Returning after a long while to find all of my characters gone

Hello fellas,

Was looking into returning after a very-very long break… Like 12-14 years ago played it last. Had a couple accounts with multiple characters and now I found those accounts empty with some random single starting level character on one of them… I’ve had a ticket up for a month now without any response. I suspect I may not even get one at all.
Did anyone else had this problem and had it solved?

I’m considering a fresh start on RK2019 as anyways my accounts are naked now. Do you guys think it’s a good idea? I see an announcement from Funcom back when RK2019 was getting launched that this server will only last a year or so. It has been more than a year since then and I still see it up and running…
Do you think it will last?

I just came back and have been playing on rk2019 a few days and it’s a virtual wasteland with hardly anyone around. The most I’ve seen is just a handful of higher level people. The serpentine armor quests are impossible to do with absolutely no one to team with and forget about buffs… I’m regretting resubbing now.

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Depends a lot on time zone. At the time of posting this for the next 6 hours or so is peak time.

Your stuff got deleted due to server merge and as a result with being inactive for so long all your stuff went bye bye.

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Thanks for clarification mate… So a fresh start for me then.

They said the server would last a year but it’s still kicking. Doesn’t seem like it’s being shut down.

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FC has never deleted inactive characters over lvl10, and definitely not due to the merge!
Some characters had their names changed to a string of numbers because of name clashes, but that’s it.
Keep on with the /petition…! But do it on the website, GMs can’t do a thing about account issues.
Also, check your petition again, chances are you’ve had an offline message…

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