(Old) Rubi-Ka - A ghost Server - Thankyou FunCom

So whats is basicly planned for those who dont want to play on RK2019?
The old server is a ghost town from now…

Well, me and some others will watch it a time but quit forever is a topic.
Thankyou FunCom to RIP the people who spend ages to get their stuff and dont have the time to do it again.

You will notice, that after the hype is over, many of the casuals will quit again. After this, you will have 2 empty server. WELL DONE!

How “good” FunCom knows AO was shown on first livestream from AndyB himself…


As long as the progression is increased over time on RK2019 then we won’t see it die out. Because people like change, even if it’s familiar change. That server is AO’s future, if you love the game I recommend you come here and play with us. If you just play it because you have collected all phats, then please continue on the normal server with a low amount of players.


My primary concern when they brought up a second server a few months ago was that the community isn’t large enough for 2 servers. RK2 closed for a reason.

But RK19 is, right now, temporary, and I expect some to go back to the old server after a while. Other than that… it sucks, yea, I was going to do some work on chars on the old server but have given up on that for now. The “fun” is now being had on the new server, since the gameplay on the old is frankly very stale and repetitive.

You say that server is AO’s future.
Future is longer than 12 months. It’s hard to justify coming there, seeing it all might end in 12 months. And froobs can’t go there so many people don’t have that option anyway.

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RK5 is borin. Who wants to wait for 8 hours in LFT and still not get an invite? Most people who resubbed are only back for the new server anyway.

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RK2019 is the opportunity to play and cross a lot of player on the playfield because everyone have the same level, thanks to the level cap.
If you really enjoy playing this game over that loot that you accumulate all over the years, have a look on the new server and have fun with us.


Should have included that I assume they’ll reset and do it over again once time is up :slight_smile: If they don’t then you’re right, it will just be a temporary thing.

I personally find 12 months going from all the way to the start to now today, too fast. But maybe that’s just me.


Well its originally planned for 12 months that is the original scope to test the waters, however if the community grows exponentially and everyone wants to make this server the new main server then I’m certain it won’t get wiped. Thats why everyone is so excited, its a clean slate with all the QoL changes we like but hopefully this time we will get a voice in whether or not certain unbalancing content comes out. FC has stated that 12 months is the MINIMUM, if the server is popular and we want to keep it going they said it could become permanent.


Clutching at straws aside, I rather fancied watching a community dude have the guts to admit they don’t know how stuff works and still jump into this pool full of sharks under the sink’s garbage disposal unit with an explicit “teach me I’m a newb!” message.

Jesus, it’s like you think he coded pet pathing or something.

Ty funcom you killt the game again again and again…

I disagree,

The server brought back many old players like myself. even if it is a limited run they will be making more money during the run because its sub only, when they announced the play for free model it was announced as a limited time thing as well because it was intended to get people to play the game and sub for the additional content.

Moreover, the ones who are coming back get both a sense of nostalgia and a sense of new, it’s actually a good move, even if limited (which by their own admission is not a guarantee)

Also it could be a play at getting a better playerbase to figure out the model they want to do for Dune when they release it.


Re: Thanks fc for killing the game

Thats one way to look at it, or you could also say the hundreds-thousands of people that have resubbed have guarenteed the survival of AO for at least a year

The people that duped and exploited was the ones who killed the server.
FC is trying to make-up on a corpse.

Instead of deleting the items, credits and stuff… #gg

The temporary nature of it combined with character wipes are the major reasons why I haven’t tried it (minor reason is that I’m having fun playing another game atm).

I jumped right on it when EQ2 did this a couple of years ago. That server failed, but at least those characters were provided with a token to move to a server of our choice, instead of the promised wipe AO offers.

The promised wipe is the dumbest thing ever. Once the server ends, all the new players are gone forever instead of some continuing to play.

Well, I decided to try it anyway, since I have an active subscription that I haven’t played in months. Grandfathered SL only accounts count, BTW.

And was pleasantly surprised. Especially by all the new players, many of whom are very nice in chat, and could use some help.

Give it a try, especially if you already have an active subscription, and have nothing better to do, as I did today. I’m even considering reactivating another paid account to make some buffing toons, although I’m playing also another game. Pretty easy to catch up for experienced players.

nothing is set in stone, if they delete and shut down the server at anytime in the next few years. all depends on players and their feedback. pretty sure there will be some merge at some point (probably couple years till then). so just enjoy rk2019 and play on. no need to worry about the lontime future… this experience is about the progression and the way to max. and its great so far.

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Nothing to worry?
Me and alot of others payed for 1 Year sub before FunCom released this Trash.
We don’t want to do new toons, we enjoy endgame.

Now we payed 1 year for a dead Server.
Dont get me wrong. My feelings sharing alot of ppl. And we don’t wait 1 year to get back a „popular“ server. If it stay like this, me and some others 100% quit forever because it is absolute bulls*** move from Fail—
After 3 years and 1000 of lost friends because of MB and exploits they finally fix it, rise a new Server to milk the rest of money. They don’t care what happen to players wo spend their money and time in the last years. So damn hart FU FunCom. Instead of doing their job and deleting duped items and exploited creds they rise a new server w/o transfer. WTF