Maybe create server with wipe every month?

I think a lot of people want server with wipe every month the same what in rust.

<-- votes NO. This idea has already been discussed.

May I recommend to create a poll if you think there are a lot of people interested in this. Also specify platform/server type?

  • 30 day wipe pvp server
  • 60 day wipe pvp server
  • 90 day wipe pvp server
  • no wipe servers

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sorry, not trying to hijack. but i though a poll was a great idea to get a feel.
And it is for a few new servers (reconfig dead servers?)

moved poll to new thread

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A poll is appropriate for this thread, as is the data. Unless you can get a sample of a good number of players then it won’t mean Jack. Wiping my server would force me to quit. Converting lower populated servers into 30, 60, 90 day or whatever day wiper servers, would probably cause those that stuck it out to also bail, especial the builder types of players.

Exactly the number of empty servers can be retrofitted for this and many other variants of settings too. The current standing, for lack of a word, servers could remain untouched until people see it as a hindrance or a boon.


what we need is a shared database for characters so we can move from server to server without redoing characters, this first.

We had the “Blitz gamemode” with 30 days full wipe which i and my clan personally loved the hell out of and it got removed because roleplayers where involved into voting for a pvp feature.

If you talk about “wipe like rust” then you MUST stand with me and RIOT for untie the claim from building blocks and implement a TC like in rust. This game needs a TC. PERIOD.

I like that Exiles doesn’t do things the way Rust or Arc or any of the other games do things.

But do you play official PvP or not? we are talking PvP with raids and building destruction.
I’m not judging you but PvE and roleplayers have a completely different way to play and a complete different mind. It’s like a butcher asking a vegan how he like his steaks, you get what I mean?
Pveers and roleplayers got all what they wanted, and some more (pve-c), what about us?

I play pvp exclusively, but I’m not a raider. It’s not mandatory to be in a constant state of war. Allowing lvl 60 characters to jump servers sounds like a raider dream come true. As for a TC, I had to look it up. Looks like it just creates a barrier that allows the owner to specify what teammates can place in a given area.

Exactly, and exactly what every foundation in conan exiles does. Having a claim block or a claim bench would mean that the clan who own the bench/stone could dismantle stuff and open doors in a certain area.
My original suggestion was to have a bench that could take a carpenter thrall, based on the thrall level you get a certain claim radius where your clan can interact normally, anything placed outside of the claim area would have to be destroied normally, the carpenter could also produce banners/flag to enlarge the claim radius or give temporary claim privileges in an unclaimed area without the bench in range (something-something faster decay something), but yeah I can suggest all I want if the “comunity” doesn’t like it.

How do you deal @Timstah123 with people spamming pillars and foundations everywhere just sto nobody can build? I’m talking officials, anarchy, no police/admins. You just wait out for decay? you grind like there’s no tomorrow for bombs?

And what if a loyal enemy clan would like to build a pvp arena to have fights every now and then? Now that I think about it even if it would be implemented an arena would just crumble after a while because of decay…

Small building pieces spammed everywhere has an accelerated decay. Trolls are going to troll. Decay is a good thing.
A funcom admin for public servers is a good idea. If the devs cared about keeping a healthy gamer population that is. The public server I’m on has at least one arena. The clan that built it maintains it. They reset the decay timer. If it ever goes down to zero, i can reset it by placing a bomb next to it. No explosion neccessary.

That make no sense, moderation by an admin is baby sitting, and I really don’t need baby sitting, or police policing me. On the other hand an in game report tool (like rust has) it’s another story.

And thats why spammed foundations are a issue :smiley: LUL

If i wanted to be nice to people in videogames I would play minecraft :slight_smile: (and i do when i feel like)

But again we are going off-topic, to get back to it:

  1. bring back the blitz gamemode and servers we had during early access
  2. bring back mayhem servers
  3. implement a distributed database based on gamemode so we can move our character from server to server (only the character, no inventory) without losing progression, that would also allow to reduce the number of servers to make space for blitz

I love pvp and want mayhem servers that wipe every 30 or 60 or 90 days, I would love for tc style building mechanic, I would love to see no leveling required on mayhem servers. (yes kinda the same as server transfer) but I do not believe in cross server raiding unless its for the mayhem servers, because if all mayhem servers you are automatically lvl 60 it wouldn’t matter.

This. This right here is the perfect solution. If you want to proove your worth as an “alpha” clan, going toe to toe with others on that level in a free for all from the beginning with equal resources to begin with. Hell, make multiple servers that focus on 1 BIOME. Mayhem Maps of sorts. Only tweak to them would they would need to have all resources available. That may need some coding changes. That would be true mayhem their. Shrink the competition area.

Or maybe close Volcano for the first 3 weeks, use current raid time (6 hrs) rule, then week 4 is all about the volcano, 24/7 raid times. And who ever can clime the most “flagged” areas in volcano gets a special reward to take back with thier character to the server the character they brought was on. a trophy that will ignite wars on the servers as well. And if no one wins outright (ties are for noobs) then no one gets the reward.

Im not talking about cross server raiding, just the character with the levels, no inventory, no items, so you don’t have to regrind to lvl 60. Make sense? Seems fair?

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I do understand your meaning, I am just supporting other ideas while utilizing your suggestion.

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