Offical servers that wipes frequently

Like the topic.

Make some Offical servers that wipe frequently.
Like a season system.
One season last for 3-6 month for example.

Im very sure many players whould love that.
I played since start mostly private servers but alot of officals too. But the fighting is not fair when you start over as a level 1 and fight against people that been level 60 for months. Ofc you can build a hidden base. Make alot of bombs and rage war against the alpha clan but sometimes i really wished that i chould join a offical where everybody started on level 1. And funcom chould announce on social media that a new season is about to start and rhe WIPE hype whould be awesome!

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Sounds like a good alternative. Not as a replacement for the current system because even though it’s not for me, I can understand that many people like playing the way it is - but as an additional option to go alongside. Three-month seasons would probably be long enough that people have a good amount of time to survive, build and dominate, but not too long in the event that one clan gets a significant upper hand and can therefore rule supreme for many months.

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Hell no i dont like it go play diablo they do it

Like kapoteeni said. The old “none wipe” offical should still be there. But this whould be cool mode to choose for those who like wipes

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Simply because a certain playstyle isn’t for you doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist - and by that I mean “coexist with the current system, not replace it”, so you wouldn’t lose anything if such a game mode was introduced; the old system would still be there on some servers.

Heck, I wouldn’t play on a server that wipes. But I do recognize its merits and appeal to some people. So instead of telling those people to go away I simply ask that I get to keep the playstyle I like, and they can have theirs. Surely this is okay for you, too.

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