That facebook poll... (fresh start server)

I was excited seeing the question pop up on your facebook page. I thought it would be an awesome thing to return to game for.
But what happened?
Was there actually any ideas behind it?

Seeing as it is soon a year ago and no word (or me not listening) I’m assuming it is not, or never was(?), on the table.

Personally I would love to go onto a fresh server with everything gone; all the characters, all the wealth, all of it.

Anyone else feel that way?

I wouldn’t want this to happen within the time frame of my current sub. Currently I’d like at least 6 months notice before it happens if it was going to so I would know not to subscribe again.

I’d be much more inclined to agree with total credit deletion and maybe even credit + item deletion to a whole server reset.

I simply don’t have the time I did to start again getting my characters lvls up and in a position to perform, especially with the current playerbase.

Hopefully it will never happen. I wouldent want to start grinding over again for all those items I have

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The question was poorly translated rhetorical question, and the “new server” was a literal hardware upgrade same game on physical new server. The poll was just there for people to interact with and build traction on FB
It was part of how a lot of the duping and account banning was achieved.

A server reset or wipe of items/credits/character would simply end the game.

Or in some alternate fairyland universe people with over x60 220 characters and rare items they worked for would just be happy to start over not resenting all the that work going poof.


“Hopefully it will never happen. I wouldent want to start grinding over again for all those items I have” - Gimpeline
“A server reset or wipe of items/credits/character would simply end the game.” - Caloss2

Nobody suggested this, why are you two stirring stuff up for no reason? It’s like you didn’t care to read the poll or the op’s post. The poll asked if the players would be open to a fresh server. not if the players want all of their characters and items wiped from rk1. A new server opening would be like reopening rk2 and allowing players to create characters on rk2. So, I really don’t know why either of you are crying. I assume you just didn’t take the time to think it through. Anarchy_Player, you didn’t read the question correctly either. At no point did the op mention a server wipe. Naturally a fresh server would be void of any existing characters or items.

also I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a rhetorical poll. if they were literally asking for a response then it wasn’t rhetorical. Not sure what you meant by this.

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Oh the irony of your post.

Q. Whatever happened to the new server ?
A. The game is now ON that server.

I know you misunderstood the original question posted on FB, and no matter how many times you’re told no matter how many times it’s explained you don’t seem to want to understand it.

You think it’s about a RK2… Nope.

Some think it means a server wipe because that’s the only thing FRESH could mean.

Both are wrong.

I spoke to someone in FC, to clarify the published question at the time and the clarification was and still is.

“A server hardware/software - backbone upgrade for the game to be hosted on.”
“Unfortunately the question was badly translated and the poll misunderstood”

That’s it, nothing else.

I will waste no further time on the subject or people that refuse to understand.


Interesting hypothesis. while i can not give any specific details on what the question was implying, i can definitely assure you, it was not about the hardware or anything like that.


apparently the person you spoke to was not Shaogens! It is likely they misled you because they are still trying to have it be a surprise. Or, they dont want to disappoint the playerbase, because despite that facebook poll being heavily in favor of a fresh server, there isn’t a strong enough playerbase to warrant running two simultaneous servers.To me, a fresh server means one thing and one thing only. And no, it does not involve a wipe of everyones characters, that would be absurd.

I suppose it depends on how high up the food chain you go, and who you ask when you get there.
Because if something is pulled before it is delivered plausible deniability comes into play.

And just to chime in on the one that read my post properly. I was only talking about a new fresh start server. Nothing about wiping out progress, even though I get that you could read that from me talking about “everything gone”.

I do understand that the population numbers probably couldn’t handle it. But, I am still positive to the idea and others are as well for different reasons. It is a old game suffering from power structures formed over 15 years ago (on org and individual level).

I always assumed the suggestion was for an Ao version of AoC’s Saga servers. i.e

  • The server is open for a limited time (say 6 months)

  • You gain unique rewards not available on the regular server by achieving certain objectives.

  • Once the server closes you can transfer the items back to a character on the regular server.

  • There’s leaderboards to see who does best on the new server

Sounds pretty good to me really. I’d definitely consider coming back for it…

And the question of what was behind the poll was finally answered. I personally am excited. :slight_smile:

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Anarchy Online’s 2019 server invites you on a voyage across space…and time! Start fresh with original content from launch, then experience additional expansions and level caps over time. Coming Soon!

So it seems that AO will have its “Saga” temporary server.

Disclaimer: the following is a supposition based on the AoC "Saga BUT it may also be possible that it could be a server lasting longer and going through AO gaming history (?)"

If it’s a “Saga” type, to clarify a bit more for those who didn’t follow AoC, simply put, it’s a new temporary server where the game is installed in its original (more or less) version, without many features added overtime.

So it’s something like “start fresh in AO as it was 15 years ago or so”.

In AoC, you had goals to achieve that granted you rewards for the new character you create on the new server (one character per account), and when the server closes, your character is added to the normal server and some rewards become available for your normal characters (one reward can only go to one normal character).

AoC had a PvM “Saga” followed shortly by a PvP “Saga”. It ended some days ago. I assume the hardware is now available to be used for AO…

The idea in itself is nice. Like many old players I miss the pre-SL time.

Now it can be also a “lasting” server…

The concern in both cases (but MUCH more in the lasting sever case) is: can the current AO population withstand a split over servers. In AoC, for the PvM Saga, the normal server was pretty dead while Saga PvM was running. It’s not good if new players (I know, not many but we get a few every month in Athen Paladins) arrive on an empty planet.

That’s my fear (and seriously in the case the server is not a “Saga-like” one). But I’ll say it again, the idea of going back to the RK of the past is very seducing.

Edit: It could be also (I don’t know how in practice) an “accelerated” version of AO history where leveling is faster, still old-school, and additions are introduced faster.

Oh My God… Ian Warr wiping a 70 persons raidforce… Good old times! And there was a bot JUST to raid Supplymaster Eel… and sharks were swimming in the Stret and eating you slowly if you tried to swim… hence hydro vehicles and swim speed boosts… yeah!.

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From the few responses on social media so far it sounds more like a fresh start server that will stay. But it will start from the beginning without expansions and add them over time. I.e. it sound like a longer and more permanent thing than Saga and more like WoW classic (but different in that it will over time add expansions).

Thats how it reads to me too and I have to say I am kind of worried because of how much trouble/time its taking blizzard for classic servers because they kept reiterating how much work it will be. With WOW they’ve literally changed the game so much they said they cant just ‘go back’ but have to rebuild a lot of replaced/removed systems from the ground up. I can only assume Anarchy Online is in an even weirder position being an older and more esoteric game. I wonder if the resources spent creating a ‘classic’ server would be better spent on new content and fixes for the current release of the game? Personally, its just my opinion, but I would rather any developer attention focused on the live game and not some classic server but thats just me.

I, too, considered the possibility of a server that wouldn’t be a short-term one like Saga (some months). It’s really risky.

It could be also (I don’t know how in practice) an “accelerated” version of AO history where leveling is faster, still old-school, and additions are introduced faster.

Hmmm… thousands of new items added to the database…

Could those new items be related to the upcoming special server, whatever it is, and are in the database for the time the new server closes and characters and merged with the normal server? In the case of an AoC-like “Saga” server.

Just a hypothesis.

Discussion about this popping up on lightnet. Most people seem bewildered by the news of a new ‘fresh’ server. Seems the consensus is that it will be of interest to a few masochistic nostalgic die-hards and no one else. lol

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Just saw the FB post. Came here to post.

Me, my wife, and my friends who used to play are excited.

My dream AO has always been Original + NW…that’s it.

SL, to me really killed the game. It split it into two different games and the Sci-Fi war on Rubi-Ka became some convoluted fantasy thing.
Everyone disappeared to chase around a NT nuke Hecklers to max lvl and become Ingot billionaires.

I’d go as far as saying bring back old school XP loss. You die…its gone.

Standing around shouting “LFT!” Grinding Broken Shore missions, etc…

The grind was hell…the money was sparse…but the community wasnt split 20 different ways, grinding missions was chatty…

I’d gladly pay for old-school hardcore Rubi-Ka

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too bad thats not what it will be, it’ll have shadowlands and alien invasion added in over time, just like the real game, but probably faster.

and if you want to do endless broken shore missions you can do that on live, right now buddy lol

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