[Guides] What to do during the birthday event

This month is Anarchy Online’s 20th birthday and the Anniversary event started 16 June :blush: You can read the announcement from the Community Manager AndyB here. The event will last until 14 July 2021.

To get you started on some of the things to do:

Loren Warr

Loren Warr returns again to claim severance pay. Check out the guide on AO-Universe for details.

Birthday Event World Bosses

Have a look at this guide for all the details on the Birthday Event World Bosses. These bosses were originally introduced for the RK2019 server birthday event, but are now available on RK5 as well. The guide has been edited to reflect this. Do note that some of the items have been updated as well; Malishade has compiled an overview in his thread. Once aoitems is updated, AO-Universe links will automatically be as well.

The Desert Rider and the Desert Nomad Arena

As in previous years, the Tinker will try to lure the Desert Rider to Stolt’s Trading Outpost again with a birthday present. After the Desert Rider has been defeated though, a shiny new team instance called the Desert Nomad Arena is now available with unique loot. You can read all about the Desert Rider in a new guide on AO-Universe.