22nd Anniversary: Now - July 17th

Citizens of Rubi-Ka and beyond,

22 solar cycles ago, Anarchy Online launched and made its mark among the stars.
To celebrate, we’re running special daily login rewards and in-game events until July 17th!

The Tinker returns to Newland Desert! Hunt down and eliminate Desert Nomads to find materials for the plethora of gifts she needs to craft. Desert Nomads spawn across Newland Desert, Mort, Perpetual Wastelands and Broken Shores.

Desert Riders trundle back on the scene as world raid encounters - defeat them for extra gifts and rewards, and a chance to storm the Desert Nomad fortress!

Upon defeating a Desert Rider, a personal teleport beacon is left behind. Access it before it disappears to gain access to the Desert Nomad fort! Desert Nomads encountered here offer unique rewards, including the Elite Desert Nomad armor set!

The Desert Nomad Arena also returns - this is a single-team endgame raid encounter where you may challenge The Desert Rider’s lieutenant. As a reminder, you must be Level 201+ to challenge this boss.

Rounding out this year’s encounters, outdoor raid bosses are popping in all corners of Rubi-Ka - Loren Warr, Abmouth, Zaal, and the rest of our motley crew of bosses return to both RK19 and RK5!

Much love and gratitude once more for your continued dedication and support of Rubi-Ka, citizens. You fly us to the moon and sing among the stars.

The AO Team