New wipe server poll

from a revious thread

, and others, was interested in the feel for converting unused officials for wipe pvp server. you would retain your level 60. just have to rebuild every cycle and start from desert.

  • 30 day wipe server
  • 60 day wipe server
  • 90 day wipe server
  • would not play wipe server

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Yep…everything but the level. You keep your last atts and feats build. basically despawn entire server, and the a rush from the starting line:)

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even if it was restarted and it was wiped just like taking yellow potion

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Clearly more people want wipe servers than not.

50/50. but very small sample. Would hope for more feedback.
I really don’t need one, but would play the 90 day if available.

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My actual opinion isnt reflected by these answers, but I will go with 90 days.

I would like server wipes every 3 or even 6 months - but full wipes. Meaning having to recreate the toon again.
Also with that not applying to every server, though I guess you meant the same.
The reason I would like sheduled wipes is because seasons worked for other games already. Then again eighter the servername OR the server description should give away the date of when the server has last been wiped so players can decide wether they want to join or not depending on that.

To me seasons come with a certain feel to them. It’s fun to be part of a crowd which starts to play the game on that server and then even start a fight with a few of them. Servers feel more alive that way.
Have them happen too often, and a lot of people would probably turn away due to rl and maybe just because they want to do something else - have them happen only once per year and the players which like seasons would probably turn away.
I think the most interesting month of a season is always the first one, then the playerbase steadily becomes less active…

Even more important would be the question if those pvp servers would stay the same like currently. Why not have those season pvp servers be mayhem?

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Why not just join another server or start one?

Because people don’t want to grind on a new server when an alpha is already sitting there comfortably. They want to try and out grind other clans in the 30, 60, or 90 days that they have. I wouldn’t play these. I just want cross server raiding. Many people are against the ability to cross servers. So they should just have servers vote if they want to be a server that can be crossed to.

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cross server raiding is just free reign troll raiding. trolls would never have to re-level to wreck every server


I have started over many times. would be nice to be with other players that want to fight and blow sh*t up. While not offending people that want pvp to be scheduled.

I am all for controlled PVP such as rp servers etc but there should be some crazy boosted servers or all start at players at level 60, so we can just fight without all the grind and have regular wipes.

As an alpha, yes, with what we have we could wipe another server. But then we would have to grind it all back to wipe another server. In that time another alpha or entire server could come to us to try and wipe us. There are a lot of comfortable alphas as I’m sure you know. I would love to remove some of them with the things I have already grinded for.

hence why I think individual servers should be able to choose if they want to be a part of the servers that can do cross server raiding and trading.

I voted no, cause of current state CE…

1st few days would be great, but once people closed stuff off, your stuck waiting till reset anyway.

I meant, there are plenty of empty servers.

plus, cross server raiding is a dixie move. Start from scratch.

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Yup. Pretty much sums it up.


Cross server would be fine with me if the individual was just switching servers but raiding cross server brings in a whole new world of problems and issues.

And isnt it obvious why it is that way?
Think ahead.
It was told about how that happens in Ark already: Huge clans would hop from server to server raiding, dominating or just straight forward destroy whole servers.

I will repeat myself:
And isnt it obvious why it is that way?

Currently a clan has to level up again on a new server. There is time to build a defense against such an enemy. Or to farm enough zeals to keep the avatardefense up. But if a horde consisting of 2-3 clans joins a server and could even keep their level (because I guess that is being meant by crossing servers? idk about the inventory though), building up might take a very few 2-6 hours.
Though another guy told in global that it would be possible to hit 60 in ~7ish hours of gr

I just read about a clan called “Niubi” in Ark. They seem to (used to) be extreme serverhoppers who destroy whole servers. Thats probably the one giant reason against server crossing.

Now if a mass of players would start by maxing toon on a lot of servers, they could “hop” between server just like that, as toons will never be deleted.
Which IMO is a bad thing too. I think toons should be deleted after a very long while, so that if we start anew half a year later, we have to create a new toon and all that.


the other ideas are great for keeping conan alive, cross server raiding is not one of them.

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Then I ask you to play ark. You will realize it’s a game people are glued to because they only need to work on the levels of one character. Plus, with alphas building around obelisks, you can’t just go from server to server all speedy like. It takes time to.

they could add a timer for cross server raiding on conan, it would ruin it for trading however. I think it’s wise to follow what a popular game has already done. Conan is a very different game and I love it for that, it’s far more balanced, you can get end game gear really fast in Conan. But being bound to one server, is poor design.

no thanks, I tried ark and that game was horrible imo

Yeah I’m sure Ark’s success is solely to do with server transfers. Awesome logic there.