Meta-physicist 225 pet


crat and eng can easy make theyr top pets and recast them when they die. only MP cant he need to swap about 15 items maby more pends on contract and towers.

its brutal anoing every time swaping so many items and imposible during fight.

what about to create resurection item when MP cast 225 in intentory pop resurection item. with normal reqs without swaping.

resurecting time 10 sec and 90 sec lockdown.


That will come after Crats and Engis got their 225 pets :kissing_closed_eyes:


You do realise that it was intended as a balancing decision right? You either have a max nano setup for 225 pet or you have a combat setup.


so i can have zero dmg and no survability + 225 without problem to recast or combat setup + gimped 220 pet

against top dd/deff setuped crat/eng with their top pets without problem with casting.

where is that balance ?

btw crat and eng are best DD class in game atm



My MP got allmoust all stuffs and have done all what u can.

I got 3 setups what i use:

  • dd, Julie staff + crit setup
  • def, 2x shield of zset + def setup
  • nano, 2x phulaks + nano items

Mainly i use awakened set, so i can CH my 225 so it wont die too fast.

And can be one of top DDs and can solo many mobs.

To selfcast 225 need to chance 10 items -> cast -> and chance again setup what i want to use.

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from awak amor u need to swap more than 10 items u need to swap 6 parts of armor, bracer, HUD2, HUD3, utils2, Utilst 3, 2x phulak phulak so its 13items and u need to have QL 250 org contract and atliest 250 tower other vise u need to swap more.

225 rihven has about 70k HP so in mas pvp can kill him in 3 sec so your CH is nothing,

an how u want on PVP swaping 13 items it take min 1 min to swap

u dont need to explain me how MP works i have mi own with all stuff



True 14 items, but dont have contract or towers. :slight_smile:

Good for u.

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