve literally changed the game so much they said they cant just ‘go back’ but have to rebuild a lot of replaced/removed systems from the ground up. I can only assume Anarchy Online is in an even weirder position being an older and more esoteric game. I wonder if the resources spent creating a ‘classic’ server would be better spent on new content and fixes for the current release of the game? Personally, its just my opinion, but I would rather any developer attention focused on the live game and not some classic server but thats just me.

I, too, considered the possibility of a server that wouldn’t be a short-term one like Saga (some months). It’s really risky.

It could be also (I don’t know how in practice) an “accelerated” version of AO history where leveling is faster, still old-school, and additions are introduced faster.

Hmmm… thousands of new items added to the database…

Could those new items be related to the upcoming special server, whatever it is, and are in the database for the time the new server closes and characters and merged with the normal server? In the case of an AoC-like “Saga” server.

Just a hypothesis.

Discussion about this popping up on lightnet. Most people seem bewildered by the news of a new ‘fresh’ server. Seems the consensus is that it will be of interest to a few masochistic nostalgic die-hards and no one else. lol

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Just saw the FB post. Came here to post.

Me, my wife, and my friends who used to play are excited.

My dream AO has always been Original + NW…that’s it.

SL, to me really killed the game. It split it into two different games and the Sci-Fi war on Rubi-Ka became some convoluted fantasy thing.
Everyone disappeared to chase around a NT nuke Hecklers to max lvl and become Ingot billionaires.

I’d go as far as saying bring back old school XP loss. You die…its gone.

Standing around shouting “LFT!” Grinding Broken Shore missions, etc…

The grind was hell…the money was sparse…but the community wasnt split 20 different ways, grinding missions was chatty…

I’d gladly pay for old-school hardcore Rubi-Ka

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too bad thats not what it will be, it’ll have shadowlands and alien invasion added in over time, just like the real game, but probably faster.

and if you want to do endless broken shore missions you can do that on live, right now buddy lol

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Is heckler juice available on fresh start? How many items can you buy from fc store? I assume all the new patch items will be available to buy so come day 1 you will have a bunch of lvl 200 players who start the hotkeynet farm fest and inflating the economy…I love the idea of old players coming back but I’m having a really hard time believing this will be good for the game…I will play regardless because I love this community and game!!

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Just speculating like everyone else here :blush:, but I find it interesting that expansions and level caps are mentioned separately.
I wonder if there will be level caps (say max 25, max 60, max 100 etc) for a while, independent of the increase from 200 to 220 when they re-add Shadowlands? That sounds like fun. It would open up so many new possibilities, like raiding the lab director in foremans with lvl 25’s or raiding a lvl 200 dyna with lvl 60’s. I tried doing events like this on the ‘real’ server, but when the level cap is not enforced, not nearly as many people are into this.

I voted against the idea of a new server and still now see the population split as a very big risk. But given that the decision has been made and we’re going to take the risk, I’ll hope for the best and I’m excited to experience it :slight_smile:

The reasons for this decision are difficult for me to understand.
IMO, the people who keep this game alive are mostly players who enjoiy twinking for pvp and practice pvp. The players who gone from AO are left because of a) Exploits b) MultiBoxing and c) unfinished balance. The new Server will not fix this - The new Server will kill up those who spend years to build their twinks and orgs. Instead of fixing the main issues everyone is talking about, you start a new server to milk the cash-cow with boosts and Armor from Item store.

The new server will become the same as the old one, because the GAME ISNT CHANGED.
I unterstand some idividuals who pleased about the idea to start “fresh” and with “challenges”. But its the biggest misbelief ive seen in my life. The people who want this are basicly those casuals, who quit this game and will quit it again if something went boring. Old AO was a grind fest himself and the most people who still paying for AO dont will do the SAME stuff again - For WHAT?

IMO the worst move that they could do.


Very curious…
Gonna guess, new graphics or new toons? Picture shows nice looking trox.
Keep the soul of this game and give it graphics like The Secret World.
New engine is ok but some LDs,crashing,etc

At least AO is alive because there isnt nothing similar.

The picture is concept art from around the time of the game’s launch :slight_smile: The actual announcement is in the text above it. There’s no suggestion of new graphics or professions.

Sad face.
Trox gonna keep handle weapons with open hands.

fresh start is literally subway->totw->foremans and then 10 000 rk missions, no thanks. better add expansions fast there if they want to keep it going

The Repopulation. (yes, that one is awful and will go nowhere, but it’s similar)

Regarding the fresh start server … WTF ? Split the population - divide and fail.

Well subway, totw and foremans was released time after. So fresh starts will be rk mish and open world mobs like borgs pretty fun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As long as security has been bolstered, and there is a low limit to the amount of accounts people can play I am down, very very much ready for this.

If not, I’m just gonna skip the “fun” events of the past caused by a lapse in security, and the invitable MB fest.


I am hugely interested in a fresh server, if for no other reason than the current servers have utterly broken economies that are unapproachable for anyone not already established.