Create a new official PvP server (either region locked or no-ping) with a wipe schedule

A lot of players enjoy the nuances of unmoderated gameplay, where they aren’t at the whim of an admin who doesn’t like them, and they tend to gravitate towards official servers. It would be nice if there were official servers where they followed a wipe schedule, I believe a lot of players would jump at the opportunity to play on a fresh server & it’s typically the most exciting time to play conan, because everyone is on an equal footing.

I’m suggesting a new server because as suggestions for official wipes have happened in the past, I know a lot of people wish to maintain all of their long hard work they’ve put in, so this would be a server that follows a wipe schedule, I added a poll with a few formats for timelines on a wipe, so feel free to choose which one you guys think would be the most fun/engaging to play on.

Pros of having an official with wipes:

  • No bodyvaulted loot from the past
  • Equal starting position for every player
  • Fresh/engaging experience trying to race against other clans for landclaim
  • Official Server with a 3 month wipe schedule
  • Official Server with a 2 month wipe schedule
  • Official Server with a 1 month wipe schedule

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Aside from the above, I think that it would be nice if all officials wiped at one point or another, but that is a much bigger ask than creating some new servers, or simply modifying old ones that don’t have players to adhere to this format.

In some of the meeting notes from investors, they are thinking of releasing a semi blitz server type. so we may get what we want soon :slight_smile:

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