New legendarys, unnamed city bosses, your opinion

I am wondering how you all recieve the new items from unnamed city bosses.

2 parts of armor from all sets, no complete set as far as i can tell?

The weapons seem to be about the same damage with a few exeptions.

You have the Predatory blade, The sword of crom, Lifeblood spear, The Festering one and The Lying Bastard sword.
The rest do mostly the same damage, and dont do anything else then go in my chests or on the wall.

As far as i can tell, most of the weapons from new recipies do about the same damage and have poison effects.

Now, i like the diversity from them, and thats cool, i support the new bosses and loot, it gave me sometnhing to do, and collect, great.

I use the Predatory blade and sometimes the Festering one, my Thrall fighter companion use the sword of telith untill i can get the Sword of Crom to drop.
Also its kinda funny that most weapons from there have poison/bleed effect, witch dont work on undead/skeleton mobs:)

Now, what do you use and why?

Still flawless serpent man war spear with spiked weapon fittin as any general purpose weapon. Black Dragon Pike/Vaulting Pole for PvP in arena. Lifeblood spear is mostly banned and too costly to lose due to lagg or in bomb PvP.

Still sorting through it all but I’ll toss some comments as I see it atm. Skipping the obviousness of an SoC on a thrall and how great the Lifeblood spear is. I’ll mention there’s a two hand hammer that has plus 5 to str and vitality though that’s not apparent from the description. Don’t recall the name offhand.

The venom infused weapons and predatory blade have me pondering how viable a low strength, high grit endurance type build would be with damage depending on poison stacks and/or the sheer high damage of the predatory blade. Probably not so great for undead now and likely wouldn’t be any better than a strength build even if comparable but it could be something different to play around with.

Exquisite silk shirt and pants have great armor class for silk but with no stats or temp resists I can’t imagine anyone would bother. Same for the heavy helmet with no stats or resists.

The light and medium helms with 3 str are fantastic. Too bad there’s no cold resist counterparts for the min/maxers among us. Maybe in the upcoming dungeons…

Didn’t think I would use the night vision helm that much but it’s great for sneaking, climbing and dragging thralls at night.

Medium armor sandstorm masks are kinda tempting but not worth the extra weight over a Set mask to me.

Scorpion bp is pure win as long as you can spare two hotbar slots. Aug’ed with weight reduction it even weighs less than a stack of Set antidotes.

Number of the other things are interesting novelty’s with niche applications.

Skeletons don’t have blood, so it’s correct that poison/bleed effects don’t work on them.

It seems weapons changed by patch mantains old the old stat if they had a kit improuving that stat on it. But for this analysis I’ll ignore the existence of this kind of weapons.

I use 1h sword + shield or spears (depending of what I am fighting) as my main weapons.

But I also use daggers vs bleeding bosses (a longer time fight allow to appreciate status effects), 2h sword for dps against some bosses and katana in the situations when I could be surrounded.

I like to change weapon even during combat.

I never found online a good math explaination of how many dmg heavy attack deals to make a scientific compairison, but after empirical evidence now I use Predatory Blade as my 1h sword (with the spikes kit to have more armor penetration), I think it’s really good, more powerful than every other 1h sword I ever tryed.

Sword of Crom is obviously the best choice for thrall weapon, because they don’t seem to be affected by its drawback.

I don’t use Lifeblood Spear, but it’s a viable choice: there are now many spears dealing the same amount of dmg but with different additional bonuses, it’s just health regen it’s not my choice for a mid-range weapon.

I choosed to use the venomous daggers as my daggers because I use them just to inflict status effects to enemies in long time fights, legendary creatures usually.

I usually don’t use daggers for all the combat, so I don’t care if they deals few damages.

But in general, if you use daggers as main weapon, The Shank is now the best for me: only 2 less dmg than the Grim (and with a +0,9% of AP), same stats as Snakebite BUT it inflicts bleeding + cripple !

I don’t use The Shank just because as secondary weapon just to inflict status effects I prefere venom to cripple.

I never found the Blade of Seven Winds, but in this case I doubt the 100% armor penetration will be so good to compensate the very few dmg it deals. But as I said I never tested it because I never found it.

Anyway I use Katana only when raiding some specific points where I know I could be trapped into a swarm of enemies, so it’s the katana “heavy attack” mechanic who means in that case, stats are less important for me, because I usually switch weapon when escaped from that situations.

At the end of this… I think legendary weapons from Unnamed City are the best (or = to the best) weapons in many categories of weapons.

I enjoy new Nameless City, as new end game location mess around, The drop rates suck for some of it.
You can only fight some of these peeps so many times. XD

Overall, its 95% fine.
Few spots, I wish they added more… and few spots they left alone, Imperial & Slave road lost spawns, which was kinda sad. They could’ve slap mini boss here… now its just empty nothing.

I mostly Bow, i ether get lucky with getting one, or get stuck with what I got.
Black Blade Musashi is fun.I over used 2hand greatswords and 1hands… I dont use them as much.

I actually love to do my “Kill rounds” in unnamed city. I think i got most loot tat is available by now (next to an incredible amount of repair kits - which i already started to use on tools becuase of laziness) - I wouldnt mind even more bosses, more loot, or maybe extremely rare Thralls (T4 Alchemist with white/Black Dye).

For me the only items i really frequently use are: Sword of Crom on Thrall, The Nightvision Mask, The underwater breathing Spear, and of course Lifeblood spear - but last one i only use as a heal up mechanic which basically reduced my aloe/ambrosia consume to plain ZERO. Not to forget, that after a few bosses my Thrall is low HP and i can heal him up very quickly with the Spear)

So for me Unnamed City is the place to be and i probably spent way more time there as at any other place in game.

More of it!

So I love the Lying Bastard Sword. 61 damage and 15% Armor Pen makes it the best axe in the dame in terms of damage. Add armor pen to it and you have a beast of a weapon.

I also noticed that the Pred Blade is great againt Skelis and undead things. Its fast and efficient agaist them. Again. Spiked weapon fitting.

I give the venom infused stuff to thrall.
Crom goes to Spinas

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